My Favorite Manicures of 2016

Happy New Year guys! I though it would be appropriate to kick off the new year with the traditional listing of my favorite manicures of the previous year. It's always fun to take a little look back and see what was done each year. Unfortunately, the past year has been quite slow and quiet here in my blog and I managed to post significantly less than previous years. It was quite busy year and a bit stressful and honestly I had way less time to put into the blog that I would have wanted. I'm hoping that this is the one thing that will change this year. Nevertheless, I still managed to do some nail art and I wanted to share my favorites of those nail art looks with you guys today.

Again, like previous years, it was impossible to put these in some sort of rank order, so these are from oldest to newest. I also included a link to each post of the manicure, so you can take a closer look if you want to.

First favorite is the drag marbled leaves look inspired by Sveta Sanders. I really loved this look so much and I though it was such a fun look to do and wear.

This floral watercolor nail art look was definitely one of my favorite looks last year if not the favorite. I loved the clean and crisp white base with the watercolor flowers.

I've done quite a few nail art looks with the Essie flowerista collection polishes, I have couple of those in this list and I've had some in the previous years listings too. It's still probably my favorite collection of all times and the polishes just work so well together like in this geometric flowerista look.

I was quite into flowery looks last year and I actually chose three flowery looks to this favorite list. I felt like I always wanted to do something flower related on my nails... Now looking at this delicate flower look I kinda want to immediately go and do something similar.

Yet another flowery look that combines another one of my favorite nail art combinations: neon and nude/neutral shades. So of course I had to chose these bright dotting tool flowers to this list. 

Another favorite thing of mine is definitely gradients and often combined with some water decals like here in the watercolor gradient look.

I always like to try out new things even if might be a bit late to the game. This was the first time I tried the shattered glass nail art and even though it's a really simple manicure I liked it very much.

I continued to love the Essie water color polishes this year and did quite a few looks with them. Three of those ended up to this list and the last one is this watercolor sunset gradient look. I really loved how this turned out with Zoya Tomoko sparkling through the bright gradient.

This beachy water marbled look combined again several favorites of mine: gradient, water marbling, matte and my favorite colors. This manicure was inspired by the beautiful Ane Li and it was definitely one of my favorites last year. 

This seaside dry marble was again combining my favorite elements of nude base with brighter colors.  

Last but not least is the another look with the Essie flowerista collection polishes. This time I tried the popular smooshy nail art technique and really loved the final outcome!

Which one of these was your favorite or is there some other manicure that you would have included to this list?

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  1. Kaikki ovat nättejä! Mun suosikeiksi nousivat nuo tokat valkopohjaiset vesivärikynnet (ihanat! täytyy kokeilla jotain vastaavaa itsekin) ja liukuväri, jossa on Tomoko pohjalla. :)