Dot Dot Dotticure

I have the first manicure of 2017 here at Polish This! for you guys today! I wanted to do something clean and fresh, so I decided to go with a simple dotted nail art.

My Favorite Manicures of 2016

Happy New Year guys! I though it would be appropriate to kick off the new year with the traditional listing of my favorite manicures of the previous year. It's always fun to take a little look back and see what was done each year. Unfortunately, the past year has been quite slow and quiet here in my blog and I managed to post significantly less than previous years. It was quite busy year and a bit stressful and honestly I had way less time to put into the blog that I would have wanted. I'm hoping that this is the one thing that will change this year. Nevertheless, I still managed to do some nail art and I wanted to share my favorites of those nail art looks with you guys today.

Again, like previous years, it was impossible to put these in some sort of rank order, so these are from oldest to newest. I also included a link to each post of the manicure, so you can take a closer look if you want to.