L'Occitane Advent Calendar - Week 3

It's time to check out the week three of L'Occitane Advent Calendar! Remember to also check out week 1 and week 2 if you haven't done it already.

I can't really believe that we are already at the end of week three and there's only six days left of the calendar. Time certainly have seemed to be flying lately. Week 3 continued to offer a few different shower gels but thankfully there was some variety of more different products in the mix too. Let's take a closer look after the jump!

Door number 12 had a pleasant surprise in it: Immortelle Essential Water. I'm very interested to try out this alcohol-free toner and I was really happy to find one toner among these products! I think it's also great that it's in this handy spray bottle.

Next door, the door number 13 had this Shea Butter Foot Cream in it and was very happy about this one also! I'm looking forward trying out this one, I hope it's as good as the hand creams are.

The door number 14 contained the Verbena Shower Gel. Even though it was yet another shower gel, I really can't be too unhappy about it as I have used this one before and I love it. It has the same great scent as all these Verbena line products and it's just all in all a great product.

Next one in the door number 15 was the Almond Delicious Soap. It's a cleansing and exfoliating soap, so it sounds interesting enough though I don't think it's the most exciting product that could have come from the calendar. I'm still not sure if I like the scent of these Almond line products or not, so I have to test them out soon and see about that.

Door number 16 had the Cherry Blossom Shimmering Lotion in it and I was really happy about this one. These Cherry Blossom ones have such an awesome scent and the shimmering aspect of this one sounds intriguing. 

Door number 17 continued the Almond product line with the Almond Shower Oil. It's yet again another shower product, but it does sound quite interesting as it's shower oil and not a cream or gel. The almond scent doesn't seem so bitter in this one, it actually seems quite nice.

Last door of this week, door number 18 had another shower gel in it. This time it was the Jasmin & Bergamote Showel Gel. This one has such a lovely scent too, I'm pretty sure I will love it.

So week number three continued with the shower products but there were a few happy surprises in the mix too. And I'm not saying I don't like the shower gels, I actually do like them and look forward of trying pretty much every single on of them. However, out of the 18 products already 7 have been shower gels/creams/oils and if you count the two soaps that are kinda in the same category, then it's half of the products so far. Even if I'm happy to try all of these, I'm hoping there will be some other products next week.

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