L'Occitane Advent Calendar - Week 1

This year I finally gave in to all those awesome beauty advent calendars and bought myself the L'Occitane Advent Calendar. I've usually had only a chocolate calendar or something like that, so this is totally new to me! I also wanted to share the contest with you guys, so I'll be doing these little round up posts about the calendar weekly. And since we're at the end of the fist week with four calendar doors opened, it's time to take a look at those four products!

First day and it started with a pretty great start with mini Verbena Ice Hand Cream Gel! I've used quite a few different L'Occitane hand creams, but I'm not sure if I've ever tried this one. I love pretty much all the L'Occitane hand creams, so I'm very happy to try this one. And these mini versions are really handy to take with you in your purse. I also love the scent in these Verbena line products, so all in all a pretty great start!

Second day had a mini Shea Butter Body Lotion in store for me. I've used one mini sized version of this one before and I liked it so I'm happy about this one. This one feels like a quite light lotion, but it still has rich and moisturizing texture with 15 % of shea butter in it as well as apricot and coconut oils. Another great product that I was happy to find in this calendar!

Third door had mini Almond Milk Concentrate in it. I'm a bit hesitant about this one since I feel like the almond scent might be a bit too much for me. But I'll still try it and I'm pretty sure I'll be able to use it at least on my feet, so that the scent isn't too near to my nose. I'm quite interested to try it though as the description says that this melting cream helps the body to feel firmer and smoother.

Fourth day was a bit disappointing with only one Verbena Refreshing Cloth in it. I'm really interested to try this one, but just one tissue seems a bit little. I wish they would have had two or three these tissues in there, then it would have been just fine.

Overall, it's a quite good start with this advent calendar and I hope it just gets even better next week!

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