Last minute gift idea: LUSH Snow Fairy Body Conditioner

Suomenkielinen lyhennetty versio löytyy lopusta

It's only a few days until Christmas, can you believe it?! Today I wanted to give a great last minute gift idea if you still have some Christmas gift shopping left to do.

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I got to choose couple Lush Christmas products for review and after going through all those gorgeous new and returning limited edition products and I chose this Snow Fairy Body Conditioner as one of the products. I know there are many people out there who absolutely love this very sweet scent of Snow Fairy and can't wait for these holiday products to come to Lush just to get them some Snow Fairy. For me though the scent is slightly too sweet, so I was a bit hesitant about this product, but I thought I should take the risk as it sounded like such a great one otherwise.

Being a Snow Fairy product, this body conditioner doesn't only come with the sweet candy floss scent, but it's also of course bright pink with some shimmer in it. I haven't really noticed the shimmer afterwards so you don't have to worry about being too sparkly after using this. The sweet scent stays on the skin for a good while after the shower, but isn't anything too strong or overpowering.

I'm quite lazy when it comes to moisturizing my body as I don't have particularly dry skin so I can go long periods of time without having to really pay much attention to moisturizing it. So these type of body conditioners that you can use in the shower and just easily apply and then rinse and be done with it are definitely made for me. I've used couple different ones before this Lush one, but the biggest issue I have with the ones I've tried is that they make the floor of the shower extremely slippery. It's not really nice for me, but it's not especially nice for anyone who is using the shower after me. But I have really good news: this Lush one is perfect as it doesn't make the shower floor slippery at all!

I'm really happy that I took the risk and chose to try this Snow Fairy Body Conditioner as it's such a great product! I've been using it quite regularly ever since I got it and it works perfectly as moisturizer for my skin and I don't really need to use any other creams or such for my body. With a very dry skin that might be a different story, but I think this could still make the tedious job of moisturizing your body after every shower way easier. It's a fun product and I'd say it's a really great gift idea, especially if you know that the recipient likes sweet scents. It's the perfect gift for all those smaller or bigger snow fairies out there. :)

Lush does have another limited edition body conditioner in the selection for this Christmas too. It's the peppermint and menthol Christingle that is more fresh and might be a bit more manly one than this Snow Fairy. So keep that one too in mind if you're looking for something for example for your boyfriend, husband or brother or anyone who likes it more fresh than sweet.

The Finnish Lush sells the smaller pot (100 g) of both of the limited edition body conditioners for 16,95 euros and at least the online store seemed to still have both in stock. And the small pot goes really a long way!

*I've got the product for review. For more information check out my disclosure policy.


Joulu on jo ihan kohta täällä, joten alkaa olemaan viime hetket ostella lahjoja. Ajattelinkin siis tarjoilla teille viime hetken vinkin loistavasta joululahjaideasta: Lushin Snow Fairy Body Conditioner*.

Tuote on niin tehty tällaiselle laiskalle rasvaajalle ja helpottaa huomattavasti ihon kosteuttamista suihkun jälkeen. Loistavaa tässä on verrattuna muihin vastaaviin kokeilemiini tuotteisiin se, että tämä ei tee suihkun lattiasta vaarallisen liukasta! Snow Fairy tuotteille ominaiseen tapaan tämä on pinkkiä ja kimmeltävää ja löytyypä tästä tietysti myös se makea tuoksu, jota monet rakastavat. Itse koen tuon tuoksun välillä jopa liian makeana, mutta käytön jälkeen se jää iholle juuri sopivan laimentuneena eikä siis mitenkään liian vahvana. 

Jos kuitenkin tuo makea tuoksu ei ole lempparisi tai jos lahjan saaja tykkää raikkaammista tuoksusta, voisi piparminttuinen Christingle olla osuvampi valinta.

Suomen Lush myy tätä ja toista joulutuotteisiin kuuluvaa vartalonhoitoainetta hintaan 16,95 (100 gramman pienempi purkki). Tuo 100 grammaa riittää kyllä yllättävänkin pitkän aikaa! 

*Tuote on saatu.