Kosmetiikkabloggaajien joulukalenteri, luukku 24 ja L'Occitane Advent Calendar Week 4

Today it's the final day of the Finnish beauty bloggers advent calendar and we all want to wish you a Very Merry Christmas!

I also want to share in this same post the last week of L'Occitane Advent Calendar.


I thought this last week of the calendar was pretty great! I got more of the hands creams like I hoped and also some other great products.

Door number 19 had the Shea Hand Cream in it. This is definitely one of the best hand creams out there, so I was really happy to have this one!

Door number 20 had the Almond Delicious Hands Hand Cream in it. Again, I'm not te biggest fan of the scent in this almond line products, but I'm pretty sure I'm still going to use this one. These mini hand creams are so handy to take with you where ever you go!

Door number 21 was a happy surprise as it had the Essential Oils Shampoo in it. I was hoping to get a shampoo from the calendar as I've wanted to try one from L'Occitane and this one seems quite interesting. I'm definitely going to try this one soon!

Door number 22 had the Shea Gentle Toner in it. I was so happy about this one too! I haven't tried L'Occitane toners before and this seems like a really great one. I just wish there would have been also the cleansing milk in the calendar.

Door number 23 had another hand cream in it, this time it's the Roses et Reines Hand & Nail Cream. I haven't tried this hand cream before, so I was happy to get it. The rose scent is wonderful and there isn't such thing as too many hand creams, is there?!

I had a hunch that the door number 24 could have an eau de toilette in it and I was right as it had the Cherry Blossom eau de Toilette! It's a fresh floral fragrance and even though it's a bit sweet, it's not too sweet for me. The 7,5 ml bottle will definitely go long way, though this seems such a great fragrance that I might need to buy the bigger bottle at some point.

Aaand here's all 24 products. Overall I'd say this was a pretty great calendar and I might buy another next year. I would have probably wanted to switch one or two of the shower gels to maybe a hair conditioner and the cleansing milk, but all in all it was still a great variety of different products and I'm happy to try pretty much every single one of them!

Once again Very Merry Christmas to all of you and we'll meet again after Christmas!