ILNP Fall 2016 Neutrals - Central Station, Chleo, Elle

Lately I've been all about these neutral and nude shades. You know, all those office friendly shades, that I used to think of as a bit boring. But when these type of shades are well made, they are definitely anything but boring. ILNP did a gorgeous Fall Neutrals collection for this fall and I was immediately intrigued by it, all the shades seemed to be just exactly my kind of colors and with a bonus: that gorgeous scattered holo effect! Yup, I wanted to get them all! I managed to restrict my self a little and only ended up buying three out the six shades. I have my swatches and review of those three pretties to share with you guys today!

ILNP Central Station is a stunning neutral brownish grey shade, that's actually quite hard to describe. I've seen descriptions like greige, taupe-y brown, soft brown with grey undertones... It's probably somewhere between all those. It's certainly such a stunning shade and I love the warmth of the color! I used three thin coats here with a coat of top coat. It was really easy to work with, but a tad sheer, so I had to use those three coats for full coverage.

ILNP Chleo is a slightly lavender leaning nude with the scattered holographic effect. It's yet another stunning shade and definitely something that I just love! It looks so chic on your nails, I could just wear it all the time. It's also a bit sheer, but it still builds up nicely. I used three coats here with a coat of top coat.

ILNP Elle is slightly yellow leaning pale nude with the scattered holographic effect. This is one of those your-nails-but-better shades with the gorgeous holo effect of course. It's a great shade as it applies really evenly, so you could use just one coat to get that perfect sheer look with the visible nail line or you can build it up nicely with three thin coats to full coverage. I did those three thin coats here, with a coat of top coat on top.

It's safe to say I really looooove all these three! They are just like as they were made for me. I love gorgeous neutrals/nudes and it's even better if they have something extra in them like these do with the scattered holo effect. They are all simply gorgeous and I'm pretty sure that the rest of the collection is the same as well. If you love neutral shades like I do, you should definitely check out the whole collection!


  1. Kauniita lakkoja kaikki kolme! Niin kuin kirjoitit, nudelakat voi olla kaikkea muuta kuin tylsiä, todellakin :)

    1. Todellakin, nää on kyllä niin nättejä kaikki kolme! Ja tosiaan, nudet on usein kaikkea muuta kuin tylsiä. :)