Nail Polish Battle: Picture Polish Winter vs. 2001

Nail Polish Battle is back after almost a year, yay! Today I have a battle between two beautiful grey Picture Polish lacquers: Winter and 2001.

dupe Picture Polish Winter 2001
Picture Polish 2001 is from the most resent set of blogger collaboration polishes whereas Winter was created last year and it's one of the Picture Polish's own shades. They are both definitely beautiful grey scattered holographic polishes. Compared together 2001 looks a lot more blue leaning than Winter. Winter is more darker and clearly fully grey whereas 2001 looks a bit more soft toned blue leaning grey.

They both have awesome formula, but I'd say 2001 is just slightly better. Don't get me wrong, the formula of Winter is pretty much perfect, but 2001 applies just slightly better and covers just a tad better with the two easy peasy coats. The difference is just tiny as they both have that great Picture Polish formula and they both need just two coats for full coverage.

Final verdict: They are definitely not the same and grey lovers should probably own them both. However, I think I will survive owning just one of these and I prefer 2001 because I simply like the blue leaning shade more.


  1. I ordered yesterday Winter with a few other shades but now that I see 2001 on you, I regret not getting it! I add it to my WL for my next order! :D

    1. You should definitely get that 2001 too, it's beautiful! I thought I loved Winter, but to me 2001 is even better! :)