China Glaze Fall 2016 Rebel Collection - Combat Blue-ts and Dope Taupe

Hi guys! Today I wanted to share couple China Glaze polishes with you guys for a change. It's been quite a while since I've bought any China Glaze polishes, but while I was ordering online few Essies that I couldn't get from the stores here, I added couple new China Glazes from the fall 2016 collection to my order also. These two really triggered my interest and I thought it would be fun to try them out! I'm going to share my swatches of the two with you as well as this simple nail art look that I did with both of them that you can already see in the first picture. But let's get to those swatches first!

Foiled Pebble Beach

As I promised before I have some nails for you guys today and some simple nail art on those nails!

JORD Wood Watches Giveaway Reminder

Hi guys! I have just a quick post for you guys today as I wanted to remind of the great giveaway JORD is sponsoring for all my readers.

I love me messulippujen arvonnan voittajat

Huom. arvottu uusi voittaja toiselle lipulle!

I love me messulippujen voittajat on nyt arvottu! Blogin Instagramin puolelta voi käydä kurkkaamassa perinteiseen tapaan suoritetun paperilappuarvonnan videon, mutta ajattelin kuitenkin julkaista voittajat myös täällä blogin puolella.

Nail Polish Battle: Picture Polish Winter vs. 2001

Nail Polish Battle is back after almost a year, yay! Today I have a battle between two beautiful grey Picture Polish lacquers: Winter and 2001.

Essie Summer 2016 Collection - Loot the Booty and Viva Antigua!

Hi guys! I want to share two gorgeous polishes from Essie summer 2016 collection with you guys today. I know it's a bit late for summer collection polishes, but these two are soooo pretty that they surely deserve it.

Essie's summer collection Viva Antigua! is a great set of six beautiful colors that seem to work really well together as a whole too. There were two polishes that especially caught my attention: Loot the Booty and Viva Antigua! and those two were the ones I ended up buying from this collection.

I love me 2016 messutärpit ja arvonta

This post is going to be only in Finnish as it's about this yearly I Love Me beauty, fashion and health fair held here in Finland.

Kuva: Messukeskus

Jo perinteeksi muodostuneeseen tapaan olen taas suuntaamassa I love me messuille Helsinkiin. Tänä vuonna ajattelin laittaa muita vuosia paremmaksi ja varata messuiluun ihan kaksi päivää. Viime vuonna lauantaina oli suurimman osan ajasta niin ruuhkaista, että ajattelin saavani messuista nyt vielä paremmin irti menemällä paikan päälle sekä perjantaina että lauantaina. Samalla voin pitää pienen miniloman ja varasinkin jo hotellin perjantain ja lauantain väliseksi yöksi. 

Essie Starry Starry Night (the new version)

Today I have my swatches of Essie Starry Starry Night to share with you. This is of course the new version of the SSN as I'm not made of money and can't really afford the old version. Essie released a collection of six iconic shades called Retro Revival and of course the biggest hype was around Starry Starry Night. Unfortunately this new version isn't really like the old one, but that doesn't mean this new version isn't worth having a look.

Purple Orchids

I showed you my swatches of two new Picture Polish lacquers 2001 and Sisters in my previous post and I fell in love with both of those polishes so much, that I wanted to use one of them in a full manicure. I chose to wear the stunning purpleish taupe Sisters and add some simple nail art with two other Picture Polish lacquers. 

Picture Polish Sisters Eerie Allure

Picture Polish 2001 and Sisters

Picture Polish launched six new collaboration shades just last Sunday and I was really impressed by pretty much all the shades. There were two that stuck out to me the most and I decided to buy them immediately. And of course I wanted to share my swatches of those two as soon as possible. So here they are: 2001 and Sisters.