Random Indie Swatch Spam with KBShimmer, FUN Lacquer and ILNP

I have a little indie swatch spam to share with you guys today with four GORGEOUS polishes!

KBShimmer Sun & Games is a golden holographic polish packed with gold microglitter. This is such incredible golden bomb, I can't even believe it. This was part of the 2015 summer collection and a think it's really a great shade of gold. It's not really that easy to find golden glitter polish that doesn't immediately scream Christmas (but of course this could easily fit to a Holiday mani too). I used three thin coats and a coat of top coat to make it all smooth. 

FUN Lacquer Adventures is from the 2015 LE collection. It has a clear base with holographic glitters, holo shimmer and small green flakies in it. This is really unique shade, I don't own anything quite like it. I used three coats here with a coat of top coat.

FUN Lacquer Daydreamer is another shade from the same FUN Lacquer 2015 LE collection. The collection was limited edition, so these aren't probably too easy to find these days, but I thought I'd show these anyhow as they are both so pretty.

Daydreamer has blue and holographic glitters with holo shimmer in a slightly blue-tinted base. It's another stunner and quite unique one also! I used three coats with a coat of top coat with this one too.

ILNP Homecoming is a dark eggplant purple holo with golden shimmer. This was part of the 2014 fall collection, but it's still available (yay!). Purple polishes were my favorite ones few years back, but lately I haven't been so much into the shade. Nevertheless, this one is simply just gorgeous! I looooooooove that golden shimmer, so pretty! I used two easy coats here with a coat of top coat. Did I already say that I love than golden shimmer? Oh yes, I love that golden shimmer!

Which one out of these four is your favorite?