OPI Swatch Spam

I found a few OPI swatches from my folders that I seem to have forgotten to post about. Oh well, better later than never has been my motto here before, so let's go with that one again. These are quite old pics judging from the black background that I haven't used for a while, but then again, the polishes still look the same and these are all a bit older ones anyhow. I even found my notes about these swatches, so I don't have to try to remember everything by heart. 

OPI Are We There Yet? is a somewhat hard shade to describe, but I'd say it's an orange leaning coral with golden shimmer. The shimmer is very visible in the bottle, but it doesn't show up that much on nail. I wish it did, then I would have probably liked the shade more. It's a pretty one, but nothing too special. This is from the fall 2011 collection Touring America. It's a bit sheer one so you'll definitely need 2-3 coats for full coverage. I used three coats here.

OPI I Can't Find My Czechbook is a slightly dusty aqua blue creme. It's a bit newer one compared to the first one in this post as it's from the 2013 spring collection called Euro Centrale. It's a beautiful color, but I do own quite a few polishes like this one. The formula isn't too great, it went on quite patchy and I needed three coats for full coverage.

OPI La Paz-itively Hot Matte is a hot pink matte shimmer. The shimmer really makes this polish interesting and it looks really beautiful on nail. These older OPI mattes have quite tricky formula, you have to be really quick when applying them or otherwise you end up with a pile of polish on somewhere on your nail and quite a few patches without any polish. I used three coats here to make it all smooth. After I got hand of how to work with this polish, it was quite easy to apply and it dries really quick, so it doesn't really matter that you have to do three coats with it. It's very pigmented, so you could get away with just two coats if you manage to apply it smoothly from the beginning.

La Paz-itively Hot Matte came out already in 2009 with few other matte polishes. So it's quite old one and it has become a HTF (hard to find) already. 

Of course I also wanted to see how La Paz-itively Hot Matte looks with a coat of shiny top coat on top and here it is. I think I preferred the matte look, though this is beautiful too.

Which one of these three is your favorite?


  1. Äääää, miten sä olet saanut tsekkivihkosta noin hyvät kuvat. Se pirulainen on mulla aina kuvissa täysin väärän sävyinen jostain syystä. Se on yks mun lempparisinisiä. :)

    1. Ihme kyllä kamera tallensi sen ihan suht itsestään oikean sävyisenä, hankaluuksia onkin sitten monien muiden sävyjen kanssa. :D Se on kyllä kaunis lakka!