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Today I want to talk about quite simple but yet very effective product that you can use for many different purposes.

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Lush Ultrabalm is an all-around balm with only three ingredients in it: organic jojoba oil, candelilla wax and rose wax. Lush describes is as a very simple but effective formula and I have to agree. It's just such a simple product but that doesn't make it ineffective - quite the opposite.

You can use this pretty much anywhere you need more moisture - for bits that chap and chafe as it says on the lid. Lush says it can also be used to tame lashes and eyebrows, brighten up tattoos or protect your skin when you're dyeing your hair. And those are really just few examples that you can use Ultrabalm for, I think it's suited for much more. It has quite greasy formula so I love to use it on bits with hard skin like heels and elbows. It's especially a great product during winter and harsh weather, it worked wonders for all my dry spots from my face to my hands and feet. It's a perfect cuticle cream and even a hand cream for the dry winter cuticles and hands.

Ultrabalm is comes in a small 45g tin and it might seem quite small at first especially as the price is quite high for such a small product (24,95 euros here in Finland). But you only need a tiny bit of the balm, so it really goes long way. I've used mine quite regularly for almost a year now and I still have little bit left (I also took the pictures almost a year ago). Of course I haven't used it as an all over moisturizer as it isn't really intended for that. It's best used for all those problematic dry patches and if you use it like that, the small amount will truly last quite a while. The size of the package is also what makes it quite handy - it's easy to take with you anywhere you go.

The scent of Ultrabalm isn't exactly appealing, but it really just smells like the combination of the three ingredients and the scent isn't very strong.

Love This! post series is about other products I've tried and fell in love with. They can be other beauty and cosmetic products, sometimes hand and nail care products and occasionally even something completely different. You can find all the post of this series with the same Love This tag. The basic idea is just that I want to recommend some great products for you.

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Lushin Ultrabalm on ihan parasta! Se sopii melko täydellisesti ihan kaikkeen, itse tykkään käyttää sitä eniten erityisen kuivien kohtien kuten kantapäiden ja kyynärpäiden kosteuttamiseen, mutta se on mainio pelastus myös esimerkiksi talven kuivattamille kynsinauhoille ja käsille. Purkki on pienen tuntuinen (45 g) etenkin hintaansa nähden (24,95 euroa), mutta tämä on todella riittoisa ja tietysti myös kätevä kuljettaa mukana. Omaani olen käytellyt säännöllisen epäsäännöllisesti vajaan vuoden verran ja vielä on vähän tavaraa jäljellä. Suosittelen!

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