El Corazón Large Hologram Kryptonite

I have such a beauty from El Corazón to share with you guys today that I thought it deserved whole post dedicated just for the beauty of the polish and nothing else.

I'm talking about this Large Hologram beauty called Kryptonite. It's the perfect teal shade jelly packed with stunning silver holographic flakes. You all know I love shades like this, so it's probably no surprise I really love this one!

This was a bit sheer with the first coat and I was afraid that it would be hard to get it opaque enough, but to my surprise the second coat gave quite nice coverage already. I did use three coats in these pictures, but the third one was quite thin one and if you apply the polish carefully and use just slightly thicker coats, you could also get away with just two coats.

This Kryptonite is definitely a total stunner! Just looking at these pictures now makes me want to wear it again. What a beauty!


  1. Todella upea lakka! Tällaisen huolisi itsellekin mielellään :)