JORD Wood Watches Cora Koa & Rose Gold and a Giveaway!

A little while ago I got an email asking if I wanted to be part of JORD fall campaign and I sure didn't need to think twice before I answered a big yes! JORD is a company that makes gorgeous wood wrist watches and you might remember my previous JORD post almost year ago when I received the Fieldcrest series Zebrawood & Maple for review. I've loved that beautiful wood watch ever since and I've worn it constantly only taking it off when I sleep. I also didn't need to think this twice as JORD had something nice in store for all my lovely readers too, so be sure to check out this whole post. ;)

*Provided for review

OPI Swatch Spam

I found a few OPI swatches from my folders that I seem to have forgotten to post about. Oh well, better later than never has been my motto here before, so let's go with that one again. These are quite old pics judging from the black background that I haven't used for a while, but then again, the polishes still look the same and these are all a bit older ones anyhow. I even found my notes about these swatches, so I don't have to try to remember everything by heart. 

Beachy Gradient with Water Marbling - Inspired by Ane Li

As most of you may know the nail community lost an amazing member this past summer, the incredibly talented Ane Li @ane_li. She was definitely one of my favorite IG nail artists and she was the inspiration behind this manicure I'm going to share with you guys today.

This beautiful white and clear water marble look on top of a beachy gradient is one of the last looks Ane Li posted on Instagram and I fell in love with the look the minute I saw it. Judging from the comments it has gotten, everyone else loved it too. I wanted to try to do a similar look myself, though I struggled quite a bit finding a clear polish that would work for water marbling.

Hand painted... something?

I'm trying to refresh, keep up and improve my hand painted nail art skills by just doing what works the best for it - painting some nail art by hand on regular basis. So that's basically what I was doing with this mani, though I'm not so sure what I ended up with.

Random Indie Swatch Spam with KBShimmer, FUN Lacquer and ILNP

I have a little indie swatch spam to share with you guys today with four GORGEOUS polishes!

Sunset Gradient

Is there really anything better than a great gradient? Not really if you ask me! I have one of those to share with you guys today and I have to say I really loved this look.

Picture Polish Electric Dream

I have a little bit older but still such a beautiful Picture Polish shade to share with you guys today!

Shattered Glass Nail Art

The shattered glass nail art trend was a big hit almost a year ago. I did order a sheet of the shattered glass foil then as I wanted to try the look myself, but I forgot the whole thing for quite a while and then I thought I was too late. Couple weeks ago I was browsing through Instagram and came across with this shattered nail art look by The Nailasaurus. It looked so pretty against light base color that I had to immediately try it myself.

Watercolor Gradient

I have yet another nail art look with one Essie Silk Watercolor polish to share with you guys today.

Love This! - Lush Ultrabalm

Today I want to talk about quite simple but yet very effective product that you can use for many different purposes.

*Press sample

Lush Ultrabalm is an all-around balm with only three ingredients in it: organic jojoba oil, candelilla wax and rose wax. Lush describes is as a very simple but effective formula and I have to agree. It's just such a simple product but that doesn't make it ineffective - quite the opposite.

Essie Spring 2016 Lounge Lover Collection: Off Tropic and Pool Side Service

I'm a bit behind with my swatches because of my summer break, but I'm going to share these with you anyway. This time I don't have the whole Essie spring 2016 collection to show to you as I only picked up two of my favorite shades from the collection and I'm going to share those two with you guys today.

Peach Side Urban Funday In the Limo

That headline doesn't really make any sense, does it?! Well, it's of course a mani full of Essie polishes!

I wanted to do a simple skittlette for a change and also use some coral polishes that I haven't used for a while.

El Corazón Large Hologram Kryptonite

I have such a beauty from El Corazón to share with you guys today that I thought it deserved whole post dedicated just for the beauty of the polish and nothing else.