Black and Yellow Flower Nail Art

Sometimes, no matter how great vision you have, the idea just doesn't translate on your nails like you pictured it would. I have one of those manicures to share with you guys.

So I had this awesome idea of grey based manicure with black and yellow flowers like I saw in some Instagram nail art pic for quite a while ago.

A England Whispering Waves

I'm quite a bit late with this pretty I'm going to share with you guys today as you all have probably seen this at least a few times already. It's still such a beauty that I'm going to share my swatches of it anyway.

It's this gorgeous A England Whispering Waves that I'm talking about.

Skinny Turquoise French

I've said this million times before, but sometimes the simplest looks are the ones that work the best. I have a great example about this to share with you guys today.

I've been sporting nude or nudeish looks pretty much through the whole summer. This time I wanted to keep the simple and nude look, but just add a tiny bit of color to the mix. So I decided to do this skinny french look with nude pinkish base color and some turquoise french tips.

Idun Minerals Rosenkvarts

I have those favorite nail polish brands that I always keep going back to and buying majority of my polishes from them, but it's also nice to try out new brands for a change. Today I have one polish to share with you guys from a brand that I hadn't tried before this.

Press sample*

Cheating on Stamping

Hi guys, I'm back! I was originally going to take just a little break to enjoy my first ever paid summer holiday, but the break lasted longer than I thought. I'm sorry I didn't announce it beforehand. Anyhow, now I'm back and I have already scheduled and planned quite a few posts to share with you guys, so be sure to check back here again soon. From now on there will be new posts here every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 6 AM (EEST/EET).

You all probably know my struggle with stamping and that I'm not really good at it. A while ago I managed to do a somewhat succesful stamping manicure, but after that I haven't had the courage to try it again. I will much rather do freehand nail art or water marbling than try stamping as it's always so hard. So what do you do when you want that stamping look, but don't really care about stamping? Of course you use water decals that look like you have successfully done a stamping manicure.