L'Oreal Paris Le Vernis a l'huile Nail Polishes and Color Riche La Palette Lips

Today I have some exciting novelties from L'Oreal Paris to share with you guys! 

L'Oreal released a new Le Vernis a l'huile by L'Oreal Paris Color Riche (huh, such a long name!) collection just recently and I got a few of the polishes for review. The collection is actually quite massive, it has 20 different shades in it. The hues are quite classic ones from white to different shades of red and from grey to black, but there are also some more vivid colors in it from purple to green and teal.

I really like the design of the bottles! It's such a pretty one with square bottle, the unique pattern and the gold cap. The brush is really great one if you are like me and love those wider brushes and I love the fact that they have the sticker with the name and the color on top of the cap, that's always handy! It's pretty much like the European Essie brush. L'Oreal says that the object creating this new collection was to have more intensive, more shiny, fully pigmented polishes. The intriguing thing about these polishes is the fact that they have oil in them, so in addition to the shine these are supposed to treat you nails also. L'Oreal promises that one coat of these will be enough, which always sounds great.

I wanted to try the lightest shade I got for review to really see if one coat would be enough. I also wanted to try some simple nail art with these polishes, so I thought the light pink Nude Mademoiselle (number 114) would be a perfect fit for this. 

Even though this was really easy to apply and I enjoyed the wide brush very much, I thought that one coat with this light shade wasn't enough. I used two coats here. Though of course you could go with just one coat if you want more transparent look, as this would work perfectly for that too. But I like the more opaque look, so I did two coats, which isn't really bad for a light shade like this one!
I wanted to try another one of these polishes, so I chose the dark teal Cobalt Indécent to go with the light pink. I used Mi Nails Mi Vinyls and then painted just one coat with the Cobalt Indécent. This seemed really pigmented one, so you could probably get away with just one coat of this one.

Overall the impression I got from my first try with these polishes was really positive one. The one thing though that I don't like so much, is the fact that the polishes are scented. The scent is rosy one and for me it was quite strong when I first applied these polishes. Thankfully it doesn't stay so strong, so I was easily able to wear these. I'm sure many will like the scent, but it just wasn't my cup of tea. I kinda hope these wouldn't have the scent, but then again, it wasn't so strong that it would keep me from wearing these or buying some other shades.

In addition to these new nail polishes, L'Oreal also released two new La Palette lip palettes. There are two different hues to choose: Rouge and Nude. Both of the palettes have six iconic Color Riche lip shades in them, but you can also of course mix these to get the exact shade you want. I really love the design and the look of the palette, it's simple but beautiful. The palettes have big mirrors in them as well as small brushes. I think the brush works just fine, though it is quite small, especially the handle. 

I actually rarely wear lipstick or even lip gloss, but I could definitely see myself wearing the beautiful nude shades from the Nude palette. The Rouge might be just a bit too bold for me, but you never know, I might still end up wearing some of them too as there are such beautiful shades in it.

The nail polishes and the lip palettes are in the stores here in Finland already, not sure about other countries though. 

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