Random Indie Swatch Spam

I have another random indie swatch spam for you guys today. This time it's with polishes from Delush Polish, Pipe Dream Polish and Powder Perfect, one from each brand. So it's quite small one, but all these three polishes definitely deserve all the attention!

This first one is Delush Polish A Night in the Asylum, a beautiful darkened teal jelly with plenty of different sizes of turquoise holographic glitter. There are of course those small and large dot glitters in the mix too that really make this polish special. The base is jelly, so it needs three coats to build up enough coverage and there's still a bit visible nail line after those three coats. You could also of course wear this on top of more opaque base color that's close to the jelly base. That's definitely the way I'm going to wear this next time, but this time I wanted to see if you could wear this on its own.

Those dot glitters were of course a big hit a little while ago and this polish is actually a tad older one from the Scream Supreme collection. I'm still loving these type of jelly polishes with gorgeous glitter in them, even though I might be a little bit more sensible with these type of polishes now and I don't get the urge to buy every single one of these anymore. But I love this one, it's soooo pretty!

Next one is Pipe Dream Polish Make It Rain and this is actually the first Pipe Dream Polish I've ever tried. It's a vibrant green with plenty of silver, green and turquoise glitter. The green shade is really bright, it looks almost neon. 
Make It Rain is quite unique one in my collection, I don't have anything like it. It certainly made me miss summer as to me it's a clear summer polish. I used three thin coats here with a coat of top coat.

And then the last one is Powder Perfect Hidden Well, a blue jelly with turquoise and teal glitter. It's not very sheer jelly, almost more like a crelly, so it covered well with just two coats. The formula was really great, so easy to apply! For some reason the color left me hoping for something more... Don't really know what. I do like the shade, it's almost like a denim blue, but maybe I would have hoped that the beautiful glitters would pop out even more. It's certainly a pretty one nonetheless!

Which one of these three is your favorite?


  1. Upeuksia! Tuo Delush Polish on ollut hankintalistalla jo ties kuinka pitkään, ja varmaan kotiutankin sen jossain kohtaa keväämmällä kun on varaa tehdä isompi tilaus niiden omaan verkkokauppaan. Olisi meinaan 10 lakkaa ja parit leimalaatat tarkoitus niiltä hankkia, niin helpompi sitten tilata kaikki kerralla :)

    1. Suosittelen kyllä ehdottomasti tuota Delushia, on se vaan niin nätti! Tilaisin kyllä heti niitä niiden leimauslaattoja jos vaan osaisin leimata!