Geometric Flowerista

I've posted couple nail art looks with Essie Flowerista collection polishes since I got them, but somehow I don't seem to get enough of the collection. I did name it as my favorite collection of 2015 and still quite often I find myself wanting to do something with the beautiful shades from the collection.  Today I have a recent look that I did with four of the polishes to share with you guys!

First I used two coats of Gina Tricot White to get the white base. Then I applied quite a few of skinny angle vinyls and then I sponged all the Essie polishes one by one. The colors I used are Flowerista, Garden Variety, Blossom Dandy and Petal Pushers.

This look could also be called something like How many different ways you can arrange nail vinyls, but I actually had quite fun doing this manicure and I really loved the finished look! These Essie Flowerista polishes look so stunning together, I just love them so much!

I did a bit similar geometric look with these same Flowerista collection polishes (except Petal Pushers) last year for the #ablecs15 nail art challenge geometric theme. The both looks have quite a few same elements, but they are still quite different and I can't really choose which one I like best. I love them both!

Products used for this manicure
Base coat: Zoya Anchor
Polishes: Gina Tricot White, Essie Flowerista, Essie Petal Pushers, Essie Garden Variety, Essie Blossom Dandy
Top coat: Glisten&Glow HK Girl
Others: Vinyl It Up nail vinyls

Zoya Sunshine Collection - Swatches and Review

I have a little bit older collection to share with you guys today! Zoya Sunshine is the shimmer part of their 2011 summer collections, so it's already a few years old but it sure deserves to be shared still. I really love this collection and I have gradually gotten all the six polishes. When I realized I have all the six polishes, I thought I should share my swatches of them as you can still easily buy these

The collection has six beautiful metallic shimmers in it and all the six colors are filled with gorgeous golden metallic sparkle.
Apple is a light apple green with tons of golden shimmer in it. It's a bit sheer so I needed three coats for full coverage. It's not really my favorite shade of green, but it's still really pretty and of course that golden shimmer is so gorgeous.

Faye is one of my all time favorite polishes, it's a stunning purple mauve with insane golden sparkle. It's also a bit on the sheer side, so I used three coats here. I really really love this color, it's really chic but surely not in any way boring. 

Kimmy is a beautiful red with golden shimmer. This has slightly different formula and the base color has more coverage, so I only needed two coats here. It's a bright, almost cherry red and the golden sparkles make it look like fire. Red and gold combined is something that usually is associated with Christmas, but not with this polish.

Reva is rich raspberry shade with plenty of that same golden shimmer. It has similar formula as Kimmy and it only needed to two coats for full coverage. I really love this one too, it's such a beautiful stylish shade!

Rica is the one that was a little bit more hard to find for me. It seemed to be always sold out everywhere. Thankfully I finally managed to get it as it's truly a stunner! This might even be my favorite out of this collection. It's a beautiful coral pink with plenty of that golden shimmer. It's also a bit sheer, so I used thee coats here.

Tanzy is the last one of this collection and it's actually one of my first ever Zoya polishes so I have owned this one quite a while already. It's a bright tangerine orange with the same golden shimmer. It's not the best match with my skintone, but it's a gorgeous orange nonetheless and a beautiful summery shade.

This is surely one of my all time favorite collections, maybe even THE favorite summer collection so far. I love these type of metallic shimmer Zoya does so well, all the polishes look like they are shining from within because of the beautiful shimmer in them. I also really love the fact that even these older collection polishes are still available, so if you want any of these, you can find them easily.

Which one of these is your favorite? 

I Did It!

Yes, you are seeing correctly: I stamped! Not only did I stamp, I stamped all my ten digits and I stamped them with a image that you need to align properly to get it right. 

Yep, I know it's not nearly as perfect as it is with all those stamping queens and pretty much everyone who knows how to stamp... But I don't mind, I love the fact that I was able to get something on each nail and especially that I didn't blow a fuse while doing it as that's what's usually happened before. 

All of this success is because of those clear jelly stampers, so thank heavens for those! I bought two cheap ones from Born Pretty Store (one with purple handle and one with clear handle) as I didn't want to spent too much on any stamping related stuff I I don't know even how to use them. Somehow we got along with the purple stamper right from the get-go and I only needed couple practice rounds to make it work properly. Now that I'm praising the stamper I'm sure it won't work next time I try to use it but at least I was aple to do this one stamping manicure.

I used Zoya Faye as my base color and the stamping image is from MoYou London Kaleidoscope collection stamping plate number 09. I used Konad White stamping polish as it's the only real stamping polish I own and I wanted to try the stamper with a stamping polish first to see if I could make it work. 

So all in all this is a really simple manicure and I'm sure many of you whip these type of manis up in a second, but I'm still very proud and happy about my achievement.

Products used for this manicure
Base coat: Zoya Anchor
Polishes: Zoya Faye
Top coat: Glisten&Glow HK Girl
Others: Konad White, MoYou London Kaleidoscope 09 and Born Pretty Store clear jelly stamper

OPI Black Spotted

Hi guys! Hope you're having a great day. I have some nail art to share with you guys today!

I basic idea for this manicure was to finally try out OPI Black Spotted which has been sitting among my untrieds for quite a while. I know the polish is quite old news already, but I finally wanted to try it on my nails since I own it and before this I have only played with it on nail wheel. 

I used Layla Softouch Effect 09 as my base color. Then I sponged a little bit of Zoya Cecilia and Picture Polish Calm over the turquoise Layla and applied a coat of quick drying top coat. When my turquoise/green base was completely dry I applied one thin coat of OPI Black Spotted over each nail and then sponged a little bit of OPI GoldenEye on all my nails.

Black Spotted was actually quite easy to use. I had read that you should try to use as thin coat of it as possible and that was really good advice as I managed to get nice pattern on each nail with my first try. Black Spotted gives a fun look, though I'm not sure how versatile or usable the polish is in the end as it kinda gives you basically the same look every time. But of course it's an easy way to achieve that water spotted look.

I really liked it combined with the turquoise/green base and little touches of gold, though I kinda wish the spots would have been just slightly bigger so that you could see the base color little bit better.

It's actually my birthday today. Yay, happy birthday to me! So the mani was quite suitable for the date as the polish is kinda old news, just like me... Ha ha. I'm just kidding. I really liked this look and it's a great look for today. :) 

Products used for this manicure
Base coat: Sally Hansen Nail Rehab + Zoya Anchor
Polishes: Layla Softouch Effect 09, Zoya Cecilia, Picture Polish Calm, OPI Black Spotted, OPI GoldenEye
Top coat: Glisten&Glow HK Girl

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hi guys! I just wanted to quickly wish you all Happy Valentine's Day with this simple nail art look!

I used one coat of Essie Sugar Daddy and couple coats of Zoya Aria for the look.

Hope you all have a lovely day today! 

Random Indie Swatch Spam

I have another random indie swatch spam for you guys today. This time it's with polishes from Delush Polish, Pipe Dream Polish and Powder Perfect, one from each brand. So it's quite small one, but all these three polishes definitely deserve all the attention!

This first one is Delush Polish A Night in the Asylum, a beautiful darkened teal jelly with plenty of different sizes of turquoise holographic glitter. There are of course those small and large dot glitters in the mix too that really make this polish special. The base is jelly, so it needs three coats to build up enough coverage and there's still a bit visible nail line after those three coats. You could also of course wear this on top of more opaque base color that's close to the jelly base. That's definitely the way I'm going to wear this next time, but this time I wanted to see if you could wear this on its own.

Those dot glitters were of course a big hit a little while ago and this polish is actually a tad older one from the Scream Supreme collection. I'm still loving these type of jelly polishes with gorgeous glitter in them, even though I might be a little bit more sensible with these type of polishes now and I don't get the urge to buy every single one of these anymore. But I love this one, it's soooo pretty!

Next one is Pipe Dream Polish Make It Rain and this is actually the first Pipe Dream Polish I've ever tried. It's a vibrant green with plenty of silver, green and turquoise glitter. The green shade is really bright, it looks almost neon. 
Make It Rain is quite unique one in my collection, I don't have anything like it. It certainly made me miss summer as to me it's a clear summer polish. I used three thin coats here with a coat of top coat.

And then the last one is Powder Perfect Hidden Well, a blue jelly with turquoise and teal glitter. It's not very sheer jelly, almost more like a crelly, so it covered well with just two coats. The formula was really great, so easy to apply! For some reason the color left me hoping for something more... Don't really know what. I do like the shade, it's almost like a denim blue, but maybe I would have hoped that the beautiful glitters would pop out even more. It's certainly a pretty one nonetheless!

Which one of these three is your favorite?

Red Lace Nail Art

Great idea doesn't always mean that the result is going to be as great. That's basically what happened with this mani I'm going to share with you guys today. I'm not sure if I'd call this a total fail as I did like the elements and I didn't hate the look, but this wasn't really what I had originally in my mind.

Just as the title suggests this was supposed to be red lace nail art look, but I'm not completely sure if it looks anything like lace... I didn't have a clear vision of a pattern and I didn't google any lace patterns to use as inspiration. Looking back I really should have done that, maybe then the finished look would look more like lace. Oh well, thankfully I'm not Russian, so I don't need to be perfect.

I used two beautiful Essie cremes for this look. The nude is of course Sand Tropez and the red is Jump In My Jumpsuit. Sand Tropez is clearly my favorite nude polish and it's alarmingly running out. I'm going to need to buy another bottle asap! Jump In My Jumpsuit was THE perfect red to be paired with Sand Tropez, it's a tad darker than a basic red but still not too dark. I'm pretty sure I have criticized Essie for making too many basic red cremes, but while choosing the red for this mani, I was quite happy to own so many Essie reds. I could easily find the exact color that I wanted, not too light, not too dark, just perfect.

I didn't really think about making something that would suit the upcoming Valentine's Day, but now posting this mani, I can see that this look would suit the theme quite easily. So yay, I managed to do a theme mani well ahead of the actual date for once! Let's not focus on the fact that it wasn't planned...

Products used for this manicure
Base coat: Sally Hansen Nail Rehab + Zoya Anchor
Polishes: Essie Sand Tropez (2 coats), Essie Jump In My Jumpsuit (2 coats)
Top coat: Nail Pattern Boldness Digital Flash

Have you guys already done Valentine's Day nail art looks or are you even going to do any?

FUN Lacquer Happy Ending

Today I want to share one truly stunning polish with you guys! It's a gorgeous purple that I could easily add to my favorite polishes list.

This beauty is of course FUN Lacquer Happy Ending from their New Year 2016 collection. It's a stunning purple with golden holographic flakies and pink/copper shimmer. I couldn't really capture the holo effect fully in this with my artificial lighting setting, but the polish looks so pretty even without it. It has a perfect formula too: I only needed two easy coats for full coverage.

I bought this one from the recent FUN Lacquer sale and I'm truly happy that I did, though I'd say it's totally worth the full prize too. It's truly such a beauty!

Purple was my favorite polish color couple years back. Lately I've been more into other colors, but Happy Ending really reminded me how beautiful purple polishes can be. If you don't own this one already, I highly recommend checking it out. It's one of those polishes that you need to see yourself to truly appreciate its beauty.

The Night Is Dark and Full of...Snowflakes

Sometimes all you need is a gorgeous polish and some really simple nail art to achieve a beautiful manicure. Or at least this has been my go to receipt for succesful manicures for the past months. I have one of those cases to share with you today.

I used Cadillacquer The Night Is Dark and Full of Terrors as my base color. It's a beautiful dark blue jelly with blue and silver glitter. It's a bit sheer with the first coat as it is a jelly, but it builds up nicely and it's very easy to apply. I used three coats here.

Then I just added one MILV snow flake water decal on each of my nails and to finish the look I also added one nail art crystal in the center of each snow flake. So simple, but so pretty!

Products used for this manicure
Base coat: Sally Hansen Nail Rehab & Zoya Anchor
Polishes: Cadillacquer The Night Is Dark and Full of Terrors
Top coat: Glisten&Glow HK Girl
Others: MILV water decals, nail art crystals

Foxy Paws Lambada & Bailando

First of all I'm really sorry about the unannounced break I just took. You know, sometimes life just happens and that's that... But now I'm back and I'm gonna stick with the schedule again as I've found it very helpful! I already have quite a few posts planned for you guys so I'm sure I'll be able to easily fall back to the same schedule I had going on here previously.

Today I wanted to share something bright and fun in the middle of the winter. I know it's not the season for these as these two are from a summer collection but I don't really care as these two really deserve a post right here and right now.

First one is Foxy Paws Lambada, a really bright and fun color! I've seen it described as lime green or neon yellow but to me it's not really neither of those exactly, rather something in between a bright lime green and neon yellow. It has a beautiful scattered holo effect going on and it sure is a prefect color for a summer collection but it works just fine in the middle of the winter too. It's a bit sheer, so I used three coats here with a coat of top coat, but it was fairly easy to work with.

You all know I'm not the biggest fan of yellow polishes so this is slightly too much for me on its own and I'm not really sure if I would wear it like this. But as a accent color or part of some fun summery nail art for sure! However, if you are even fairly into yellow/lime green polishes, you should definitely check this one out, it's totally worth it!

The second one is Foxy Paws Bailando, a perfect warm neon pink shade with scattered holo. Both Bailando and Lambada are of course from the same summer collection inspired by those summer party hits that I'm sure everyone knows. Usually these type of warm bright pinks aren't the best match with my skintone, but I LOVE this one! As soon as I got it on my nails I was sold, it's such a beautiful color and yet again definitely the perfect shade for summer. I totally know what I'm going to wear as my pedi color all next summer.

Both of these have similar type of formula, so I also used three coats of Bailando with a coat of top coat here. Bailando is definitely my favorite out of these two, I love it!


Si señor, of course I had to put on Bailando from Spotify while writing this post and now I can't get it out of my head... ya ya ya

Bailando bailando amigos adios, adios el silencio loco