Black Lace

Sometimes in between all the colorful nail art and manicures, it's nice to have something more neutral on your nails. Just before Christmas I was in a mood for good palette cleanser on my nails, so here's the mani I did then.

*Press sample   *Purchased by me
I used first two coats of Sally Hansen 18K Gold Hardener on my nails. It's basically a nail hardening base coat with real 18K gold flakies. I've been using it as a regular base coat from time to time, but I specifically chose it for this mani as I wanted the gold flakes to show in the final result. On top of the base coat I also used two thin coats of Essie Sugar Daddy to neutralize my nail color. The yellowness of my nails still shows a bit in the pictures, but it wasn't really that visible in real life.

Finally I just added some black lace water decals and a coat of top coat. I really like the look that the flakies give underneath Sugar Daddy, it was so pretty! It's something a bit special to otherwise really neutral look.

By the way, this Sally Hansen hardener is a great multipurpose product as you can also use it as a gold flakie top coat! I haven't been using it regularly as a base coat as I need rather a moisturizing base coat that a hardener, but it does work fine as a base coat. 

Products used for this manicure:
Base coat: Sally Hansen 18K Gold Hardener (2 coats)
Polishes: Essie Sugar Daddy
Top coat: Glisten&Glow HK Girl
Others: water decals

*I've received Sally Hansen 18K Gold Hardener for review, other products in this post have been purchased by me.