Kosmetiikkabloggaajien joulukalenteri, luukku 24 ja L'Occitane Advent Calendar Week 4

Today it's the final day of the Finnish beauty bloggers advent calendar and we all want to wish you a Very Merry Christmas!

I also want to share in this same post the last week of L'Occitane Advent Calendar.

Last minute gift idea: LUSH Snow Fairy Body Conditioner

Suomenkielinen lyhennetty versio löytyy lopusta

It's only a few days until Christmas, can you believe it?! Today I wanted to give a great last minute gift idea if you still have some Christmas gift shopping left to do.

*Press sample

I got to choose couple Lush Christmas products for review and after going through all those gorgeous new and returning limited edition products and I chose this Snow Fairy Body Conditioner as one of the products. I know there are many people out there who absolutely love this very sweet scent of Snow Fairy and can't wait for these holiday products to come to Lush just to get them some Snow Fairy. For me though the scent is slightly too sweet, so I was a bit hesitant about this product, but I thought I should take the risk as it sounded like such a great one otherwise.

L'Occitane Advent Calendar - Week 3

It's time to check out the week three of L'Occitane Advent Calendar! Remember to also check out week 1 and week 2 if you haven't done it already.

I can't really believe that we are already at the end of week three and there's only six days left of the calendar. Time certainly have seemed to be flying lately. Week 3 continued to offer a few different shower gels but thankfully there was some variety of more different products in the mix too. Let's take a closer look after the jump!

Kosmetiikkabloggaajien joulukalenteri, luukku 16: vinkkejä kestävään joulunajan lakkaukseen

This post is part of the Finnish beauty bloggers advent calendar. You'll find the English version after the Finnish one at the end of the post.

Nyt on aika aukaista Kosmetiikkabloggaajien joulukalenterin 16. luukku! Eiliset luukut löytyvät Life and Other Disasters sekä Beauty Highlights -blogeista ja huomenna luukku aukeaa Gently Out Of Time -blogissa. Kuten useampi luukku tänä vuonna, myös tämän päiväinen on tuplaluukku, eli kurkatkaa myös DIXI -blogin puolelta, mitä siellä luukusta löytyy tänään. Jos et ole aktiivisesti seurannut tätä kalenteria, kannattaa aiemmat ja tulevat luukut tarkastaa, sieltä löytyy mm. useampi arvonta ja paljon muuta mahtavaa luettavaa. Kaikki linkit mukana oleviin blogeihin löytyvät täältä.

Omassa luukussani ajattelin jakaa teille hieman vinkkejä kestävään joulunajan lakkaukseen. Toki vinkit pätevät hyvin myös muulloin, mutta ainakin itselleni juuri jouluna olisi tärkeää saada lakkaus pysymään hyvänä useampia päiviä.

L'Occitane Advent Calendar - Week 2

It's time for the week 2 of L'Occitane Advent Calendar roundup post! You can check out the previous week here.

This week offered quite a few shower gels and creams. Let's take a closer look!

Cirque Colors Facets Collection - Swatches and Review

Hi guys! Today I have such a gorgeous set of four polishes from the Cirque Colors Facets collection to share with you! I was immediately smitten by this collection from the very first pictures I saw and I really wanted to get them all. They looked just like they were made for me with the stunning shades and the holographic flakies. The collection has total of six beautiful polishes in it and in the end I ended up buying four out of the six. I just couldn't justify buying them all even if it was so hard to eliminate any of them. I'm going to share my swatches and review of those four polishes after the jump, so I highly recommend you to keep reading, these are all simply stunning!

L'Occitane Advent Calendar - Week 1

This year I finally gave in to all those awesome beauty advent calendars and bought myself the L'Occitane Advent Calendar. I've usually had only a chocolate calendar or something like that, so this is totally new to me! I also wanted to share the contest with you guys, so I'll be doing these little round up posts about the calendar weekly. And since we're at the end of the fist week with four calendar doors opened, it's time to take a look at those four products!

Picture Polish Cherish and Meow - Swatches & Review

I have two beautiful Picture Polish shades to share with you guys today: Cherish and Meow! I already did some nail art with these two, but I wanted to share these swatches in a separate post as both of these are such gorgeous colors.

Kosmetiikkabloggaajien joulukalenteri / Finnish beauty bloggers advent calendar

It's only a month until Christmas, can you believe that?! We already had some snow here and those Christmassy landscapes briefly, but it's all gone now and there's only dark and wet outside... Hopefully that will improve before it's Christmas! Anyhow, I'm talking about Christmas because I'm participating this year to this Finnish beauty bloggers advent calendar, can't wait! (That's why this post is both in English and in Finnish).

Smooshy Nail Art

Smooshy nail art seems to be one of the trends in the nail world right now, or at least it was a little while ago... I'm a bit late with all of these usually, so I wouldn't be surprised if it's already so last season. Trend or not I wanted to try it myself as I've seen quite a few gorgeous manis done with this technique.

Dotted Nail Art

Quick, simple but still pretty. That's been my motto recently with nail art and there's no need to change that now, is there?! I added two Picture Polish lacquers to my stash recently and they looked so beautiful together that I wanted to use them both for a simple nail art look.

Nail Polish Battle: ILNP Central Station vs. Picture Polish Sisters

I have another Nail Polish Battle for you guys today! This time it's between two beautiful indie lacquers: ILNP Central Station vs. Picture Polish Sisters.

Seaside Dry Marble

Hi guys! I'm still here even though it's been a bit quite here post-wise. I've been updating the layout of the blog and it's still a bit unfinished, but it's getting there. I've had the same layout for quite a while now, so I wanted something new and fresh. Hope you like it as much as I do! 

Today I have a quick nail art look to share with you guys. I needed something easy and quick on my nails for the I love me expo last month. I actually tried to do very different look at first, but that was a complete fail and then I just needed to do something really quickly  before going to bed. 

Picture Polish Salt Water Essie Sand Tropez

I decided to go with an easy dry marble look and I chose couple of my favorite polishes for this: Essie Sand Tropez and Picture Polish Salt Water.

ILNP Fall 2016 Neutrals - Central Station, Chleo, Elle

Lately I've been all about these neutral and nude shades. You know, all those office friendly shades, that I used to think of as a bit boring. But when these type of shades are well made, they are definitely anything but boring. ILNP did a gorgeous Fall Neutrals collection for this fall and I was immediately intrigued by it, all the shades seemed to be just exactly my kind of colors and with a bonus: that gorgeous scattered holo effect! Yup, I wanted to get them all! I managed to restrict my self a little and only ended up buying three out the six shades. I have my swatches and review of those three pretties to share with you guys today!

China Glaze Fall 2016 Rebel Collection - Combat Blue-ts and Dope Taupe

Hi guys! Today I wanted to share couple China Glaze polishes with you guys for a change. It's been quite a while since I've bought any China Glaze polishes, but while I was ordering online few Essies that I couldn't get from the stores here, I added couple new China Glazes from the fall 2016 collection to my order also. These two really triggered my interest and I thought it would be fun to try them out! I'm going to share my swatches of the two with you as well as this simple nail art look that I did with both of them that you can already see in the first picture. But let's get to those swatches first!

Foiled Pebble Beach

As I promised before I have some nails for you guys today and some simple nail art on those nails!

JORD Wood Watches Giveaway Reminder

Hi guys! I have just a quick post for you guys today as I wanted to remind of the great giveaway JORD is sponsoring for all my readers.

I love me messulippujen arvonnan voittajat

Huom. arvottu uusi voittaja toiselle lipulle!

I love me messulippujen voittajat on nyt arvottu! Blogin Instagramin puolelta voi käydä kurkkaamassa perinteiseen tapaan suoritetun paperilappuarvonnan videon, mutta ajattelin kuitenkin julkaista voittajat myös täällä blogin puolella.

Nail Polish Battle: Picture Polish Winter vs. 2001

Nail Polish Battle is back after almost a year, yay! Today I have a battle between two beautiful grey Picture Polish lacquers: Winter and 2001.

Essie Summer 2016 Collection - Loot the Booty and Viva Antigua!

Hi guys! I want to share two gorgeous polishes from Essie summer 2016 collection with you guys today. I know it's a bit late for summer collection polishes, but these two are soooo pretty that they surely deserve it.

Essie's summer collection Viva Antigua! is a great set of six beautiful colors that seem to work really well together as a whole too. There were two polishes that especially caught my attention: Loot the Booty and Viva Antigua! and those two were the ones I ended up buying from this collection.

I love me 2016 messutärpit ja arvonta

This post is going to be only in Finnish as it's about this yearly I Love Me beauty, fashion and health fair held here in Finland.

Kuva: Messukeskus

Jo perinteeksi muodostuneeseen tapaan olen taas suuntaamassa I love me messuille Helsinkiin. Tänä vuonna ajattelin laittaa muita vuosia paremmaksi ja varata messuiluun ihan kaksi päivää. Viime vuonna lauantaina oli suurimman osan ajasta niin ruuhkaista, että ajattelin saavani messuista nyt vielä paremmin irti menemällä paikan päälle sekä perjantaina että lauantaina. Samalla voin pitää pienen miniloman ja varasinkin jo hotellin perjantain ja lauantain väliseksi yöksi. 

Essie Starry Starry Night (the new version)

Today I have my swatches of Essie Starry Starry Night to share with you. This is of course the new version of the SSN as I'm not made of money and can't really afford the old version. Essie released a collection of six iconic shades called Retro Revival and of course the biggest hype was around Starry Starry Night. Unfortunately this new version isn't really like the old one, but that doesn't mean this new version isn't worth having a look.

Purple Orchids

I showed you my swatches of two new Picture Polish lacquers 2001 and Sisters in my previous post and I fell in love with both of those polishes so much, that I wanted to use one of them in a full manicure. I chose to wear the stunning purpleish taupe Sisters and add some simple nail art with two other Picture Polish lacquers. 

Picture Polish Sisters Eerie Allure

Picture Polish 2001 and Sisters

Picture Polish launched six new collaboration shades just last Sunday and I was really impressed by pretty much all the shades. There were two that stuck out to me the most and I decided to buy them immediately. And of course I wanted to share my swatches of those two as soon as possible. So here they are: 2001 and Sisters.

JORD Wood Watches Cora Koa & Rose Gold and a Giveaway!

A little while ago I got an email asking if I wanted to be part of JORD fall campaign and I sure didn't need to think twice before I answered a big yes! JORD is a company that makes gorgeous wood wrist watches and you might remember my previous JORD post almost year ago when I received the Fieldcrest series Zebrawood & Maple for review. I've loved that beautiful wood watch ever since and I've worn it constantly only taking it off when I sleep. I also didn't need to think this twice as JORD had something nice in store for all my lovely readers too, so be sure to check out this whole post. ;)

*Provided for review

OPI Swatch Spam

I found a few OPI swatches from my folders that I seem to have forgotten to post about. Oh well, better later than never has been my motto here before, so let's go with that one again. These are quite old pics judging from the black background that I haven't used for a while, but then again, the polishes still look the same and these are all a bit older ones anyhow. I even found my notes about these swatches, so I don't have to try to remember everything by heart. 

Beachy Gradient with Water Marbling - Inspired by Ane Li

As most of you may know the nail community lost an amazing member this past summer, the incredibly talented Ane Li @ane_li. She was definitely one of my favorite IG nail artists and she was the inspiration behind this manicure I'm going to share with you guys today.

This beautiful white and clear water marble look on top of a beachy gradient is one of the last looks Ane Li posted on Instagram and I fell in love with the look the minute I saw it. Judging from the comments it has gotten, everyone else loved it too. I wanted to try to do a similar look myself, though I struggled quite a bit finding a clear polish that would work for water marbling.

Hand painted... something?

I'm trying to refresh, keep up and improve my hand painted nail art skills by just doing what works the best for it - painting some nail art by hand on regular basis. So that's basically what I was doing with this mani, though I'm not so sure what I ended up with.

Random Indie Swatch Spam with KBShimmer, FUN Lacquer and ILNP

I have a little indie swatch spam to share with you guys today with four GORGEOUS polishes!

Sunset Gradient

Is there really anything better than a great gradient? Not really if you ask me! I have one of those to share with you guys today and I have to say I really loved this look.

Picture Polish Electric Dream

I have a little bit older but still such a beautiful Picture Polish shade to share with you guys today!

Shattered Glass Nail Art

The shattered glass nail art trend was a big hit almost a year ago. I did order a sheet of the shattered glass foil then as I wanted to try the look myself, but I forgot the whole thing for quite a while and then I thought I was too late. Couple weeks ago I was browsing through Instagram and came across with this shattered nail art look by The Nailasaurus. It looked so pretty against light base color that I had to immediately try it myself.

Watercolor Gradient

I have yet another nail art look with one Essie Silk Watercolor polish to share with you guys today.

Love This! - Lush Ultrabalm

Today I want to talk about quite simple but yet very effective product that you can use for many different purposes.

*Press sample

Lush Ultrabalm is an all-around balm with only three ingredients in it: organic jojoba oil, candelilla wax and rose wax. Lush describes is as a very simple but effective formula and I have to agree. It's just such a simple product but that doesn't make it ineffective - quite the opposite.

Essie Spring 2016 Lounge Lover Collection: Off Tropic and Pool Side Service

I'm a bit behind with my swatches because of my summer break, but I'm going to share these with you anyway. This time I don't have the whole Essie spring 2016 collection to show to you as I only picked up two of my favorite shades from the collection and I'm going to share those two with you guys today.

Peach Side Urban Funday In the Limo

That headline doesn't really make any sense, does it?! Well, it's of course a mani full of Essie polishes!

I wanted to do a simple skittlette for a change and also use some coral polishes that I haven't used for a while.

El Corazón Large Hologram Kryptonite

I have such a beauty from El Corazón to share with you guys today that I thought it deserved whole post dedicated just for the beauty of the polish and nothing else.

Black and Yellow Flower Nail Art

Sometimes, no matter how great vision you have, the idea just doesn't translate on your nails like you pictured it would. I have one of those manicures to share with you guys.

So I had this awesome idea of grey based manicure with black and yellow flowers like I saw in some Instagram nail art pic for quite a while ago.

A England Whispering Waves

I'm quite a bit late with this pretty I'm going to share with you guys today as you all have probably seen this at least a few times already. It's still such a beauty that I'm going to share my swatches of it anyway.

It's this gorgeous A England Whispering Waves that I'm talking about.

Skinny Turquoise French

I've said this million times before, but sometimes the simplest looks are the ones that work the best. I have a great example about this to share with you guys today.

I've been sporting nude or nudeish looks pretty much through the whole summer. This time I wanted to keep the simple and nude look, but just add a tiny bit of color to the mix. So I decided to do this skinny french look with nude pinkish base color and some turquoise french tips.

Idun Minerals Rosenkvarts

I have those favorite nail polish brands that I always keep going back to and buying majority of my polishes from them, but it's also nice to try out new brands for a change. Today I have one polish to share with you guys from a brand that I hadn't tried before this.

Press sample*

Cheating on Stamping

Hi guys, I'm back! I was originally going to take just a little break to enjoy my first ever paid summer holiday, but the break lasted longer than I thought. I'm sorry I didn't announce it beforehand. Anyhow, now I'm back and I have already scheduled and planned quite a few posts to share with you guys, so be sure to check back here again soon. From now on there will be new posts here every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 6 AM (EEST/EET).

You all probably know my struggle with stamping and that I'm not really good at it. A while ago I managed to do a somewhat succesful stamping manicure, but after that I haven't had the courage to try it again. I will much rather do freehand nail art or water marbling than try stamping as it's always so hard. So what do you do when you want that stamping look, but don't really care about stamping? Of course you use water decals that look like you have successfully done a stamping manicure.

Picture Polish Salt Water & Rose Nail Art

Like I promised in my previous Picture Polish Salt Water and Rose swatch post, I also did some simple nail art with the two polishes and today I'm going to share that with you guys.

Picture Polish Salt Water and Rose - Swatches and Review

Picture Polish just released five new beautiful shades and two of them really caught my eye, so I decided to splurge a little and bought those two. Of course I had to have the turquoise beauty Salt Water as it basically looks like it was made for me. I also couldn't resist the stunning cerise Rose either.

Today I'm going to share my swatches and review of these two polishes with you guys. I also already made a simple nail art look using both of these, but I'll save that to another post.

FIN Water Marble

Of course I had to do a blue and white manicure to root the Finnish ice hockey team at the ice hockey world championship finale last Sunday. Apparently my mani wasn't enough and we came second, but silver isn't too bad either, right?! I've done quite a few blue and white manicures in the past but I hadn't done blue and white water marbling before, so it was about time!

Bright Dotting Tool Flowers

Maybe it's because summer is just around the corner or because of the wonderful weather, but lately I've been feeling like doing some sort of flowers on my nails every time I change my manicure. At first I thought I should do something else, but then I thought why not flowers. So I have another flower look to share with you guys and as you probably guessed, there might be more in the future too... Hope you guys like these flowery looks too!

Hatch And Yellow

Hatch, the gorgeous white speckeled Cirque Colors shade! It was definitely one of my favorite polishes last year and I was really happy to hear that it's again available Speckeled & Sparkled collection. So if you missed it the first time it was released now is your chance, though keep in mind it's still limited edition.
I got Hatch originally for review from Cirque Colors, I really loved it from the very first second I tried it on and I've been using it quite a few times since. I think it looks really good just by itself and that's how I've worn it most of times. This time I wanted to spice it up with just a little hint of yellow, so I added some simple dots with dotting tools and OPI I Just Can't Cope-acabana.

This was such a simple look, but with a special polish like Hatch, it's still anything but dull. Hatch has this amazingly interesting look ant the formula is still such perfection: two easy-breezy coats is all that it needs.

If it's not clear from my high praises already I'll say it: if you don't own Hatch already, you should definitely get it! I'm sure you wont regret it.

Products used for this manicure
Base coat: Nail Pattern Boldness Digital Hydration
Polishes: Cirque Colors Hatch (2 coats), OPI I Just Can't Cope-acabana
Top coat: Glisten&Glow HK Girl
Others: dotting tool