Picture Polish Swatch Spam

I haven't posted any swatch spams lately, so here's one for you! Today I have some Picture Polish swatches to share with you guys, so there's going to be quite a few beautiful polishes in this post!

Eerie is a mysterious dusty lilac with silvery shimmer and subtle holo. This is one those Picture Polish bijou holos that they can do so amazingly! It's a little bit older collaboration shade made together with Very Emily. I think this is truly one of those must have polishes from Picture Polish. There are actually quite a few of those if you ask me, but this is certainly one of them. It's such a beautiful and unique shade. The formula is great for a light shade like this, you only need two coats for full coverage.

Forget Me Not is a beautiful slightly dusty but still vibrant blue scattered holo. Picture Polish is of course so great with these type of scattered holos too, so this one is another great one of those! I'm completely love with this, it's such a gorgeous blue. Forget Me Not is one of my favorite flowers, so the name is great too though to me the color of the flower is quite different than the color of this polish, but nevermind. This one is a collaboration shade made with Lacquertude. Forget Me Not has a great formula also, two easy coats for full coverage. Another must-have if you ask me! 

Dorothy is slightly older PP lacquer as it was already launched in 2012. It's a pinkish red jelly base packed with silver and magenta glitter. I think that this one is quite Christmassy shade with all that red and silver in it. It's opaque in two coats but you're going to need quite a thick coat of top coat to make it smooth. Don't mind that messy bottle of mine, it had a little accident with another polish when it was owned by a previous owner and I couldn't get all those glitters off even though I tried.

Paris is another favorite from Picture Polish. It's a gorgeous coral jelly scattered holo. I love that cute bottle of this collaboration shade and the color of the polish is such a beautiful one! This is another unique one in my collection and I love it. It's a collab  shade made with QuicheGirl. I used three coats here as this one was just a little bit sheer with two coats. If you don't own Paris already, you really should get it, it's stunning!

Sizzle was really impossible one to photograph with my camera. All that gorgeous subtle holo seemed to disappear in all my pictures. Anyhow, Sizzle is true to its name as it's a sizzling hot pink subtle scattered holo. I'm not usually the biggest fan of these kind of hot pinks on my nails, but this looks so good that I totally fell in love with it. It took two easy coats for full coverage. Sizzle is another collaboration shade and it was made with Cosmetic Sanctuary. 

So tell me, which one out of these five is your favorite? How about all the Picture Polish lacquers, which one is the most gorgeous one? 


  1. Replies
    1. Picture Polish osaa kyllä tehdä nättejä lakkoja! :)

  2. Forget me not on kyllä ihanin näistä! <3

  3. OMG!!! Paris is such a beauty! I super love the color and finish.

  4. Dorothyn sain juuri eilen itselleni, ja Sizzleen olen ollut ihastunut jo aiemminkin, mutta jostain syystä Forget Me Not saattaa silti olla tästä viisikosta lempparini. Taas syy ostoksille..?! ;)

    1. Mulla on ainakin PP ostoslista aina loppumattoman pitkä, niin paljon ihania lakkoja! :D Suosittelen kyllä ehdottomasti hankkimaan Forget Me Notin, se on upea! :)