My Favorite Manicures and Highlights of 2015

It's the last day of 2015 so it's time to do a little recap and share some of the favorites of past year. I'm going to share my favorite manicures and some highlights of this year today and tomorrow I'll have my favorite polishes of 2015 for you. I've done similar listings one previous years too and I have to say that it's always great fun to take a proper look back on what was done each year. This year started great with plenty of nail art, manicures and posts but the other half of the year was more quiet here in my blog. I just started the scheduled posts this month, so I hope I'll be able to keep it up next year too in order to post regularly.

One of the biggest things here in my blog past year and definitely THE highlight of the year was of course the 32 week Finnishable Nail Art Challenge #ablecs15. This was another nail art challenge that I planned with my two awesome blogger friends: Katjamaria and Nerdic Nails. I loved every single second of the challenge and seeing all the manicures that were made for it. Quite a few of the favorite manicures in this favorite list are done for the challenge as it really made me do way more nail art than I probably would have done without it.

I couldn't really put these in rank order, so these are listed from oldest to newest. I also included a link to each post if you want to take a closer look.

In addition to the nail art challenge, Polishers Inc. was another highlight of the year for me and it made me do a bit more nail art also. I really wanted to include at least one of the Polishers Inc. manicures to this list, so I chose this Safe and Sound themed mani which I really loved and it's truly my kind of manicure.

In the beginning of the year before the nail art challenge started, we also did a theme week together with Mirka from Nerdic Nails. As Seen On TV theme week was definitely another highlight of my blog year 2015 and I could have chosen pretty much any of the manicures I did for the week to this favorite list. I managed to narrow it down though and picked only two of the seven manicures.

Comedy mani based on 2 Broke Girls

I did manage to do a little bit of nail art outside the theme week or the nail challenge like this Winter Sunset manicure. I really loved this one and I posted it with some beautiful wintry pictures of my home town.

This one was the first mani I did for the #ablecs15 challenge and it was for the theme Something Other Than Pink. I think this was one of my most liked manicures this year and I really loved it too.

This was also for the #ablecs15 challenge. The theme was Matched To an Outfit and I matched this to my swallow top and a black bolero. I was so happy how those swallows turned out!

Abstract for the #ablecs15 challenge was another favorite of mine. I do love the combo of nude and bright neon colors!

#ablecs15 Sporting manicure was definitely one of my highlight of this year. I really loved this mani I did inspired by the Finnish biathlete Kaisa Mäkäräinen and the thing that made it even more memorable was that Kaisa herself liked the mani on Instragram and even commented it, yay! 

This Textured themed mani for the nail art challenge was also made to root for Kaisa as I went to see the biathlon world championship races here in Finland.

I've said it many times before, but I'll say it again: sometimes the simplest manicures are the best and it's the case with this manicure also. I wanted to combine two Zoya Satins Ana and Tove, so I did this really simple look with the two and I really loved it.

My Dot Dot Dot manicure for the #ablecs15 was inspired by Kelli from The Nail Polish Challenge and this is a mani I've been wanting to redo quite a while as I really loved the look.

Blooming for the #ablecs15 was definitely one of my favorite manicures past year and I got the inspiration for it from both Lucy's Stash and Will Paint Nails For Food.

I think that one of the hardest themes of the nail art challenge from me was the theme Game To Play. It was hard to decide what I'd do for the theme and in the end I had to rush the manicure in order to do it in time. I finally ended up painting some easy Super Mario 1ups on my nails, but I'm happy that I did as I loved the outcome.

My Out of the Comfort Zone manicure for the challenge doesn't probably look like anything too special, but I loved this one so much! It was a huge accomplishment as I managed to do a proper stamping manicure and an yellow mani that I loved!

I did a quite few dotting tool manicures at one point this year and one of the favorite dotted manis was this Oh So Bright themed one for the #ablecs15. I looooved how bright this mani was and how easy and simple it was to do!

I do love blue and those hand painted feathers turned out great, so I had to choose this Dreaming manicure for the #ablecs15 to the list.

The final manicure of the nail art challenge that I did was Geometric and I really loved how my manicure for the theme turned out. I was inspired by this beautiful tutorial and I've been wanting to another mani with the similar look ever since.

I'm not usually the biggest fan of neons, but this year I seemed to finally find some neons that even I love. This bright mani that I did with KBShimmer Bahama Drama as my base color is quite simple, but I really loved wearing it.

This X's mani was again done in a bit of rush, so it's quite simple look but I still loved it very much.

Last but not least is the mani I posted just this week. This Minty Snowflakes mani was definitely my kind of manicure, I think I've done quite a few mint gradients already, but what can I say... I just love them!
In addition to the theme week, the nail art challenge and Polishers Inc. there were quite a few other highlights of this blogging year. I of course loved every single one of those get-togethers and such with other bloggers, they are always one of the best things about blogging! I also got to visit I Love Me fair in Helsinki again this year and always such a great event to go to. Another great memory from this year was the nail art contest that was held simultaneously with the #ablecs15. Like I said before, I loved seeing every single mani that participated and I think we had such a great time together with Katjamaria and Mirka choosing the winners of the contest. It was a really difficult task, but oh so fun!
Sooo, that was my list of the favorite manicures and highlights of this year, but I'd love to hear what you guys think.

Which one of these was your favorite? Is there some other mani that you would have included to this list?