Love This! - Qtica Lime Zest Luxury Lotion

Today I wanted to just quickly recommend a great daytime hand cream for you guys. I want my night time hand creams to be as thick and moisturizing as they can be, but for my daytime hand cremes I prefer more lighter formula that absorbs quickly and preferably smells nice.

These Qtica Luxury Lotions aren't thick enough for me to use them night time, but they have the perfect formula for daytime use. It's a great lotion as it's moisturizing enough but at the same time it doesn't leave your hands too sticky. The biggest bonus of these is of course the great scents! Every one of these Luxury Lotions that I've tried have smelled really really good. This Lime Zest one that I got for review a quite while ago from Mi Nails truly smells divine! It's a great citrus smell that is sweet but also little bit sour at the same time. I'm always in love with great citrus scents and this is definitely no exception, I love it!
This is also a great multipurpose product as it's not just a hand lotion. Rather it's a all-around lotion that you can use for your pedicures also as well as other parts of your body. There are several different scents of this Luxury Cream and they all sound so tasty. Even though I do love this Lime Zest so much I think I'd equally love Pomegranate Lime, Grapefruit Surprise, Lemongrass Ginger and all the others too.

The bottle size with these bigger bottles is a hefty 250 ml so there's quite enough product to use for a while at least if you use it solely as a hand cream. There's also even bigger bottle available, but I'm pretty sure that would last forever... I really the fact that it's a pump bottle, it's of course very handy! I have this one currently sitting on my desk at work and I use it several times a day as the scent is so good and it's so easy to use. 

I just checked and unfortunately it seems that Mi Nails no longer sells these Luxury Lotions. Here in Finland you can still get them from NailCity. These Qtica products are from the same company than Zoya nail lacquers, so you can get these pretty much where ever you can get Zoyas. 

*I've gotten the lotion for review.