Essie Frillin' Me Softly and Fringe Factor

You all probably know already that I'm not a big fan of bar glitter, infact I don't like it at all. So I wasn't at all excited when Essie came out with their new fringe Luxeffects. Honestly, I wouldn't have bought any of those myself, but I received two of them for review. At first I wasn't sure if I'd would even try them, like I said, I DON'T like bar glitter and I definitely don't toppers with only bar glitter in them. Then I thought I should at least try the make them work and use them in a mani in a way that even I'd like it.

So, my challenge for myself was to use bar glitter in a mani that I would like and would wear for at least few days. Today I have that 'challenge accepted' manicure to share with you as well as a swatch of the other new Luxeffects polish I got.

*Press sample
I really loved Essie Virgin Snow from the new winter collection, so I thought it was a safe choice as the base color of this manicure. I did two coats of VS on each nail. Then I did a simple glitter gradient with the silver Frillin' Me Softly. It has thin silver bar glitter in it as well as some small blue and silver hexes. Finally I painted some feathers with Essie Blanc and added some silver details on them with RaPaint silver acrylic paint.

I have to say I was quite proud of myself after this mani was finished. I think I succeeded in making the bar glitter look at least pretty good if I may say so. I quite liked this look and I wore it the whole week, which is really a success. Before I would have said that it's not possible.

Sure, this still didn't make me a fan of bar glitter, but at least I was able to use it properly in a manicure. I'm sure that if you are unlike me and do like bar glitter, this is a great choice for your Holiday manicures.

I also got another one of these for review, so I wanted to show it to you also in this same post.
This one is Fringe Factor and I used one coat of it over Essie Shall We Chalet? from the winter 2015 collection. It has silver and pink bar glitter in it as well as some thicker darker pieces. I was actually quite suprised that I didn't hate this one even applied like this over all the nails. I wouldn't probably wear this look as it is, but it might work as part of some nail art. I'm not so sure, however, about those darker pieces in this one, I think it would be prettier without them.
Let me know what you think, did I succeed in my challenge? Bar glitter, hot or not?

 *I've received all the polishes in this post for review. For more information check out my disclosure policy.


  1. LOVE the one with the feather!! (and this also from someone not that hot on the whole bar glitter trend..)

    1. Thank you so much! :) I'm very happy to hear you liked it especially if you are like me and don't really get the bar glitter trend. :)