Zoya Color Lock System - Anchor, Armor and Fast Drops

I'm always happy to try out new base and top coats even if I do already have some favorites, it's still nice to find and try some new ones too. I've been really interested in trying out Zoya Color Lock System for quite a while now, so I finally asked NailCity, Zoya's Finnish importer, if I could get the base coat and top coat for review. They kindly sent me Anchor, Armor and Fast Drops and I've been testing and trying them out ever since. Today I'm going to share my thoughts about them.

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Zoya Color Lock System is basically designed to make your mani stay on your nails longer. The full kit has six different products in it and the bottles even have numbers in them, so it's really easy to use them step-by-step in the right order. The full Color Lock System contains:

1 - Remove Plus nail polish remover / nail cleaner / nail prep
2 - Anchor base coat
3 - Get Even ridge filling base coat
4 - Armor top coat
5 - Fast Drops polish drying drops
6 - Renew polish rejuvinator

I don't have the full Color Lock System to review, but I do have the most important parts of it: Anchor base coat, Armor top coat and Fast Drops. I'm definitely interested in trying out Remove Plus at some point as I've heard so many good things about it, but somehow it just haven't yet felt right to spend so much for a product that's basically a nail polish remover. Of course Remove Plus is a bit more since you can use it as a nail cleaner and a nail prep too, so I think I might need to try it at some point.

Both Zoya Anchor and Armor are really easy to work with, they apply really well and the formulas are nice. They are both quite thin compared to some other base and top coats (for example Seche). 

I usually like to use a base coat that is some sort of nail treatment at the same time, so I rarely use just a regular base coat. However, Anchor is pretty great one if you are looking for a basic base coat without any hardeners and such. It's pretty thin but it still smooths out my nails really well. I didn't have any staining when I used it and it overall it seems like a great base for the polish to grab on. If you want to have some sort of nail treatment on your nails too, you can of course use one under Anchor.

I usually use a quick drying top coat, so the combo of using a regular top coat and quick drying drops is a bit unfamiliar to me, but I know there are lots of people who prefer these type of drops over a quick drying top coat. Like I said, Armor is quite thin compared to some other top coats, but still it smooths out a mani nicely. If you are using a glitter polish, you might need a second coat to get it really smooth, but with a regular polish one coat of Armor is enough. Armor applies really well and I've tried it over some nail art (water decals, freehand nail art and even stamping) and it didn't smudge any design, though of course I would still apply it really carefully over any nail art and especially over black stamping. But that's what you do with any other top coat too, right?!

The Fast Drops are really easy to use also, you just pick up some of it with a dropper provided with it and then drop one drop of it on each nail after applying Armor first. One drop seemed to be enough and it spread out nicely to cover the whole nail. The drying process with these kind of drop seems to be a bit different compared to a quick drying top coat. When I use these drops (and Armor), I can touch my mani gently with my finger just couple minutes after applying the drops, but the nails are still vulnerable to denting for quite long. Whereas if you use a regular quick drying top coat the original drying time for touching the mani can be couple minutes longer, but then the whole mani seems to dry fully faster. When using these drops the whole mani is completely dry after about 45 minutes, so I think these could work a bit faster. 

For anyone who has problems with Zoya polishes not lasting on their nails, this Color Lock System might be the answer. I personally don't have any issues of Zoya chipping (or any other polish whatsoever), so I'm not the best person to judge this, but I can still say that using all those three steps helped to keep my mani looking good on my nails for even a longer than usual. I did get some tiny tip wear after having my manicures on for four-five days, but it wasn't still anything major. Also you can extent the time by adding some more Armor on top of your mani every other day. This system is of course designed to be used with Zoya polishes and it works best with them, but I tried it with some other brands too and it worked just as well with them.

Have you guys tried this Zoya Color Lock System? Do you like these type of polish drying drops or do you prefer just the regular quick drying top coat?

*I got the products in this post for review. For more information check out my disclosure policy.


Zoyan alus- ja päällyslakka, pikakuivattavat tipat sekä muut Color Lock -järjestelmään kuuluvat tuotteet ovat saatavilla Zoyan Suomen maahantuojalta, NailCitylta. Muistattehan, että NailCitylla on nykyään myös verkkokauppa, josta tuotteita voi tilata myös suoraan.


  1. Well, well, well, this is something worth checking out. I wanna know the power of these. I think I will check on these.....

  2. I always love trying out (and reading experiences of others :)) different base/top coat combos. Though I quite like the convenience of these drops, I agree with your thoughts on their drying time..kinda sucks, if in a hurry. I only tried the ones from essence, though. And am still loyal to polishes. :)

    1. Even though I've pretty much found a great base coat and top coat combo for me, I also still love trying out new ones! I do prefer a quick drying top coat over these drops, but these are still handy and I use them from time to time depending on my manicure and if I'm in hurry or not. :)