Essie Winter 2015 Virgin Snow Collection - Swatches and Review

The winter came here in the Eastern Finland already as the landscape is snowy and white at least for now. Even though I'm pretty sure this isn't going to last for long, it's about time to share my Essie winter 2015 collection swatches and review with you guys.

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The Virgin Snow collection has two pastles, two reds, shimmery black and metallic silver in it. They are not the most unique colors, but it's still a beautiful mix, quite suitable for the season and the whole collection sure looks gorgeous together!

I got the whole collection for review and these are again those European version Essies with the wide brush and possibly a tad different ingredients and formula than the US Essies.
Altitute Attitude is a beautiful red with pink undertones. This is more like a mix of creme and jelly, ergo crelly, so it's very shiny even without a top coat. I used two coats here and this was such an easy one to apply, pure pleasure.

Après-chic is a shimmery metallic silver. It's a very appropriate color for the festive winter season, but it's not really unique. It's a beautiful silver nevertheless and I think this might even work for stamping as I only needed two thin coats of it.

Haute Tub is a stunning black based crelly with color shifting shimmer. It's almost one coater, but I did two here just in case. I think this one is the most unique shade out of the bunch and it applied smoothly like butter.

Peak Show is very very light pink creme. It almost looks like off-white rather than pink. I love this type of shades, but they usually come with not so great formula. This one was fairly easy to work with though, I only needed two coats for the perfect result. If you've ever needed that perfect very pale pink, I would highly recommend checking this out!

Essie Romper Room from spring 2014 collection has been the perfect light pink for me ever since I got it, but now it has a strong competitor. I quickly compared the two bottles side by side and Peak Show looks even a bit more lighter than Romper Room.

Shall We Chalet? is a deeper and darker red than the other red in this collection. This is more like a cranberry type of color, very chic shade and perfect for the season. This has also the similar crelly formula than the Altitude Attitude and I used two easy coats with this one too.

Virgin Snow was probably the polish that I was most excited about in this collection. It's a gorgeous icy lavender creme. The shade is really interesting as it looks quite blue on its own, but if you put it next to anything blue, it looks definitely more purple. I think this is quite close to Essie Lilacism, but I don't own that one anymore so I can't compare. I remember though that Lilacism was really difficult one to apply and Virgin Snow applied easily with just two coats, so Virgin Snow definitely has a better formula out of those two. 

Virgin Snow is a beautiful shade and I think it's one of those colors that are wearable all year round, actually like many of the shades in this collection.

In the end I quite liked this collection even if it's not the most unique mix of shades. Haute Tub, Peak Show and Virgin Snow are my favorites and I can highly recommend all those three colors to anyone out there. There's really nothing wrong with the rest of the collection either, the two reds and the silver are all pretty colors too. I'm a bit bored with Essie doing so many reds lately, but I can see that the both reds in this collection as well as the silver one are pretty prefect colors for the Holiday season.

Which one of these is your favorite?

*I've gotten the whole collection for review. For more information, please check out my disclosure policy.