Three (plus one) great things about writing a blog

There are of course million good reasons why one should write a blog starting from your interest into the subject to having a great hobby and everything in between. Today I wanted to share three (plus one) great reasons that have all made me very happy about owning this particular blog.

Number one: Awesome blogger event
Just the other day I had the opportunity to participate yet another great blogger event. Usually I've been to events that have been for nail or beauty bloggers, but this time the event was for all local Joensuu (the city where I live) bloggers with theme 100 % flow and glow for fall. There was a great mix of all different bloggers: beauty, lifestyle, fashion, nail, fitness and so on.

We spent the evening at Botania Joensuu, which is this beautiful botanical garden here in Joensuu. The event was organized by GreenStreet JNS and Rokita. We had the pleasure of tasting some great GreenStreet JNS raw cakes (hello tasty raw snickers cake, oh so delicious!), trying to make some raw chocolate our selves (ours wasn't really that tasty, but it was definitely made with love nonetheless) and of course spending time with awesome company in beautiful garden surroundings. Of course it was nice surprise to get to go home with a goodie bag and I'm especially interested in trying out those Esse samples as well as the Lush products. BUT the most important things to me about these type of events are always the blogging community, spending time with great company and learning new things. So this was definitely a great evening and really a great thing that happened because I write this blog!

Number two: Another awesome blogger event
You are probably already getting the hang of this post and my list, huh? Few months back we had the opportunity to visit again Glitter store here in Joensuu. I did take some great pictures of the event and got some great tips from the evening, so eventhough the event was a few months ago, I still wanted to share a little bit about it with you. This was a small scale evening with few other nail and beauty bloggers and the main objective was just to visit the local Glitter store and get some hair and accessories tips for summer. We had already done the similar thing before and found it to be a really great event, so of course we had to do it again as soon as Glitter published their new hair guide.

I'm not too good a doing my hair, I usually go with something really simple. So it's always great to have some tips for that.
Once again this was an awesome event that happened to me bevause I write this blog. BUT if you don't happen to have a blog and would still like to have similar event with you friends, I have great news! Glitter offers the opportunity to have your birthday party or VIP shopping evening with your friends at any Glitter store, you can read about it more in Finnish from Glitter's blog. So of course you can also participate these type of events even if you don't own a blog, but all I'm saying, is that writing a blog really makes you part of the blogging community.

Number three: Yet another awesome blogger event
This third event is probably the best example of the awesome community of bloggers. This event was already in spring but what a great day it was! #turkumiitti gathered plenty of beauty and nail bloggers all around Finland into Turku and we spent the day with great company and great surroundings in Panimoravintola Koulu. We got to hear a bit more about IDUN Minerals, Essie and new hair trends. It was pretty much on the other side of Finland from where I live and I had to travel for quite a bit to get there, but it was totally worth it! I loved every single bit of the day and I totally appreciate all the effort that Jonna from Nonnula made for us to have this great event with the help of Päivi from Neiti Kameleontti and Nea from Fashioned in Finland

We got to go home with an incredible goodie bags and I've been trying out all the lovely products ever since. I already wrote about the Essie spring collection which I got from this event, but I still have some other product reviews coming up. 

It's sometimes a bit hard to live here in such a remote town as it feels like everything is happening somewhere else but here. Of course we have had some great events here too, but most of them had to be organized by ourselves as otherwise there wouldn't really be almost anything happening here. But the great thing about all these events is that I have never ever regretted of going any one of these even if they are far away. I've said it already in this post quite a few times, but I'm going to say it again: the blogging community is really the best and one of the most important things why I go to these type of events. So, if it's big or small, if you ever have a chance to go to an event like these, I highly recommend it! I'm sure you will love it and have a great time. 

The community and the great friends that I have gotten because of all this are truly the greatest thing about writing a blog.


  1. Hyvä ja erilainen postaus tapahtumista! :) Kiitos taas seurasta tämänkin vuoden eventeissä! :) <3

    1. Kiitos ja erityiskiitos mahtavasta seurasta myös! <3