Picture Polish Arabian, Big Band and Cabaret

Like pretty much all the nail polish world, I was also drooling over almost every single new Picture Polish shade as soon as they were released. I managed to limit myself a bit and I bought just three out of the eight new PP shades, though I'm pretty sure I'm going to need couple more... Anyhow, I have my swatches of my picks: Arabian, Big Bang and Cabaret to share with you guys today!

Picture Polish Arabian is a beautiful dark crimson red scattered holo with a touch of gold spark. This one was created with Didoline and the inspiration is quite clearly her arabic roots. It's truly a stunning red and I love everything about it! It has a perfect formula and it covered my nails completely with two easy peasy coats. I even love the font of the name, it's truly the final touch which makes it perfect.

Picture Polish Big Bang is a dark blueish purple scattered holo with iridescent flakes. This one was made with La NPA Mouton and it's really another stunning shade! I used three coats here though maybe you could get away with just two little bit thicker coats. This is simply a beautiful and unique shade, I love it! 

Last but not least is Picture Polish Cabaret which is a dark burgundy scattered holo with some hex holographic glitters added to the mix. Cabaret was created with u_nona and I feel like I'm repeating my self, but this is yet another stunner! I'm always loving these type of burgundy scattered holo polishes, so this one is right up my alley. I used three easy coats here. It dries a bit gritty so you'll need to apply a coat of top coat to make it smooth. It's official, three out of three, I love them all!

Which one of these three or the other new PP shades is your favorite? Did you buy any of these new shades?