Kiko 335 Ink Blue with Plenty of Glitters

First I need to tell you a little story about how I ended up really hating OPI Just Lanai-ing Around. It has really nothing to do with today's post, but I have to tell this to you to get it out of my system.

So, I had bought Just Lanai-ing Around a while back and tried it on. I didn't really like the color on me at all and so I didn't even take pictures of it. The other day I was doing some destashing and so I put Lanai-ing into the selling box also with plenty of other polishes. Then I needed to do some cleaning around the house and I decided that I didn't have time to figure out what to do with the box of polishes, so I thought I'd put it into my closet for a while and figure it out later. Well, of course the box fell out of my hands with all the polishes falling all over the place. And as you might have guessed already, surely it was Lanai-ing Around that broke into million pieces and made a horrible mess. There was this awesome spatter pattern all over my painted wood floor, some spatters on the baseboard and the wall and of course all the other polishes that fell out the box to the floor were all covered with the not-so-pretty mauve color. If you haven't ever tried it, I can tell you that it isn't the easiest task to remove dried polish from a painted floor without removing the paint altogether.

I had never before broken any nail polish bottles and I have to say that I didn't even realize how much polish could fit into one tiny bottle and how big of a mess one bottle of polish could make. Nothing else really worked for the removing of the polish than just a regular nail polish remover with acetone in it, so I spent quite a few hours yesterday removing the polish really carefully trying not to mess the paint of the floor at the same time. So yeah, it's safe to say that I hate hate hate Just Lanai-ing Around. I never liked it anyway and after this I will never, never ever and ever ever even want to see it. Did I already say that I hate it?! Oh yes, I did... Such a stupid name also... *mumbling*

Now that I have gotten that story off my chest we can concentrate on today's manicure. After seeing Sammy's glitter placement nail art at The Nailasaurus I wanted to do the exact same thing on my nails, it looked so cool! Unfortunately I don't own any of those diamond shaped glitters, so I couldn't really copy the mani exactly. I had to go with what I had on hand and do some glitter placement nail art with hex glitters.

I used one of the Kiko polishes that I bought from my summer trip to Barcelona. This gorgeous blue jelly is number 335 and it's called Ink Blue. This has pretty awesome formula as it coveres with just two coats and it's crazy shiny with beautiful deep blue color. 

I did the glitters only on my middle and ring fingers since I wanted to spare myself a little as it took a while do the two nails on both of my hands. Also I do like the accent nail/accent nails look in general and it works in this mani too. At first I tried to place the glitters in perfect pattern, but my hex glitters are some cheap kind and they aren't all exactly the same size, so in the end I just ended up placing them on my nails quite randomly. I still like the end result though, I think it looks so fun! I ended up with some little bubbles after applying the top coat, but those didn't really bother me too much since they weren't that visible in real life.

Products used for this manicure
Base coat: KBShimmer Basic Training
Polish: Kiko 335 Ink Blue
Top coat: Essie Gel Setter
Others: hex glitters


  1. Wau, mielettömän upea lakkaus! Huimaa miten täydelliseltä nuo glitterkynnet näyttää, oot kyllä jaksanut nähdä vaivaa :) ♥

    1. Kiitos paljon! <3 Glitterien asettelu on oikeastaan aika rentouttavaa puuhaa, varsinkin jos ei tee liian montaa kynttä kerralla. :D