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Today I have something extra special for you guys! I was contacted by JORD asking if I wanted do a review of one of their wood watches. How could I even had said anything else than yes?! Wood watch sounded immediately intriguing and I was sold as soon as I went to JORD's website and saw the watches and their whole collection. All the watches looked really gorgeous, well made and I loved the design, branding and all that. 

*Provided for review

I got to choose the watch I wanted to review from a pretty wide selection. I went through all the choices very carefully and honestly it was quite hard to choose just one. I could have gotten all of them! Finally I decided to go with Fieldcrest series Zebrawood & Maple as I thought it was simple and neutral enough to suit many styles and manicures.

It didn't take long for the watch to arrive eventhough I waited quite anxliously for it. It came in this beautiful  carved wooden box which is really perfect for storing the watch or even some other jewellery. It comes with a cute little pillow, a cloth to wipe your watch and a warranty card. JORD also offers to size your watch before sending it out to you, so you don't have to get it sized when you get the watch. They provide a printaple JORD wrist sizer to make the measuring really easy. You also get thos extra links just in case you need to adjust the sizing. 

My watch is made out of zebrawood and maple. JORD has plenty of info about the all the woods that they use on their website and you can even categorize the watches by choosing which wood you would want your watch to be made of. They do have such a wide selection of wood watches in all kinds of different woods and designs, for both men and women. There's definitely something for everybody! 

I wanted something simple and elegant and the Fieldcrest series watches are definitely that. I love how the grains of the zebrawood make it look so interesting! The beautiful maple and zebrawood really compliment each other, it's truly a perfect match. 

The dial plate is a tad bigger than I'm normally used to, but it still fits me perfectly. The watch is incredibly light weight and the wood feels really comfortable to wear. I've been wearing this watch for few days now and it has gotten many compliments and surprised reactions. It is definitely a statement piece and what a gorgeous one it is. All the JORD watches are hand-crafted and they do look like every little detail is meticulously thought of. You can see and feel the quality when wearing this watch as every little piece fits perfectly together.

I'm a watch person and I rarely go anywhere without a watch. I'm usually used to metallic watches, but I also always want my watch to have something special as I do wear them so often. This Jord definitely is something special, I've been admiring it ever since I got it and I just want to wear it all the time. I think I was completely right when I choose this exact one as it really suits all the styles and colors. Past few days the watch has been the perfect fit with all my outfits and manicures. I'd say this is truly a watch that you can wear with everything!

I'm wearing the watch here with Essie Sand Tropez, Picture Polish Dorothy, Cadillacquer Where The King Goes, The Realm Follows and Zoya Storm, so it really goes well with anything!

JORD watches can be purchased from their website and they offer free shipping worldwide. If you are looking for a perfect gift or just want to pamper youself a bit, I highly recommend to take a look at JORD. 

Do you guys like this watch as much as I do? Which one of the JORD watches is your favorite?

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*I got the watch for review. For more information check out my disclosure policy.


  1. On se kyllä vaan hieno, ei pääse yli tai ympäri. Ihania kuvia oot käynyt ottamassa, sopii hyvin puiseen kelloon :) Ja mahtava tuo gif, loistava idea kynsiblogiin!

    1. Niinpä, niin hieno! <3 Kiitos, otin kellon ja laatikon varta vasten lenkille mukaan niin sain napsittua kuvia. :D Ja hienoa, että tykkäsit gifistäkin! :)

  2. Very beautiful watch. Now I want one :)

    1. It sure is a beautiful watch, I highly recommend it or any other JORD watch. :)

  3. Niin kaunis kello! Kävin katsomassa sivuja ja ihastuin myös erityisesti niihin tummiin versioihin! Todella upeita!

    1. Ne tummat on kyllä nättejä myös, tykkäsin erityisesti siitä Fieldcrest sarjan tummastakin versiosta! :)