Monthly Manicure Roundup: April and May 2015

In the middle of last month I realized that I had forgotten to post the Monthly Manicure Roudup of April, so I decided to leave it and combine April and May roundup together. So now I have quite huge roundup post for you guys today! Eventhough I've felt like I haven't had enough time to do posts, still I have managed to squeeze in at least two nail art manicures per week, mainly because of our nail art challenge. The challenge really kept me going, hopefully I'll be still able to keep up at least similar pace even without the challenge.

Two months and total of 24 nail art manicures, not too bad, huh?!

Polishers Inc. Negative Space
Polishers Inc. What's On TV?

Somehow it has felt to me like I never have time to do manicures or post them, but looking back it looks like I have still managed to make plenty! Like I said the challenge was pretty much the only thing that kept me going and in addition to it and occasional Polishers Inc. posts, I didn't really have time to do much more to the blog. 

I did do a random swatch spam post with Zoya, China Glaze, FUN Lacquer and Delush Polish. In addition I also managed to swatch couple awesome collections: Cirque Juicy collection and Essie Flowerista collection.

It's been really interesting reading about some nail polish statistics from Playing With Polish's monthly roundup posts (for example here), so I wanted to borrow the idea and list some of my numbers in these roundup posts. I counted that I have used total of 15 different polish brands in my nail art manicures during these past two months (I didn't count any of those swatch posts into these numbers). The most used brand was Essie with a total of 24 polishes used in different manicures. Part of the number comes from the fact that I use Essie Blanc and Licorice as my black and white, and I've been using those two quite a lot recently. The second most used brand was a tie between Picture Polish and Color Club. Color Club was especially surprising, I don't own too many Color Club polishes, but then again the ones that I own are pretty great ones. I used total of 67 polishes for all my different nail art looks. I don't really have anything to compare this with since I haven't counted my numbers before, but that doesn't really seem much.

It was incredibly hard to choose just four favorites out of this many manicures! I could have really chosen so many others, but I still wanted to keep it at four favorites, so here's my picks:
The top three was quite clear as I equally loved the flowery manicure, the dotting tool manicure and the geometric manicure. The fourth one was quite hard to choose as I could have chosen quite a few different manis for that last spot here, but in the end I ended up going with that yellow stamped manicure as it was finally a (quite) succesful stamping manicure from me and also suprisingly I really loved the whole manicure on my eventhough I don't usually enjoy wearing yellow so much.

Which one of my manicures from the past two months is your favorite?

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