Giveaway and Contest Winners - The Finnish(able) Nail Art Challenge

I know you all have been impatiently waiting to find out the winners of our giveaway and contest for the Finnish(able) Nail Art Challenge and finally I have them for you today! 

We got quite a number of great entries for the nail art contest and it wasn't the easiest job to decide who would win! We (that's me, Mirka and Katjamaria) spent one evening trying to decide who would win and finally after hard consideration we had the winners. It took a while since we really went through each and every single one of your entries for the contest. Huge thanks to everyone who participated, it was really really nice to see so many entries and I enjoyed taking a closer look to some of your challenge manicures!

But enough with the chatter and let's hear the winners right?! Well, first we should take a look at the awesome prizes one more time:

So, as you know, the contest had three different winners. We also wanted include some comments about the manicures and why we chose these three, so make sure that while admiring the talented winners, you also read our thougts about the winning manicures. :)

ILNP 50 USD Gift Card (sponsored by ILNP) goes to: 
@sevenseasofpolish's beautiful nothern lights manicure for the theme Nature's Wonders!

We thought that the manicure was really skilfully made and it matches the theme very well. She is clearly talented and has used few different techniques for this manicure, which of course was a plus in a nail art contest. Of course as Finns and as the challenge is after all called the Finnish(able) Nail Art Challenge, we appreciated that the mani also fits really well to the whole thing. Also we have truly enjoyed seeing and admired all the challenge manicures that @sevenseasofpolish has made for the challenge, you should definitely check out her Instagram to see them all you haven't already!

The Nailista Shop 25 EUR Gift Card (sponsored by The Nailista Shop) goes to:
Anna / Oot Meikannut! and her brilliant manicure for also the theme Nature's Wonders!

We especially loved the smoke effect in this manicure, it's simply stunning! It's an interesting technique, something that all three of immediately became interested in trying after seeing Anna's manicure. The matte effect in this manicure works perfectly and we loved that this was truly an original and imaginative interpretation for the theme!

2 MoYou London Stamping Plates of Winner's Choice + Stamper & Scraper (sponsored by MoYou London) go to:
@too_muchpolish's witty bananas manicure for the theme Fruitylicious!

This manicure was certainly fitted for the theme and we thought it was really funny and delightful manicure. It's definitely quite sweet look, but we thought that it was also really well made. It's not easy to paint so small details on your nails, especially bananas (though I can't really say that I have tried to paint bananas :D) and get them to look what they are ment to be. This was of course really original take on theme and we loved it!

Big congrats to all three nail art contest winners!

But then we have one prize left to give away, it's of course the giveaway prize 50 CAD Harlow & Co. gift card that we bought ourselves to give to you! We used the Rafflecopter widget to select the winner randomly and the gift card goes to:

So big congrats also to Elina L!

I will email all the winners shortly, so please answer back as quickly as you can. Once again thanks to all who participated and of course also to all our awesome contest sponsors!


  1. Oooh miten hienoja! Toi ILNP:n lahjakortin voittanut lakkaus on kyllä UPEA.

    1. Oli kyllä ilo tutkiskella kaikkien osallistuneiden lakkauksia, joukossa oli niin paljon hienoja ja oivaltavia toteutuksia! :) Onnittelut vielä voiton johdosta! :)

  2. Congratulations everyone! I am really loving that smoke manicure. That is so intriguing.

    1. You're totally right, it's so intryguing! I need to try that technique soon! :)