#ablecs15 Week 13: Dreaming

It seems that the only thing I'm able to do these days are these challenge manicures... Well, at least I get something done! I'm hoping to get some Nail Polish Battles and swatches and that sort of things to you soon too, at least this weekend I don't have anything planned, so I think I'll be able to spend some quality time with this blog. But for now I just have another challenge manicure to share with you.

What comes to mind from the theme Dreaming? Feathers and blue are probably the first two things for many and this time I just decided to go with the most obvious choice for the theme and did my mani with those two elements.

I used two gorgeous Picture Polish blues for this manicure: Forget Me Not and Freya's Cats. I painted first three coats with Forget Me Not, though I think I could have done it with only two coats as I was going to do the gradient anyhow, but I still used three to get it fully opaque. Then I did the gradient using both of the blue polishes and added a coat of top coat. 

Originally I was going to use just some white feather water decals, but after I had the gradient done and went to choose the decals, I realised that I actually don't have any white feather decals left... Somehow I thought I had plenty, maybe I should have checked beforehand?! Oh well, then I thought I should just try to hand paint some feathers since I haven't really tried that before and that's exactly what I did. I used Essie Blanc and small nail art brush to paint them and I'm actually really glad I didn't have any decals left as I think freehand nail art is always more special than any decals or such. I really liked how the feathers turned out too, I can't really believe why I haven't tried to paint feathers before. They were actually quite easy to do!

I totally fell in love with Forget Me Not, it's just such a gorgeous shade of blue and actually I didn't have anything quite like it before! The name makes the polish even better since forget-me-nots are my favorite flowers! It's not the color I would picture those flowers though, I'm used to more light blue shade with forget-me-not, but it doesn't really matter as this shade of blue is just perfect. Freya's Cats was of course just as gorgeous once again, so I really enjoyed this manicure. Picture Polish and their collaboration bloggers definitely know how to make great blue polishes!

Products used for this manicure
Base coat: Sally Hansen Nail Rehab
Polishes: Picture Polish Forget Me Not and Freya's Cats
Top coat: Glisten&Glow HK Girl
Decorations: small nail art brush, Essie Blanc


  1. I'm not surprise that you fall in love in 'forget me not' - it's looks amazing! And feathers are perfect :)

    1. It truly is a gorgeous polish! Thank you so much, I'm very happy to hear you think so! :)

  2. This gradient is lovely, it's very subtle and blends so nicely. The feathers are very well done, too!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm very happy to hear you liked both the gradient and the feathers! :)