Monthly Manicure Roundup: March 2015

Oh no, it's already 3rd of April and I haven't posted my Monthly Manicure Roundup, so I have to fix it right now!

The most important thing last month was that we launched our contest/giveaway with the Finnish(able) Nail Art Challenge! So if you haven't participated yet, don't forget to do that! You still have plenty of time to participate both the giveaway and the contest and all you need to do is (at least) one manicure with one of the themes of our #ablecs15. You have 32 themes to choose from, so there's definitely something for everybody and remember that you can still do this even if you haven't participated in the challenge before. And it's open internationally, so EVERYONE can participate and we do have quite amazing prizes too! But that's that, let's take a look to the manis of past month.

Polishers Inc. Favourite Music
Geometric with Zoya Satins
Spring Flowers with Zoya Delight

In addition to these nail art looks, I also did a few swatch posts last month. In the beginning of March I shared my swatches of the stunning Cirque Colors The Awakening collection
 I shared quite a few Zoya swatches with you guys as I showed the beautiful Zoya Veruschka and I also got to try couple new Zoya Satins polishes and the whole Delight collection for this spring. 
Finally I also shared my swatches of Sally Hansen Lace and Velvet lacquers.

Aaand here are my four favorite manicures of last month. Once again it was sooo hard to choose! Those Sporting nails were pretty special though since I did them to root for Kaisa Mäkäräinen in the biathlon world championships and I got a very pleasant surprise when I posted the mani on Instagram as Kaisa liked the manicure and even left a sweet comment. So neat! :)

Which one of my manis / posts was your favorite last month?


  1. Nature's wonders ylivoimainen suosikkini!

    1. Se oli kyllä yksi omista suosikeistani ja pudotin sen vasta viime hetkillä noiden neljän lempparin joukosta. Kiva kuulla, että tykkäsit siitä lakkauksesta! :)