Cadillacquer Breathe Me

Something quick and easy has apparently become a norm around here and once again I have a manicure with the same recipe to share with you today.

I haven't worn Cadillacquer Breathe Me alone before this eventhough I've had it quite a while, so it was about time to fix that. Breathe Me was really easy to apply and it covered with just two coats, so it's pretty perfect polish allround.

Water decals are always quick and easy, so once again I ended up using them. These gold ones are really pretty, but unfortunately they were really annoying to apply. They are thicker than what I'm normally used to with water decals, so it was really hard to get them to stick on nail, especially all the corners really didn't want to obey me at all. Of course after I got them on my nails and sealed them with a generous coat of top (and wore this mani for couple days), they were really hard to remove too as they are so thick.

At least the polish was pretty! I haven't swatched Breathe Me before, so of course I also wanted to share my swatch of it with you.

It's a gorgeous light dusty green with subtle holo and beautiful shimmer. I love the color, it's very pretty and quite unique too. And as it has that perfect formula also, so it's truly a great polish!


  1. Breathe Me on kyllä ihana :) Jostain syystä kultaiset decalit on tosi usein tollasia jäykkiä ja paksuja, en käsitä. Ärsyttävä ominaisuus.

    1. Jep, Breathe Me on ihana, mutta kultaisilla decalseilla saa siis ilmeisesti heittää vesilintua. Hopeisetkin on monesti ärsyttäviä, ne on usein taas jotenkin liian ohuita tai herkkiä leviämään. Taidankin pitäytyä jatkossakin vaan mustissa ja valkoisissa... :D