Zoya Veruschka

Provided for review*

Oh man, I just realised that I've never shared my swatches of Zoya Veruschka with you guys! Of course I had to correct this error immediately as this is such a beautiful polish that it truly deserves a whole post dedicated to it. I truly thought that I had shared my swatches of this already, but better later than never, right?!

Zoya Matte Velvet polishes are actually one of my first ever Zoyas as I bought the two purple(ish) shades Savita and Harlow back then when they were originally out there. These were discontinued for a while and then with the matte boom coming back Zoya decided to launch these Matte Velvet polishes again and so I received this gorgeous green called Veruschka for review.

I had been eyeing this back then too, but I only had courage to buy those purple ones, since I was totally in love with purple then and green was really a big no-no for me. I thought this looked really good on other people though, so when these came back I immediately knew that I wanted to finally get to try this green gorgeousness. 
Matte polishes can be sometimes a bit tricky to apply, but Veruschka went on pretty nicely. I used two coats here, so this is nicely opaque one. You have to be careful though that you don't go over the same spot too many times as then you might end up with bald spots. This dries to a matte finish pretty quickly, so it's better if you don't use too much time applying it.

Zoya describes the color of Veruscha as a deep evergreen garnished with strong metallic shimmer and I say that's about right. I'm normally still not the biggest fan of these type of true greens, but this one is just so pretty. I loved wearing this and it looks truly beautiful with the matte finish. I'm actually glad that I didn't get this one years ago as I'm pretty sure I might not have liked it on myself then. Sometimes it's really better to wait.

Of course I had to see how Veruschka looks with a coat of top coat, so here it is:
It's truly beautiful shiny too! I really love the metallic shimmer in all of these Matte Velvet polishes, it's so gorgeous. With a top coat the shimmer is more visible, but still I think I might like this better matte. Or I don't know, it looks so good either way!

What do you think, is it better as matte or shiny?

*Disclosure: I have gotten all these polishes for review. For more information view my disclosure policy.


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  1. It's gorgeous, love this green shade, and it looks great both with matte and shiny finish. :-)

    1. It truly is a gorgeous polish! And you're right, it's stunning matte or shiny. :)

  2. Ai että, tuota lakkaa on tullut kuolattua jo pidemmän aikaa.