Sally Hansen Lace and Velvet - Swatches and Review

Provided for review*

I'm a bit late with these, but once again, better later than never! I got three new Sally Hansen Luxe Lace polishes for review and one of those new Velvet textures and I really wanted to show you these since the lace ones are pretty great glitter toppers and the velvet one has quite fun and a bit different texture effect.

I layered one coat of each one of the three glitters over a grey polish (Essie Maximillian Strasse Her). I have the white and light blue one called Crochet on my pinky, the white one called Eyelet on my ring finger and the black one called Ruffle on my middle finger nail. These are all really great toppers: you get just perfect amount with one coat, not too much and not too little either. I really love the mix of those tiny glitters with some regular sized ones and some really big glitters. It makes all these three really interesting! 

However, of course I wouldn't really call these lace one anything new, they are just pretty basic glitter toppers and I'm not sure if they really give any kind of lace look on your nails like they are supposed to. I wasn't really expecting anything like that, but then again someone might and then these could be a bit disappointing. However, if you take these as they are, regular glitter toppers, they are really great! I'm pretty sure that these type of glitters aren't always the most easiest ones to find in regular stores and among basic brands, so in that sense it's really nice that Sally Hansen is giving us these to play with.

I like all these three, but my favorite has to be Crochet. It's the most unique one out of these three and I could see myself using it for many different looks. It would work perfectly for some winter nail art, but also for some bright summer nail art and it's pretty perfect for spring-time too.

I own quite a few of textured polishes already, so I wasn't really that interested in these Sally Hansen velvet ones, but once again it's great that these are easily available for people who don't maybe buy so much polish online and all that. So I was quite happy that I still got this purple one called Crushed for review after all. The texture look and finish of these velvets is a bit different than in some other textured polishes. It's not so rough looking and the feel of it is really quite smooth eventhough there's still some texture effect going on. The velvet name is actually quite accurate, it's how this pretty much looks like.

The shade of this is such a pretty warm purple, but I had some difficulties with the application. I had to use three coats to get it on at least somewhat smoothly and I still ended up getting the polish a bit unevenly on some nails. It did cover pretty well with just two coats but I couldn't really leave it with that since it would have been even more uneven. I'm not sure if it was just me or maybe you should really pay attention when applying these to get them on smoothly as you can't really use a top coat to smooth it out later if you want to keep the velvet look.

Which one of these is your favorite?

*Disclosure: I have gotten all these polishes for review. For more information view my disclosure policy. 


Nämä Sally Hansenin Lace & Velvet -lakat ovat olleet myynnissä jo helmikuusta lähtien, eli ne löytyvät jo kaupoista, suositushinta on 9,50 euroa. Kokoelmaan kuuluu näiden neljän lisäksi kaksi muuta Velvet -lakkaa: nude Lush ja sininen Regal.