The Finnish(able) Nail Art Challenge Spring 2015

Yay, today I finally got to post you our new challenge themes! I'm so excited about this challenge and can't wait to start! There will be some nice surprises for you too, so I recommend reading this whole post. ;)

The original idea behind our Finnish(able) Nail Art Challenge is that we all wanted to do an exciting nail art challenge that we would also be able to finish, hence the name. Katjamaria, Mirka and I planned again 32 different themes for this challenge. Like previously, this is really simple and it's going to go just as the fall/winter challenge: all you need to do is two manicures per week starting of course with the week one, then week two and so on, finally ending up with the last week, week 16. There are two manicures per week, but you can choose which one of those two you will do first on each week and which one second. You can also choose when during that week you want to post those manicures. 

Hope you all like the themes, I have plenty of great ideas for different manicures already!

All three of us are starting this challenge next week and we have planned it so that the weeks match with the holiday themes. Like previously, if you aren't able to do all the challenge themes, it's totally ok just to do some. Some of the challenges are pretty straight forward and in some you'll need to use your own imagination, but really, you can of course interpet these as you want. We just want to challenge everyone to do something fun and creative! 

Katjamaria made us again some really beautiful challenge pictures, so you can of course use them and share them if you decide to do this challenge. 

Also remember to use our hashtag in Instagram and other social media sites, this time it's #ablecs15. Like previously there will also be InLinkz LinkUp widget at the end of our challenge posts and we of course hope that you share your challenge manicures there too. 

But you all probably want to hear about those surprises too, right?! Well, we were really happy to see so many people participating our challenge last time and of course we'd love to see even more participating to this new one! We thought that we really wanted to give something nice back to you, so everyone who has done at least one challenge manicure of any of these new themes or those previous challenge themes, will have the chance to enter our giveaway/contest

There's going to be a pretty neat prize (if I may so so) that you can win by entering either with one of your own fall/winter challenge manicures or one of your manis that you make for this new spring challenge. Of course you also will get extra entries if you have participated in both challenges (fall/winter AND spring), but if you didn't participate in the fall/winter challenge, you still have the opportunity to enter with a spring challenge mani. We will also have some other prizes that will given to some of the manis that we loved the most, so this is really going to be a giveaway and contest in the same package! Sound a bit complicated? Don't worry, we'll post more details and clear instructions about this later on and the most important thing you need to know at this point is that if you participate at least with one manicure, you'll have a chance to win some nice prizes!

Like I said, I'm really excited about this and can't wait to start! Keep in mind that we are starting next week (February 9th), so you have plenty of time to plan your first manicures and of course plan ahead too if you want or even make some manicures in advance, so that you are also ready to start next week!

I hope you all join in!


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    1. Jee, toivottavasti oot taas mukana siäkin! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Ei millään malttais odottaa, että päästään alottamaan! :)

  3. Mä olen ehdottomasti jälleen mukana! Mahtavaa että haasteet jatkuvat taas :)

    1. Jesh, huippua! Ootan innolla taas sun lakkauksia! :)

  4. Näyttää tosi upealta haaste! Täytyy ehdottomasti lähteä mukaan, vaikka vähän ajattelinkin, etten ehkä ehtisi tällä kertaa... Yritän nimittäin vielä saada syksyn haastettakin valmiiksi, enää muutamat kynnet puuttuu! Mutta eihän sitä voi Finnish(able) haastetta jättää kesken ;)

    1. Mukaan vaan ehdottomasti, sulla oli niin hienoja lakkauksia syyshaasteessakin! :) Ja kyllä sen syksynkin oman kerkiää edelleenkin tehdä loppuun, ei huolta. ;)

  5. Great idea, I'd love to participate.