Monthly Manicure Roundup: January 2015

Here comes the first Monthly Manicure Roundup post of 2015 manicures! I felt like I didn't get as much nail art done last month as I wanted to but thankfully the As Seen On TV theme week came to rescue the situation at least a bit. 

After the end of our #ablecaw14 challenge it was infact quite hard to decide what I wanted to do on my nails and many times I just ended up doing something really simple or just painting my nails with one color. There's nothing wrong with that of course, but I have to say that I'm quite happy that we are doing a new challenge that starts next week! It's just so much easier to have something tell you what do, lol. Anyhow, I hope many of you will join in as well and if you're interested about the new challenge, you should definitely check back here later today since we are posting all those themes for you to see already. There will even be some nice little surprises included to the challenge. ;)

But for now let's take a quick look back and recap the manis I did last month!

 I did total of 14 different nail art looks last month, not too bad, huh?!

Last mani for the #ablecaw14 challenge: Silver or Gold
Polishers Inc. All Time Favorite
Dotticure with Mavala Nude Colors
Waves with Picture Polish Holiday
Polishers Inc. Safe and Sound
Snowflake Nail Art a.k.a. Christmas in the middle of January
As Seen On TV - General: No Signal
As Seen On TV - Old Favorite: Bones
As Seen On TV - Comedy: 2 Broke Girls
As Seen On TV - New Favorite: True Detective
As Seen On TV - Drama: Person of Interest
As Seen On TV - Guilty Pleasure: Revenge

I started the month by listing my top 2014 lacquers.
I also of course did a recap post about all the 32 manicures I did for the challenge.
In addition to these I also did a Nail Polish Battle post with two different battles.
In the Mavala Dotticure post I also shared my quick swatches of the whole collection.

And finally, I also asked you to vote about the themes and manicures of the challenge (if you haven't voted yet, you still can!).

As usual, I also picked four favorite manicures of last month, here are my choices:

I would have also liked to include that green Picture Polish gradient to my favorites, but I've always chosen only four, so I wanted to keep that tradition and I had to leave that one out this time.

Which one of my manis/posts was your favorite last month?


  1. Safe and Sound, Blue and Silver skitlette mun lempparit.

    1. Kiitos, tykkäsin noista molemmista lakkauksista itsekin kovasti! :)

  2. That's it! I'm officially jealous of your nail art skills! Exclamation mark!