#ablecs15 Week 3: Fruitylicious

Time for the second challenge mani of this week before it's too late, so here's my mani for the theme Fruitylicious. Befori this challenge even started I was sure I would do watermelon nails for this theme since it's basically my favorite fruit and I have never done those watermelon nails, so I finally wanted to try them. Then when this week came and I began to see that few other people had the same idea for this theme, I started to think that I should figure out something more original for this theme. But you know what, it's not necessary to have the most original ideas for each and every manicure; I wanted to do water melon nails and that's exactly what I did.

And I'm so very glad I did! This is so fun look on your nails and since I have been wanting to try this for so long, this theme was really the perfect opportunity. I love the summery look that these nails give, it even made the grey and gloomy wheather feel a bit more springlike!

I used Essie Sunday Funday as my base color, I painted two coats with it and topped it with a coat of quick drying top coat. When that was dry I painted my tips first with Essie Mojito Madness and then I did some lines with Essie The More The Merrier and the white line with Essie Blanc. Finally I added some seeds with a tiny nail art brush and Essie Licorice, so this was really fully an Essie manicure.

Like I said, I loved this look so much! It's certainly not anything original as there have been plenty of watermelon manicures out there, but it's still a fun look and perfect for the theme. These were actually the first ever fruity nails that I have done, I think I'm going to need to try some other looks in summer too, these fruity nails are really perfect look for summer.

Products used for this manicure
Base coat: Sally Hansen Nail Rehab
Polishes: Essie Sunday Funday, Mojito Madness, The More The Merrier, Blanc, Licorice
Top coat: INM Out the Door, Zoya Armor and Fast Drops

How about you guys, have you tried any fruity manicures? Which fruit is your favorite, on nails and in general?


Another Indie Swatch Spam

Couple weeks ago I shared an indie swatch spam with you guys, but I had actually so many swatches to share with you, that I decided to save the rest for another post. So here they are, some more indie swatches! This time I have four different polishes from four different brands to share with you.

A England Perceval only needs one word to describe it: gorgeous! It's truly a stunner and has pretty much the perfect formula too. It really needs just one coat for full coverage, I did two here just in case. It's truly stunning metallic red that looks like it glowing from the inside. Love it!

Cadillacquer Echo has a beautiful dark grey jelly base with blue and green glitter. It's a bit sheer because of the jelly base, so I did three coats here with a coat of top coat. It applied really nicely, so it wasn't really a problem to do those three coats, but you can of course layer this over some similar colored base color.

I Love Nail Polish Abundance is described to shift through hues of  red, orange, bronze and gold, but unfortunately on me it ended up looking brown most of the time. I adored this on other peoples swatches, but really it didn't suit me at all. It's still a beautiful multichrome and if the color is something you'd enjoy, I highly recommend it as it truly is like fall in the bottle. I needed three coats of this to be fully opaque, but it applied pretty nicely. It is a bit prone to brush-strokes, so you need to be careful with your application.

Picture Polish Imperial is really impossible one at least for me to photograph, so I only have one shot of it and still the color is quite wrong. These type of warm purples don't really look ever right with my camera and I had to adjust the colors quite a bit and it still isn't right... Oh well, it's a beautiful polish nonetheless. It's has a stunning shade of purple base with that Picture Polish signature shimmer and some bigger glitters. This applied very well, I needed only two coats for full coverage. 

Which one of these four is your favorite?

#ablecs15 Week 3: Abstract

New week, new challenge themes! I seem to choose always the second theme to do first and that's the case this week also as I decided to start with the Abstract theme. I didn't have clear vision about this manicure, just that I felt like I wanted to use some neons to bright up the day and I wanted to combine them with some muted base color.

So I started this manicure with two coats of Essie Take It Outside. Then I did some drag marbling over a plastic (tutorial for this technique here) with China Glaze Japanese Koi and Color Club Peace, Love & Polish and East Austin. This time I did the drag marbling a bit differently as I wanted to just add some abstract neon parts on my nail but also still see the base color, so I first applied a generous coat of regular top coat (I used a Dermosil one) over the plastic and then I added just one drop of each polish and then dragged them around with a toothpick.

I waited for the drag marblings to dry a bit over the plastic, then I just removed them with a orange stick, then cut them to fit my nails and then applied them on my nails with the help of top coat. Finally I wanted to add some sparkle to the manicure, so I added one coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust.

Even without a clear vision at the beginning, I think this mani turned out really great. I'm always in love with combo of some muted neutral and neons, and it worked perfectly this time too! This was really simple and fun manicure to do and I love it. I should really do more of these abstract things as then you have quite much freedom and the mani doesn't have to look exactly same on each nail.

Products used for this manicure
Base coat: Sally Hansen Nail Rehab
Polishes: Essie Take It Outside (2 coats), China Glaze Japanese Koi, Color Club East Austin, Color Club Peace, Love & Polish
Top coat: Zoya Armor and Fast Drops

How about you, do you guys like abstract nail art?

Where To Buy Nail Polish Online

 *Finnish version at the end of this post / Suomenkielinen versio lopussa*

One of the most frequently asked questions is where I buy my polishes or one specific brand, so I thought it would be helpful to do a post about some of the online nail polish stores. I will list many of those that I've used in the past as I don't want to recommend anything that I haven't tried. I think one of the most important things you need to remember when shopping nail polish (or anything else too) online is that you should always google some reviews and honest experiences of the store that you are going to use, this is really the best way to ensure that everything is legit and as it should be. I'm hoping this post will help you with that too!

As I live in Finland my online shopping possibilities are a bit different than if I'd live in for example US, so keep that in mind. I'll start with a list of Finnish online stores, then I'll list some European stores and finally the rest of the world. Keep in mind though that usually the Finnish stores only ship only to Finland.

I've added links to all the stores to make it easier for you to find them. I don't gain anything if you use those links. Keep in mind also that all the comments and infos are based on my own experiences, if I have had positive experiences with one store it doesn't still gurantee that your experience will be as good and vice versa; if my experience hasn't been too pleasant with a store, it still doesn't mean that you shouldn't use it if you have had good experiences with it. As I said before, google all the stores that you are about to use if they are new to you and read more than just one review about them to get better view about them.

Note that usually the Finnish stores only ship only to Finland!

I've used Mi Nails few times, especially to buy Dance Legend polishes but also Cadillacquer and OPI. They have few other brands too and also some nail art and decoration products. I'd say this is currently the best place to get Dance Legend polishes in Finland. Very quick shipping and awesome customer service.

I've bought mainly China Glaze, OPI and Pretty&Polished lacquers from MiMax and I've also had the pleasure of getting some products for review from them from time to time. Everything has always gone as it should and they answer very quickly if I have had some questions.

CesarsShop is usually the first Finnish online store to have new collections. They have mainstream brands like OPI, China Glaze and Essie but also many indies, and they are constantly doing great job in adding more great indie brands in their selection. Some of the latest additions have been Picture Polish and FUN Lacquer. Also great selection of stamping related products from Konad, MoYou London and so on. Ships really fast too.

This the online store by the Finnish OPI importer, so naturally they sell mainly OPIs. Regular prices are cheaper than in Finnish stores that sell OPI (Sokos, Kicks), but still a tad expensive. However they do have occasionally sales and if you buy here you will at least know for sure that the polishes are totally legit.

This is originally a Swedish online store, but I've naturally used the site that's directed to us Finns. They have a wide selection of all beauty related products but they also have some nail stuff like OPI, Deborah Lippmann and Essie. 


Hypnotic Polish
Hypnotic Polish is one of my favorite European nail polish online stores as they have pretty neat selection of different indie brands as well as Dance Legend and my other favorite Russian brand El Corazón. It's my go-to place to buy the latter ones as well as some indies. They ship quickly and pay attention to packaging so your nail polishes will arrive safe and sound. They take good care of their customers. Hypnotic Polish is located in the Netherlands so you don't have to worry about additional taxes or duty fees if you live in EU. 

Edgy Polish
Edgy Polish is another European favorite for me, they also have wide selection of different indie brands and also great customer care and packaging. They also ship really quickly. Edgy Polish is a Swedish online store, so again you don't need to worry about the taxes or duty fees if you live in EU.

The Nailista Shop
I've only used The Nailista Shop once as a part of group order, but I will certainly use them in the future too based on that experience. They shipped fast and everything worked just as it should. They have a nice selection of indie brands, some of favorite ones like Cirque and Picture Polish, and also my mainstream brand favorite Zoya. Once again, no additional taxes or duty fees for us in EU.

Polishinail Shop
Polishinail is situated in Romania and they offer some indie brands (for example Cadillacquer, FUN Lacquer, Glam Polish, Powder Perfect) with quite reasonable shipping fees. You can sometimes find a polish here that's out of stock in everywhere else, this is where I found one of my FUN Lacquer lemmings. And as you already probably figured out, no need to worry about those additional taxes or duty fees for us in EU.

Norway Nails
Norway Nails has a really wide selection of indie brands and even some that not many others have. This is one those places that you can sometimes find some polishes that seem to be impossible to get anywhere else. For example I managed to buy my Emily de Molly Cosmic Forces and Oceanic Forces from here when they were constantly sold out everywhere else. They do have a bit higher prices, but shipping very reasonably priced. Also they pay much attention to packaging, so your polishes will definitely be safe. Norway Nails is of course situated in Norway which is not part of EU, so you might need to pay some additional taxes. However, if you have to pay those taxes, Norway Nails will return the costs to you if you provide a copy of your receipt.

This has been the best place to buy Essence polishes, also those limited eddition collections. In addition to Essence they have few other brands and they sell more than just nail polishes, so you find all the other make-up products here too. Quick shipping and great customer service. They are situated in Germany, so no additional taxes or duty fees for us in EU.

They have really wide range of all beauty related stuff and then some, also many different brands of polishes. This is the place I've used to buy my Catherine Arley polishes as well as those Perfect holographic and also some Essence and Catrice ones. The site can be a bit confusing to use, so I have made a tutorial of how to buy from them. They are located in Bulgaria, so no additional taxes or duty fees for us in EU. All my orderds have been shipped quickly and they have been packed as they should, but I know some people have had some issues with having to wait for their packages or even bad packaging. I haven't ordered from here for a while so I'm not sure what the situation is right now, but like I said, I haven't had any problems with my orders in the past.

I've mainly used this site to buy some other cosmetics and beauty products, but I've slipped some polishes into those orders as well. They have brands like OPI, Essie and Nubar, but I've also bought some nail care products here for example Burt's Bees. They haven't always been the best with packaging though, but they do offer free worldwide delivery for orders over 15€.

Look Fantastic
This is similar to Feelunique and I've used it mainly to buy some other beauty products but also sometimes polishes. They have for example OPI, Butter London and Deborah Lippmann and they offer free worldwide delivery.

This is another similar one than Feelunique and Look Fantastic and the same thing aplies here too: I've used it mainly to buy some other products than nail polish, but sometimes also some lacquers. With this and the two previous ones you should definitely keep your eye on some sales and such.

Cadillacquer is one of my favorite indie brands and they do have their own store too, so you can get you polishes directly from the maker. Cadillacquer is from Switzerland, so they do offer quite reasonable shipping prices for us Europeans.

MoYou London
If you are looking for the MoYou London stamping plates and polishes, their own store is the best place to buy them in my opinion. To us in the EU they offer free shipping on orders over £15. They also have very quick shipping and awesome customer service.  


Harlow & Co.
Harlow & Co. is certainly one of my favorite places to buy indie polishes and we've made quite a few group orders to here too. This is the place to get KBShimmer polishes if you don't live in the US and it's also my favorite place to buy Picture Polish lacquers since they are the most affordable here. I highly recommend group orders from here since they offer free shipping on order over $100 (CAD). 

Llarowe is yet another place to buy quite a few indie brands. They have pretty nice sales from time to time, so keep an eye out for that.

Nailsuplies (formerly Trans Design)
Nailsuplies was for long THE place for me to buy all the mainstream brands like China Glaze, Color Club, Essie, Misa, Orly and so on. However, they have been raising their shipping prices quite often, so it's not as cheap as it used to be, so lately I've been using more different sellers from Ebay. Then again, it's still cheaper to buy your polishes here than if you'd buy them from Finland, so if you are buying more than just a couple, this is still the place to go with.

Head2Toe Beauty
This is similar to Nailsuplies, though they have a bit smaller selection and not so many brands. Compared to Nailsuplies they do pack their polishes a bit better. Note that they always seem to have a 5% discount code on their main page, so remember to use that.

NailsAve was my go-to place to buy Zoyas as they are not that easy to buy here in Finland and NailsAve offeres them on really reasonable price. I've ordered here several times and done some group orders too, but with the last order it took quite a while for them to ship the package. I know that other people have had this same issue too, so I haven't ordered from here since. Other than the long shipping I never had any other issues with them though.

I've only used BeautyJoint once as I was after some of those LA Girl glitter toppers, but the one experience was very positive one, so based on that I'd definitely use this again. In addition to LA Girl they have some other brands like China Glaze, Sally Hansen, Kleancolor and so on. My package was shipped really quickly and everything was packed just as they should be.

Mei Mei's Signatures
Mei Mei's is another place to buy some indie brands, they do have a quite wide selection of those. This is also a good place to find some polishes that are out of stock else where.

Born Pretty Store
Born Pretty Store sells some nail polishes mainly from their own brand and BK, but I've used this site usually to buy some nail art stuff. They have really wide range of all different nail art products, cheap prices and they offer free worldwide shipping. You can always find some discount codes to their store from different blogs, mine is MBL91.

Lately as the shippinghas become more and more expensive from the US and from elsewhere too, Ebay has been pretty much the best place to buy mainstream brand polishes like OPI or China Glaze if you are buying just a few. You can of course find pretty much anything from Ebay, but the main thing you should remember is to check that the buyer you are buying from is a top-rated seller and their feedback. Those two are the easiest ways to tell if the seller is trustworthy or not. 

Indie brands
Pretty much all the indie brands have their own online store, so if you are looking polishes from a specific brand you should definitely check those out too. I have quite a few favorite indie brands and I've bought directly from many and always have had really pleasant experiences. In my opinion indie brands really pay attention to their customers and based on my own experiences I can highly recommend all these:

Cirque Colors
Delush Polish
Elevation Polish
FUN Lacquer
Too Fancy Lacquer

Phew, that was quite a lot of online stores and I'm sure I forgot some... I'll be adding these whenever I try some place new and I'll copy this whole post to separate site that I'll link under my banner with the tittle Where To Buy, so you can easily find the info later too.

I hope this was helpful! If you have questions or comments about the online stores I've listed here, please feel free to ask them in the comments.


Tällä kertaa postaus tulee myös suomeksi, sillä ajattelin tästä infosta olevan hyötyä myös suomen kielellä. Eli tarkoituksena on listata nettikauppoja, joita itse käytän/olen käyttänyt kynsilakkojen ostoon. Perustan kaikki tiedot omille kokemuksilleni näistä kaupoista, toivottavasti tästä on hyötyä, jos etsitte infoa eri nettikaupoista tai kynsilakkojen ostosta netistä. Tosiaankin nämä ovat siis vain omia kokemuksiani eli suosittelen googlaamaan tarvittaessa myös muita arvosteluita eri nettikaupoista, varsinkin jos olette ensimmäistä kertaa tilaamassa jostakin. Olen lisännyt linkit kaikkiin kauppoihin, jotta niiden löytäminen olisi helpompaa. En hyödy mitään jos käytätte linkkejä.


Mi Nailsia olen käyttänyt muutaman kerran, varsinkin ostaakseni Dance Legendin lakkoja, mutta valikoimissa on paljon muitakin merkkejä, esim. OPI, Cadillacquer jne. Tämä on ehdottomasti paras paikka ostaa Dance Legendin lakkoja Suomessa ja suosittelen kauppaa muutenkin, sillä postitus on todella nopeaa ja asiakaspalvelu erittäin ystävällistä. Mi Nailsilla on myös nettikaupan lisäksi liike Turussa, josta voi ostaa myös mm. Zoyan lakkoja, joita nettikaupan puolella ei myydä.

MiMaxilta olen ostanut lähinnä China Glazen, OPIn ja Pretty&Polishedin lakkoja ja olen myös tehnyt heidän kanssaan pientä yhteistyötä blogin tiimoilta. MiMaxin kanssa kaikki on sujunut aina kuten pitääkin ja kysymyksiin vastataan todella nopeasti, myös toimitus on nopea.

CesarsShop on suomalaisista nettikaupoista se, jolla on yleensä ensimmäisenä valikoimissaan uutuuskokoelmat. Cesarssilta löytyy tavallisten merkkien kuten OPIn, China Glazen ja Essien lisäksi iso valikoima eri indie merkkien lakkoja ja uusia lisäyksiä valikoimaan tehdään tiuhaa tahtia. Viimeisimpinä lisäyksinä kauppaan ovat tulleet mm. FUN Lacquerin ja Picture Polishin lakat. Lisäksi kaupasta löytyy paljon koristeluvälineitä ja erityisesti leimailuun tarvittavia juttuja kuten Konadin ja MoYou Londonin tuotteita ym. CesarsShop löytyy Helsingistä ja heiltä voi tiettyinä aikoina noutaa tuotteet myös suoraan. Postitus on myös nopea.

Kauneudenkauppa on valtuutettu OPIn maahantuoja Suomessa ja kaupasta löytyy luonnollisesti OPIn lakkoja. Kannattaa pitää silmällä erityisesti Outlet -osastoa, sieltä löytää joskus hyviä tarjouksia.

Bangerhead on alunperin ruotsalainen kauppa, mutta heillä on nykyään myös suomalaisille suunnatut suomen kieliset sivut. Heillä on laaja valikoima kaikenlaisia kosmetiikkatuotteita, myös kynsilakkoja (mm. OPI, Deborah Lippmann ja Essie) ja joskus näistä löytyy hyviä tarjouksia.


EU:n alueelta tilatessa välttyy ylimääräisiltä tulli- ja alv-maksuilta, joten ainakin tässä mielessä EU:n alueella olevia kauppoja kannattaa suosia. Lisäksi usein postikulut ovat pienemmät kuin vaikkapa Yhdysvalloista tilatessa.

Hypnotic Polish on yksi eurooppalaisista suosikkikaupoistani, sillä heiltä löytyy mukava valikoima indie lakkoja sekä myös venäläisiä Dance Legendia ja El Corazónia. Hypnotic on itse asiassa ainakin minun tietääkseni ainoita paikkoja ostaa El Corazónin lakkoja tällä hetkellä. Täältä postitetaan lakat todella nopeasti ja pakkaamiseen kiinnitetään aina erityistä huomiota, asiakaspalvelu on myös huippuluokkaa. Kauppa sijaitsee Hollannissa.

Edgy Polish on toinen eurooppalaisista lemppareistani ja myös täältä löytyy laaja valikoima eri indie lakkoja. Myös asiakaspalvelu ja lakkojen pakkaaminen on täällä huippuluokkaa, postitus on myös nopea. Edgy Polish sijaitsee Ruotsissa eli paketit tulevat yleensä perille myös todella nopeasti.

Tästä minulla on vasta yksi kokemus ja sekin kimppatilauksen yhteydessä, mutta ainakin siihen perustuen tilaisin täältä uudestaankin. Postitus oli nopea ja kaikki toimi kuten pitääkin. Myös täältä löytyy laaja valikoima indie lakkoja, joitakin suosikkejani kuten Cirque ja Picture Polish, lisäksi täältä saa myös Zoyan lakkoja.

Polishinailista löytyy myös indielakkoja, tosin hieman suppeammalla valikoimalla, mutta valikoimassa on esimerkiksi FUN Lacquerit, Glam Polishit, Cadillacquerit ja Powder Perfectit. Täältä löytää välillä sellaisia lakkoja, jotka muualta on koko ajan myyty loppuun. Postikulut ovat myös varsin kohtuulliset. Kauppa sijaitsee Romaniassa.

Norway Nailsilla on todella laaja valikoima eri indie lakkoja, sellaisiakin merkkejä, joita ei niinkään muilta löydy. Tämä on myös sellainen kauppa, josta saattaa löytää lakkoja, jotka muualta ovat loppu. Hinnat ovat vähän korkeammat kuin muissa vastaavissa, mutta postikulut taas varsin kohtuulliset. Nimensä mukaisesti Norway Nails on norjalainen kauppa, joten se ei ole EU:n alueella eli ostoksista voi joutua maksamaan alv-maksuja. Norway Nailsilta saa kuitenkin kuittia vastaan takaisin nämä maksamansa ylimääräiset verot.

Tämä on ollut paras paikka ostaa Essencen lakkoja, niitä kun aiemmin ei ole oikein Suomesta saanut. Kosmetik4Lessiltä löytyy myös Essencen LE-kokoelmia, tosin niiden kanssa saa olla tarkkana, sillä ne myyvät loppuun todella nopeasti. Essencen lisäksi löytyy muitakin merkkejä ja lakkojen lisäksi myös muuta kosmetiikkaa. Kosmetik4Nails on saksalainen nettikauppa.

Beautycosmeticista löytyy tosi laaja valikoima kaikenlaista kosmetiikkaa, myös kynsilakkoja. Täältä saa mm. Catherine Arleyn lakkoja, Perfectiä sekä Essenceä, Catricea ja paljon muita. Sivusto on ehkä hieman epäselvä käytettävä, joten olen tehnyt ohjeet, jotka toivottavasti helpottavat sivustolta ostamista. Kauppa sijaitsee Bulgariassa.

Feelunique olen käyttänyt lähinnä muun kosmetiikan ostoon, mutta joskus mukaan on tarttunut jokunen kynsilakkakin. Täältä löytyy mm. OPIa, Essietä ja Nubaria, mutta mm. myös Burt's Beesin hyviä kynsien- ja käsienhoitotuotteita. 

Look Fantastic on saman tyyppinen kauppa kuin Feelunique ja tätä olen myös käyttänyt lähinnä muun kosmetiikan ostoon, mutta myös joskus joidenkin lakkojenkin ostoon. Täältä löytyy mm. OPIa, Butter Londonia ja Deborah Lippmannia, ja he tarjoavat myös ilmaisen toimituksen.

Tämä on samaa sarjaa kuin kaksi edellistä ja myös täältä olen ostanut lähinnä muuta kosmetiikkaa. Beautybayn, kuten kahden muunkin edellisen kohdalla kannattaa erityisesti pitää silmällä alennuksia ja tarjouksia.

Euroopasta löytyy myös joitakin indiemerkkejä, kuten sveitsiläinen Cadillacquer ja heillä on myös oma nettikauppa. Tätä kannattaa tietysti eurooppalaisena hyödyntää, sillä postikulut tulevat edullisemmaksi kuin jos lähtee tilaamaan Cadillacquerin lakkoja esim. Yhdysvaltalaisista kaupoista.

MoYou Londonin leimauslaattoja ja -lakkoja kannattaa mielestäni ostaa ehdottomasti suoraan MoYou Londonin omilta sivuilta. Toimitus on ilmainen yli 15 punnan tilauksille, ja postitus on nopea. Asiakaspalvelu pelaa myös erityisen hyvin.


Harlow & Co. on ehdottomasti yksi omista lemppareistani indie lakkojen ostoon ja täältä on tullut tilattua myös useampia kimppatilauksia. Harlowlta löytyy mm. KBShimmerin lakkoja, Picture Polisheja ja paljon muuta. Suosittelen kimppatilauksia täältä, sillä yli sadan dollarin (huomioi että hinnat ovat siis Kanadan dollareissa) tilaukset tulevat ilman postikuluja.

Llarowe on toinen hyvä indienettikauppa, täältä löytyy myös laaja valikoima näitä lakkoja. Llarowella on myös ajoittain hyviä alennuskampanjoita, joita kannattaa pitää ehdottomasti silmällä.

Nailsuplies (entinen Trans Design)
Tämä oli ennen se paikka, josta kannatti ehdottomasti tilata merkkilakkoja kuten China Glazea, Color Clubia, Orlya, Essietä jne., mutta postikulujen noustua USAssakin, ainakaan vain muutamaa lakkaa ei kannata lähteä täältä enää tilaamaan. Eli jos täältä haluaa tilata, kannattaa ottaa se n. 9 lakkaa, jotka mahtuvat siihen Flat Rate postimaksuun. 

Head2Toe on samantyylinen kuin Nailsuplies, tosin valikoima on hieman pienempi. Nailsupliesiin verrattuna täällä pakataan lakat kuitenkin paremmin, sillä he postittavat lakat kunnollisessa paketissa. Etusivulta löytyy aina 5% alennuskoodi, joka kannattaa tietysti hyödyntää.

NailsAvelta olen tilannut useita kertoja, sillä heiltä löytyy Zoya suht edulliseen hintaan, mutta valitettavasti viimeisen tilauksen kanssa postitus heidän osaltaan kesti ihan tuhottoman kauan. Olen kuullut, että muillakin on ollut vastaavia ongelmia enkä ole nyt viime aikoina täältä siis tilannut.

BeautyJointilta olen tilannut vain kerran lähinnä LA Girlsin glittereitä, mutta samassa tilauksessa tilasin myös pari China Glazen lakkaa. Näiden lisäksi valikoimista löytyy mm. Sally Hansenia, Kleancoloria jne. Postitus oli nopea ja lakat oli hyvin pakattu.

Mei Mei on myös yksi indie lakkoja myyvä kauppa, tämä tosin ei ole Pohjois-Amerikassa vaan Singaporessa. Valikoimasta löytyy useita merkkejä ja tämä on yksi niistä kaupoista, joista saattaa löytää lakkoja, jotka ovat muualta loppu. 

BPS:stä löytyy myös lakkoja, mutta täältä olen lähinnä ostanut erilaisia koristelutarvikkeita. Hinnat ovat halvat, valikoima on todella laaja ja postitus ilmainen. 10%:n alennuskoodeja kauppaan löytyy eri blogeista, minun koodini on MBL91.

Ebaystä löytyy tiestysti ihan mitä vain, lähinnä olen itse ostanut eri myyjiltä mm. OPIn ja China Glazen lakkoja sekä tietysti erilaisia koristelutarvikkeita ym. Täältä ostaessa kannattaa aina tarkistaa, että myyjä on merkitty top-rated seller -merkillä sekä tietysti myyjän palautteet, näistä saa jo aika hyvän kuvan siitä, onko myyjä luotettava.

Suurimmalla osalla eri indiestä on toki omat sivut, joilta löytyy myös nettikauppa, joten jos etsit jonkun tietyn merkin lakkoja, kannattaa nämä toki tarkistaa myös. Omien positiivisten kokemusten perusteella voin suositella ainakin seuraavia:

Cirque Colors
Delush Polish
Elevation Polish
FUN Lacquer
Too Fancy Lacquer

Nettiostoksia tehdessä kannattaa kurkata myös esimerkiksi Ostohyvitys mahdollisia alennuksia varten sekä tietysti erilaiset sivustot, joista löytyy alennuskoodeja nettikauppoihin.

Listasta tuli varsin pitkän ja varmaan unohdinkin joukosta joitakin... Lisään tämän koko tekstin erilliseen sivuun, jonka linkitän tuonne bannerin alapuolelle otsikolla Where To Buy, joten löydätte tämän infon jatkossakin helposti. Lisäilen tähän listaan myös luonnollisesti uusia kauppoja aina kun sellaisia kokeilen.

Toivottavasti tästä oli jotakin hyötyä. Jos teillä on kysymyksia tai kommentteja tiettyyn kauppaan liittyen, kysykää ihmeessä!

#ablecs15 Week 2: Matched To an Outfit

Time for the second mani of week 2 of the Finnish(able) Nail Art Challenge! I already did my Shades of Grey manicure, so the theme today is going to be Matched To an Outfit. I struggled a bit with this theme as I had quite hard time choosing whether I wanted to do the mani based on my own outfit or maybe use some celebrity outfit as my inspiration. I was a bit hesitant of doing the mani from my own outfit mainly because, well, my own outfits are not that exciting or inspiring, but I just finally decided to do the mani based on what I'm wearing today.

I have this swallow print top which is really one of my favorite tops, I love the print! In the end I thought it would be a nice inspiration for a manicure, so of course I painted some swallows on my nails. I didn't want to do them on all my nails though as I wanted to match my mani to more than just the top, so I used my black knitted jacket as an inspiration for the mani as well and did my index and pinky nails based on that. I quite often wear these two together with some black pants.

I used Essie Urban Jungle (three coats) for my thumb, middle and ring finger nails and painted those swallows with a tiny nail art brush and Zoya Natty. For the index and pinky nails I used first two coats of Deborah Lippmann I Fought the Law and I topped it with one thin coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust to get some more sparkle as the jacket has some silver sparkles in it. Even with one coat of Fairy Dust on top, the texture effect of I Fought the Law is still there, so I left those nails without any top coat to retain the effect.

I'm not sure if I managed to do the swallows just as I imagined, but in the end the print looks really cool on nails, so I'm happy with it. At least from a little distance they look really cool. ;)

Products used for this manicure
Base coat: Sally Hansen Nail Rehab
Polishes: Essie Urban Jungle (3 coats), Zoya Natty (swallows), Deborah Lippmann I Fought the Law (2 coats), China Glaze Fairy Dust (1 coat)
Top coat: INM Out the Door

It was actually quite fun to have a mani matched to an outfit for a change as I usually don't really match my manis with my outfits.

Do you guys ever match your mani to your outfit?


#ablecs15 Week 2: Shades of Grey

The #ablecs15 challenge continues and because I'm still struggling to figure out which outfit I'd like to match my mani to, I chose to do the theme Shades of Grey first this week. Though actually my Shades of Grey turned more into few shades of grey plus a hint of yellow... But I think it's still quite approriate mani for this theme.

Shades of Grey is of course quite current theme because of the movie and everything around it. I haven't read the books and I'm not interested about the movie either, so I didn't want to do a mani that would relate to the themes of the books or the movie (eventhough that was of course one possibility for this theme), instead I just went literally with different shades of grey.

My mani is quite obviously also trying to bring the spring here as I'm quite bored with the winter already. I really like winter, snow and all, but somehow this year I'm just waiting the spring to arrive anxiously. So in order to make the spring come faster I decided to paint couple coltsfoot flowers on my accent nail (or at least some yellow flowers that look a bit like those). I actually had to go to wikipedia and check out what the flower is called in English, I had no clue! Apparently the common name is coltsfoot and officially it's tussilago... You learn something new everyday.

The flower is called leskenlehti in Finnish and if you translate it literally it means widow's leaf (or widow's newspaper as lehti could be translated to it also, lol. Yup, Finnish is really a strange language). Anyhow, at least here in Finland it's one of the signs of spring as it's the first flower to bloom after the long winter and you can many times spot it even when there's still some snow in the ground.

First I did two coats with Essie Maximillian Strasse Her. Then I used the easy dry brush technique and added some Essie Mind Your Mittens, Color Club Silver Lake and Zoya Evvie on top. This time I think I managed the dry brush technique a bit better and didn't end up with too much polish on nail so you can really see the different colors. Then I did the flowers using Essie Vested Interest, Mojito Madness and OPI Jade Is the New Black for the stems and OPI I Just Can't Cope-acabana and China Glaze Trendsetter for the yellow flowers as well as of course a tiny nail art brush.

These flowers are the hint of color among everything dark and grey in the early spring. They bring the color and everything else follows. That's the reason I decided that they were the perfect thing to paint to represent spring and also the perfect thing to give some color to otherwise grey manicure, just like they do in the nature.

Products used for this manicure
Base coat: Sally Hansen Nail Rehab
Polishes: Essie Maximillian Strasse Her, Essie Mind Your Mittens, Color Club Silver Lake, Zoya Evvie, Essie Vested Interest, Essie Mojito Madness, OPI Jade Is the New Black, OPI I Just Can't Cope-acabana, China Glaze Trendsetter
Top coat: INM Out the Door
Decorations/techniques: dry brush technique, hand painted nail art

Are you guys waiting for the spring already as well or are you still enjoying the winter?

Gradient Flowers

It's my birthday today, yay! :) So of course I had to do at least a bit special manicure to celebrate the day. Just couple days ago I saw this gorgeous manicure by Emilia from Dreaming About Nails and I just had to try those flowers myself. The original design is from Lacquerstyle.com and she has a great tutorial video in her post about the desing if you want to try it your self.

My flower petals aren't really as neat as the ones I used as an inspiration for this manicure, but oh well, at least I tried once again some hand painting and since it's my birthday, I'm not going to be too hard on myself. 

I did the gradient using two gorgeous Picture Polish lacquers: Cyan and Lagoon. I first painted two coats with Cyan and then did the gradient with both of the polishes. This time I wanted only my tips to be darker, so I only used little bit of Lagoon. This turned out to be quite fun look as it looks like a combination between regular gradient and glitter gradient because of those glitters in Lagoon.

For the flowers I used OPI Angel With a Leadfoot and a tiny nail art brush. I should have probably practiced these flowers just a bit before trying them on nail since the first one (middle finger nail) turned out a bit too edgy and the second one (ring finger nail) turned out a tad too wonky, lol. I still liked this look quite a bit and I think this was a perfect mani to celebrate my birthday. 

Products used for the manicure
Base Coat: Sally Hansen Nail Rehab
Polishes: Picture Polish Cyan and Lagoon
Top Coat: INM Out the Door
Decorations: Hand painted with small nail art brush and OPI Angel With a Leadfoot

#ablecs15 Week 1: Will You Be My Valentine?

Oh my, let me just start by saying that it has been really awesome to see so many of you already joining in our Finnish(able) Nail Art Challenge! This is going to be such an exciting 16 weeks to see all your manicures, so thank you so much all already! And remember, you can always join in the fun a bit later too if you haven't had time to do it already. If you don't know what challenge I'm talking about, take a look at this post.

Today I have my second mani of the first week to share with you guys and this one is of course that Valentine's Day themed one. The theme was Will You Be My Valentine? so I really wanted to do something quite traditional and pink for the occasion. However, I didn't want to go with just sweet and delicate soft pinks, so I decided to go with a soft pink AND a in-your-face neon coral-pink together with one of my favorite neutrals.

So I used Color Club Peace, Love & Polish for this mani as well as Color Club Bermuda Beaches and Essie Urban Jungle. I did two coats of Peace, Love & Polish on my index and pinky nails and three coats of Bermuda Beaches on my thumb and ring finger nails. For my middle nail I first did two coats of Urban Jungle and then did the hearts with a dotting tool and PL&P. I really wanted to include some water marbled hearts to my Valentine's Day manicure, so I finally added a water marbled heart on my ring finger nail. I did the marbling with the same three polishes and I cut out the heart from the dried water marbled pattern before adding it on my nail.

I just recently bought a few Color Club polishes, mainly from the Ticket To Paradise collection and also that PL&P. I can't even remember when I bought any Color Clubs before that since I haven't found them too interesting lately, but somehow the Ticket To Paradise collection caught my eye and I had PL&P on my wishlist for quite a while. Peace, Love & Polish didn't really disappoint me at all, it's just so stunning bright as I thought it would be and I love that golden shimmer in it. It also coveres really well with just two coats! 

Bermuda Beaches on the other hand wasn't as lovely as I thought it would be. There's really nothing wrong with it, it's a pretty sweet color, but somehow I was hoping for the shimmer to show up more and maybe the polish to be a bit different. I'm hoping I'll like the other ones I bought from the same collection more as I haven't tried them yet. 

Nonetheless, I quite liked this mani and it certainly screams Valentine's Day as I really wanted it to do. I should have probably practiced those dotting tool hearts a bit before doing them on my nails, since now some of them are quite wonky. But oh well, they looked good from distance... ;) I think the bright neon made this mani a bit more interesting and I love the combo of neutral colors and one bright one. 

Products used for the manicure
Base coat: Sally Hansen Nail Rehab and Zoya Anchor
Polishes: Color Club Peace, Love & Polish (2 coats), Color Club Bermuda Beaches (3 coats), Essie Urban Jungle (2 coats)
Top coat: INM Out The Door
Decorations: dotting tool, water marbling

With this mani I also want to wish Happy Valentine's Day to all you lovelies! Hope to see you here soon.

Cadillacquer She's One Of A Kind

The other day I needed something quick but still pretty on my nails. The best recipe for those kind of situations is really simple: a gorgeous polish and some pretty water decals (preferably good quality decals that you know will work as they should) and that's the exact recipe that I went with once again.

I've somehow forgetten to try Cadillacque She's One Of A Kind eventhough I have had it quite a while now. When I realised that I had to fix it immediately and wear it. I had this quite a while on my wishlist and when I finally got it, I forgot to use it... Oh those nail polish blogger problems. Anyhow, it's truly a gorgeous polish and I'm really happy to own it! 

She's One Of A Kind has a light greyish blue base with magenta shimmer and very subtle holographic effect. This has the type of shimmer in it that I'm always completely in love: it's quite subtle looking but you can still see it on your nail too, love it! I thought this might be quite sheer as the color is so light, but to my surprise this covered perfectly with just two coats, so that's really another reason to love this polish even more. 

Like I said, I needed something quick on my nails, so I decorated them with just simple water decals. I used half of these decals already in this gradient over a year ago, so I knew these were good quality ones and they didn't disappoint me this time either.

Just look at that shimmer, so pretty!

I've said this before, but sometimes the simplest are the best and the simplest manicures work just as well.

I wasn't really trying to do anything Valentine's Day related with this manicure, but you know, this suits the theme quite well. I still have my official Valentine's Day mani to do, I started it already and I'll hopefully share it with you tomorrow, so stay tuned!

#ablecs15 Week 1: Something Other Than Pink

It's finally Monday and I get to post my first Finnish(able) Nail Art Challenge manicure, yay! I've been really waiting this day to arrive and I actually did this mani already on Saturday as I just couldn't wait anymore and wanted to start doing the challenge. The two themes for this week are Will You Be My Valentine? and Something Other Than Pink and I decided to do the latter one first since I wanted to save the Valentine's Day mani for later this week.

I just recently bought couple of those Dance Legend Aquarelle Top coats which are a bit similar than for example OPI Sheer Tints, but apparently have way better formula. I don't have any of those OPIs but I've really wanted some polishes like that for a while now and so I finally ordered Sisley and Chagall from MiNails. I thought they were the perfect ones to use for this Something Other Than Pink theme since obviously they are not pink and I wanted to use them with black which really suits the theme too since it's definitely not pink.

Originally I wanted these type of polishes because I wanted to use them with stamping. You can make so many gorgeous manis with these if you have a white base, then you stamp some black pattern over it and finally color those white areas with the aquarelle polishes. I tried to do that already ones, but I really suck at stamping and so I didn't get anything done. So to make it a bit more easy to me, this time I used a black base (one coat of Essie Licorice) and then used white water decals over it and then painted over those white decals with the Dance Legends.

I wanted to use both, the beautiful purple Chagall and the stunning turquoise Sisley, so I decided to do a gradient with the two over the white water decals. These have quite different consistency than regular polish and doing the gradient wasn't really the easiest thing to do. They needed quite a few coats and doing several coats made them act a bit gooey, but in the end I still managed to do what I wanted.

I really loved this manicure and the look you can get with these polishes! I really need more of these Aquarelles, they are amazing. 

I also took some pictures before I added those Aquarelles on top just to see how it looked before:

Products used for this manicure
Base coat: Sally Hansen Nail Rehab and Zoya Anchor
Polishes: Essie Licorice, Dance Legend Aquarelle Top Coat Chagall and Sisley
Top coat: Zoya Armor and Fast Drops
Decorations: white water decals

So yay, that was my first #ablecs15 mani and I can't believe how excited I was to share it with you. It was really great to get this new challenge going and I can't wait to see what you all do for this challenge, I hope many of you will join in with us!