Snowflake Nail Art

I know Christmas is long gone already but somehow I never posted this snowflake nail art manicure that I did for the Sokos event before Christmas. First I thought I wouldn't even post it, but I had already edited the pictures and all, so you just have to bear with me this one last Christmassy manicure. 

And here you can see the reason why I didn't really want to post this: I managed to smudge the design with the top coat. But I really loved the red and gold gradient look here, so let's focus on that instead! I used the same polishes here that we used in the Sokos event too, so the red one is Lumene Apple Basket and the gold one is We Care Icon Golden Comet. I painted the snowflake with We Care Icon True White and I used Mavala Minute Quick-Finish, so be aware, it can smudge your design.

I really love how the gradient looks with the red and the gold, they make so pretty reddish shimmer together! Also the red color of that Lumene is really stunning! It is very pigmented, basically one-coater, but then again it also get quite stuck on cuticles and such if you aren't careful with it.

I also posted a quick tutorial for snowflake nail art, you can check it out here if you haven't seen it already. If you combine it to some other colors, like blue, you can get more wintry look instead of this Christmassy look. 

Maybe this manicure can work as an inspiration for you next Christmas, eh...

Sally Hansen Nail Rehab
Lumene Apple Basket
We Care Icon Golden Comet
We Care Icon True White
Mavala Minute Quick-Finish


  1. Nämä on niin kauniit! Ja kovin tutun näköiset myös ;)

  2. Kovin on jouluisan näköinen, mutta mitäpä siitä. Ihana lakkaus joka tapauksessa <3

    1. Jep, ehkä vähän liian jouluinen, mutta menkööt nyt tän kerran näin tammikuussa. :D Kiitos paljon! <3

  3. It's time to wear the spring-colours !! ♥

    1. It sure is, I just needed to get these out of the way! :) I promise to post something else than Christmassy colors from now on. ;)