My Favorite Polishes of 2014

Happy 2015 everybody! I was going to post my list of favorite polishes of 2014 yesterday, but somehow I run out of time. However, I have it for you today, yay! This is going to be quite picture heavy and long post, so I'm trying to keep the text as short as possible.

It was quite hard to choose the favorites of 2014, but I managed to narrow it down with 20 of my favorites that have been released last year. I devided the 20 favorites into four different groups, so I have my favorite cremes, nudes, shimmers and glitters, textured and holos for you. These aren't in any particular order as I just couldn't pick any favorites out of these 20.

I'm starting with the cremes. As you might know already, I'm usually more into shimmers and glitters and everything sparkly, but I do appreciate good cremes too and last year I managed to find quite a few awesome ones!
Essie Hide & Go Chic is from the spring collection and I really fell in love with this one right after I applied it on my nails. It has just the perfect formula, if you're careful with applying it, it can be a one-coater. Beautiful color, awesome formula, what else do you need?

I know that not everyone were crazy about the OPI and Coca Cola collaboration, but I really loved the idea and I just had to have the Coca Cola red one called what else than Coca-Cola Red. The color is pretty perfect take on the iconic Coca Cola color and it turned out that this is really the perfect red for me. It also has very nice formula as it only needs two coats for full coverage. 

Zoya's summer collection cremes really surprised me as I have been usually more into Zoya's shimmers and holos and such. Actually I ended up picking two cremes from the summer collection to my favorites and the first one is this gorgeous coral pink Wendy. The color is so juicy, just perfect for the summer. The formula isn't as smooth as in the previous two, but I can't really complain about it either. I used two thicker coats for full coverage.

I couldn't really leave Essie Romper Room out of my favorites, since I finally found the perfect warm soft pink for me that I've been looking for ages! These types of colors tend to have awful formula, but at least my version of Romper Room (with the wide brush) wasn't really too bad and I had full coverage with three thin coats. This is also from the Essie spring collection.
Another Zoya from the summer collection that made into my list is this gorgeous blue called Ling. This has really awesome formula too, two easy coats for full coverage. Ling sure is another perfect color for summer and such a vivid one too!

It was certain from the beginning that I would have this one on my favorites list, since OPI Girls Love Ponies is just such a beautiful one! This is another really juicy color and so so pretty. This has perfect formula too, it's almost one-coater and it practically applies itself.

I wanted to keep my nude picks separate from the cremes, since I ended up picking three nudes to my favorites. 2014 was certainly the year for awesome nude polishes and I couldn't really leave any of these three out of my list!
OPI Don't Bossa Nova Me Around was my first nude love of 2014 and it's still the perfect light pink leaning nude for me. It has an awesome formula and the color is so beautiful and it suits my skintone very well, so this is just perfect in all ways. I just wish the name wasn't so long, but I can live with it.

IsaDora's Belle Beige is a little bit darker than OPI's Bossa Nova, so I thought it was justifiable to have both of these on my list. This is even better formulawise than the OPI if that's even possible. The wide IsaDora brush makes this just so easy to apply and the color is also so beautiful.

If I'd had to pick favorites out of these 20, Essie's Urban Jungle would probably be one of those as it is just perfect one in every way! The shade is more lighter than the previous two and it's not as pink either. This is really the perfect base color for many different nail art ideas and I love to use this instead of white. 

This next group is pretty much all the others that didn't fit to the other three groups: glitters, textured one and holographics. 
I knew instantly when I applied this on my nails that it would make to my favorite of 2014 list. KBShimmer A Raisin To Live For is everything I love in a bottle. The base color is a gorgeous dark plum jelly and it's packed with little holographic glitters. The jelly base and the glitters give the polish beautiful look of depth and it's just perfect darker color for fall and winter.
I tried F.U.N. Lacquer Million Dollar Dream just in time in order to get it on this list and it certainly deserved to be here. It's truly the most stunning and sparkly gold I've ever seen and it's just so crazy beautiful! It's really unique and I love it so much. I'm not usually too much into gold, but this I love so much.

Zoya Oswin was the textured polish that really stood out for me last year. I quite like the really rough and gritty Zoya PixieDusts and the red hue of Oswin is really so beautiful. This would certainly work perfetly around Christmas, but I think the color is very usable in other occasions too. It's gorgeous red and it's actually the only textured one I chose on my list.

Somehow this year I didn't fell in love with too many holographics eventhough there were plenty to choose from. I really liked those Cirque Burlesque collection holographics, but in the end I ended up choosing just this KBShimmer Rust No One on my list since I really fell in love with the rusty orange/red hue of it. This has an awesome formula too, so it's quite perfect one!

Essie came up with two new additions to the Luxeffects polishes and I really looooved them both. The golden Rock of the Top was really a great addition to my collection, but I fell in love with the bronze Summit of Style even more. It's a perfect topper with one coat, but it can be also worn alone and it works perfectly as an accent nail. The bronze hue is really beautiful and unique, love it!

Last but certainly not least I have all the shimmers. Technically some of these could maybe be called metallics and those Cirque ones are more jellys with shimmer, but just to keep it simple I'm having all these under the one title.

Zoya Remy is certainly also one that I could name as my favorite out of all these favorites, it's just simply stunning! I really really loved Zoya's Ignite fall collection, in fact I love it so much that I could have really chosen all the six polishes from it to this list. I managed to narrow it down to three and of course I had to have Remy here as it was probably my favorite out of them all. Like I said, it's simply stunning and it has an awesome formula. If you don't already have it, go and get it!

Another favorite collection for me last year was definitely Cirque Kontiki collection and especially Midsummer Night and Thicker Than Water, so I ended up choosing both of them to this list. Midsummer Night is just a perfect blue jelly with stunning shimmer, it's one of the most gorgeous blue polishes I have ever seen. As it is jelly, it needs three coats for full coverage, but that also means that it's really versitile and works well for different kind of nail art. I have already used all these three Kontiki collection polishes for two nail art looks (my new year's eve nails and that drag marble) and I have quite a few ideas for these still left!

Zoya Sansa is another one from the Ignite collection and I had to have it here since it's just a perfect shade of purple with gorgeous golden shimmer. As you probably already know, I love these type of shimmer polishes, so I couldn't really resist Sansa either. It is simply an awesome one and perfect fall color.
Little surprisingly one Orly also made it to my list. I have only few Orly polishes and usually I'm not too interested in the brand since I feel like they are making pretty much the same stuff that everyone else has, but Orly's summer collection called Baked was certainly an awesome one. Hot Tropics was the one that stood out from the collection the most and I think it's definitely a must have. It's a stunning shade and I just can't resist this type of shimmer.

Zoya Teigen is the third Ignite collection polish on my list but honestly I could have chosen Autumn, India or Yuna just as well. Like I said, I looove the whole collection and it's definitely my favorite collection of 2014. Teigen has such a beautiful shade and same awesome formula than the other Ignite ones. It's truly a beauty and well worth having.
Cirque Thicker Than Water is then the other one from Kontiki collection and I could name this also as my favorite out of these favorites. When I originally posted about the collection I said that this one looks as though it was made for me and I definitely think so still. It's really unique shade and certainly right up my alley.

So, phew, that was my list. If I counted right that was seven Zoyas, four Essies, three OPI, one Orly, one IsaDora and five indie ones: two Cirques, two KBShimmers and one F.U.N. Lacquer. I wasn't really thinking about the numbers while I was chosing these, but funnily enough those numbers pretty much represent my brand preferences. 

What do you think about my picks? Do you guys have any of the same polishes on your favorite list?


  1. Jotenkin hauska huomata, että listalta löytyi paljon myös omia lempparilakkoja :) Tuo F.U.N. on kyllä tosi upea, tarviin semmosenkin selvästi :D

    1. Heh, meillä on siis samanlainen maku. :) Tuo F.U.N. on kyllä ihan yliveto, tarviit ehdottomasti! :D

  2. Jossain määrin samoilla linjoilla oltiin, varsinkin nudelakkojen suhteen. A Raisin To Live ois päässyt mun listalleni, jos siinä ois ollut edes vähän parempi koostumus - en yksinään tykännyt sillä lakkaamisesta mutta onneksi Tease-y Does It on sille jatkossa sopivanvärinen pohjalakka, koska järjettömän nättihän se on! Ja kiva nähdä, että Essien glittereistä toinen oli päässyt sunkin listallesi :D

    1. Viime vuosi oli kyllä ihan huippu nudejen suhteen! Oh, mulla A Raisin To Live levitty ihan moitteetta kahdella kerroksella. Onkohan niissä taas erien välillä eroja tms? :O Oisin voinu oikeestaan listat molemmat Essien glitterit, ne on ihan huippuja!

  3. million dollar dream ois kyllä pakkohankinta!
    Girls love ponies on myös mun lemppareita :)

    1. Suosittelen ehdottomasti, se on upea!
      Girls Love Ponies on kyllä varmasti yks viime vuoden parhaista lakoista, ihan huippu tapaus! :)

  4. Nice list love those nudes :)

    1. Thank you, all those nudes are so great! :)

  5. Great picks, we do have a similar taste in polish hehe! I love the pink & green mani you did with Romper Room. So creative!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I think we have quite great taste! ;)

      Glad to hear you liked that one, it was very fun manicure to do. :)