Mavala Nude Colors - Dotticure and Swatches

Provided for review*

It's very cold and wintry here in Finland, but still have the first spring collection to share with you guys today. Matte seems to be a big trend this year and Mavala is right on the money with their new spring collection Nude Colors. The collection has six nudeish colors in it and they all have a soft matte finish. 

I wanted to do something different this time and not just show you the swatches, so I decided to start this post with a simple nail art I did using four lacquers from this collection. I'll show you my quick swatches of all these polishes too, but first let's take a look at that nail art.

I used the only truly shimmery one from this collection, Tea Rose, as my base color. I did two coats with it. I wanted to mix and match shiny and matte, so I added a coat of top coat over Tea Rose to make it shiny. Then I did the dots using two different sizes of dotting tools and three polishes from this collection: Trench Beige, Lavender and Pink Boudoir.

I also wanted to see how this manicure would look all matte, so after a while I added a coat of matte top coat on top.
I think I preferred the shiny and matte version over this fully matte one, since I think it looked really cool with the shiny base and matte dots. However, this matte version looks really cool too as the dots look somehow soft and squishy.

But let's take a closer look to the whole Nude Colors collection and those swatches!
Like I said, there's six polishes in this collection and all these have a soft matte finish or 'soft matte effect' as Mavala describes it. Two of these have shimmer in them though only in Tea Rose the shimmer is visible on nail too.

Lavender has, just as the name suggests, beautiful lavender hue. I used three coats here as this was the sheerest one of these all. I also managed to smudge the coats underneath while I applied the third coat, but this was totally my fault as I should have waited a bit longer for the other coats to dry. That's really how you should apply these to avoid any bald spots and things like that. Use generous coats and wait for them to dry before applying more. The less brushstrokes you use the better.

Pashmina is a warm sandy orange matte, quite interesting color! I used two coats.

Trench Beige is greyish beige matte. I think this would work nicely as a base for some nail art, alone this isn't really my type of color. I used two coats.

Tea Rose is a pinkish nude matte with plenty of tiny shimmer in it. This one seems the most special to me from all these six because of the beautiful shimmer in it. With the shimmer and the soft matte finish this has a gorgeous frosted look. I used two coats.

Pink Boudoir is a vintage rose matte and this is another one that has shimmer in it. However, the shimmer in this one is not that visible on nail. This gives a beautiful sophisticated look on your nails, but it's really a bit borderline of looking somewhat dated and little bit granny-like, at least on me. I used two coats.

Ballerina is a sandy nude with a hint of purple in it. This is another really gorgeous shade and I think this would look good on many people. I used two coats.

I really like the idea of this collection and it's great that eventhough this is a nude collection, the polishes have clearly some color in them. There are some hues, like Trench Beige and Pink Boudoir, that don't really look that good on me but I'm sure they would look great on somebody else. Tea Rose, Ballerina and Lavender were my clear favorites out of these six and whenever I need to do an office appropriate manicure, any of these three are going to be great choices.

I actually took a picture of Tea Rose on all my nails since I wore it as a base for my nail art, so I might as well show it to you also:
 Once again, this was two coats with a base coat and no top coat. 

And finally I also wanted to see how these would look shiny, so I also added one coat of clear top coat over them:
I think they all look really nice this way too!

I would also suggest that if you want to wear these as a full matte manicure you should think about adding a coat of matte top coat over them. They do have a beautiful matte finish alone, but if you want your manicure to last longer, it's always a good idea to use a top coat.

But now it's your turn, so tell me, which one of these is your favorite? And how about my dotticure, did you prefer the fully matte version or the one with shiny base and matte dots? 

Disclosure: I have gotten all these Mavala Nude Colors collection polishes for review. For more information view my disclosure policy.


  1. Ihanat pilkkukynnet! Toimii sekä mattana että kiiltävänä:)
    Mun suosikit noista lakoista on jälkimmäisenä esitellyt kolme lakkaa. Tosin kartan Mavaloita muuten, joten jää varmaan ostamatta:D On tää kyllä paras Mavalan kokoelma, jonka oon nähny:)

    1. Kiitos! :)

      Mavala ei kyllä mullekaan oo ollut mikään kaikista houkuttelivin merkki, mutta tämä ja edellinen glitter kokoelma on olleet yllättävän kivoja ja laatukin on ollut positiivinen yllätys. :)

  2. Tuo on kyllä herkullinen kokoelma. Pashmina ja Ballerina houkuttaa ja kyllä muutki... :D

    1. Totta! Pahmina ja Ballerina on kyllä molemmat nättejä. :)

  3. I liked both versions, so fresh and cool dotticure. :-)

    1. Thank you! :) Glad to hear you liked them both!

  4. Mavala on kyllä nostanut profiiliaan viime aikoina kivasti :) Nättejä sävyjä tässä, etenkin päällyslakan kanssa :)

    1. Totta! :) Tässä kokoelmassa oli kyllä tosi kivat sävyt, käy varmasti monelle. :)