Foil Nail Art With China Glaze Nice Caboose! and Zoya Margo

Yay, I have something other than blue and silver for you guys today, this time I decided to go with purple for a change. Also it has been forever since I've done anything with nail foils, so I decided to do a quick and simple nail art using some foil and two beautiful purple polishes.

I used China Glaze Nice Caboose! for my thumb, index and pinky nails (two coats) and Zoya Margo for my middle and ring finger nails (2 coats also). Margo looks clearly lighter in the bottle than Nice Caboose! but on nail  they weren't really that different and if you don't look too closely, you can't really tell the difference. Nice Caboose! has that beautiful magenta shimmer which is quite visible in the bottle, but it wasn't that noticable on nail or in the pictures, though you can see that there's something more going on there than with a regular creme. Both polishes had quite awesome formula, they applied really easily and both needed just two coats for full coverage.

When my base colors were completely dry, I applied some clear polish quite carelessly to here and there on my middle and ring fingers and then I stuck the foil into it. I repeated that couple of times to get more foil on my nails and also to get that shattered look. The foil I used had this gradient color from magenta to blue and lighter blue in itself already, but of course you can get the same look with using two or three different colored foils instead. I think I've bought mine from Born Pretty Store some years back. To complete the look I also added some nail studs on my other nails.

I really liked this look, it's simple but it's really pretty too! I also liked wearing purple for a change as I've had quite blue/turquoise/green phase going on and I had almost forgotten how good purple polishes can look too. I should really use those nail foils more often too, they are such an easy way to do some nail art.

Products used
Base coat: Sally Hansen Nail Rehab
Polishes: China Glaze Nice Caboose!, Zoya Margo
Top coat: Glisten&Glow HK Girl
Decorations: foil, studs