Cirque Mirror Mirror, NYFW and 8 Crazy Nights Skittlette

Oh Cirque Mirror Mirror! How I waited to get mine! I actually ordered it quite a while ago from Cirque and they shipped it as quick as usual (which is really quick!) but there was some weird delay apparently because of the Finnish postal service (tracking showed that my order was sitting in Helsinki almost a month eventhough it had arrived from the US within less than a week) and so like I said, I had to wait quite a while to get mine and I was little worried that it was lost or something. 

But the story had happy ending and I finally got mine and I have actually wore it already three times since! Yup, first time I just had to try it alone, then after that I did a quick gradient with it and Cirque Epoch. I did take pictures of that mani too, but they didn't turn out so great. Anyhow, I also just got my Harlow & Co. order with Cirque NYFW in it and I really wanted to combine it with Mirror Mirror into a manicure. So I wore Mirror Mirror third time and this time I managed to even get some pictures worth sharing with you! 

In addition to Mirror Mirror and NYFW I also had Cirque 8 Crazy Nights in my untrieds, so I decided to combine it to this manicure too. I used Essie Urban Jungle under it and then did just one coat with 8 Crazy Nights. For my index, pinky and thumb nails I used two coats of NYFW and picked couple glitters on each nail from 8 Crazy Nights. For my ring finger I first used two coats of Mirror Mirror, then I applied smART nail art stencil over it and painted parts of the nail with NYFW and then removed the stencil.

The blue shade of NYFW is jus stunning, I'm so in love with it! It's gorgeous deep shade and as the formula is something between jelly and creme, it has beautiful shine and depth. The formula was pretty great as it coveres pretty well with just two coats, but it was little bit on the thick side.

8 Crazy Nights is also a stunner! I think it's quite unique one and I love the fact that it has both matte and shiny glitters in it as well as some holographic ones. And it's mainly blue and turquoise, so of course I love it.

I don't think I need to say too much about Mirror Mirror, I'm sure you all have already read quite a few of praises about it. As lame as it sounds it is truly one of those polishes that you have to see yourself to truly appreciate it as the beauty of it doesn't really translate into pictures. I tried to take some swatches of it, but my camera just got too spooked about all that mirrorlike shine and it didn't really know where to focus eventhough I tried. I included on picture of it alone here, but like I said, this is really something you have to see yourself.

I have two coats here with base and top coat and there might be still some tiny bald spots in between those silver flakes, but that didn't really matter in real life since you can't really see those because of all that shine. I think Mirror Mirror looked really good by itself too and if I ever need something quick but showy, Mirror Mirror is the one I'll choose. It is fairly easy to apply, though it has quite different formula compared to regular polish as it is packed with those silver flakes. Removing this is another story, so I have always worn this over IsaDora Peel Off Base to ease the removal quite a bit.

Like I said, all these three are gorgeous polishes and I highly recommend them all, at least if you like blue and silver! Mirror Mirror and 8 Crazy Nights are limited edition polishes and they are currently out of stock at least on Cirque's own store, so if you want them and see them somewhere, you should definitely get them before it's too late. They are surely worth it!

By the way, I think this was my third manicure with blue and silver within a short period of time... I seem to be stuck with this color combo, but it suits so well these cold and wintry days.

How about you, are you already sporting all those spring colors?