As Seen On TV - Theme Week!

This is exciting as now starts the first ever theme week here in my blog! While doing the #ablecaw14 challenge both me and Mirka really liked the As Seen On TV theme and we both had quite a few ideas that we wanted to do about that theme. So when Mirka started talking about doing a theme week with the same theme, I immediately wanted to join in too, so we decided to do this theme week together. 

This is going to be very simple: we will both post one manicure per day starting today and ending on Sunday. As the theme is As Seen On TV, all the manicures will have something to do with, surprise surprise, TV and we have actually chosen some more specific genres and such that we will do each day. All the other manicures will be about specific TV series except today as this is the kick off day and we thought it would be great idea to do something more generic but still of course TV releated for this first day.

I had the idea of this no signal themed manicure in my head since the As Seen On TV challenge manicure as it was something I thought about doing then but decided to go with that Big Bang Theory manicure then instead. So it was clear that I really wanted to try to do this for our theme week.

If it's not totally clear, I took my inspiration from those sceens that you get (or at least used to get) if your TV doesn't have any signal. So for my thumb, index and ring finger nails I tried to do something that looks like static on TV, though I'm not sure sure if I succeeded completely but paired with those color blocks I think you can still get the idea. 

I did those static screen nails with dotting tool and using Essie Licorice and Maximillan Strasse Her and OPI Angel With a Leadfoot. The color bar nails I did with paintin my nails first with a coat of white (AWaL) and then I taped my nails several times using nail vinyls and doing one or two bars at the time. So they did take quite a while to do and some patience too since I always had to wait for the previous one to dry before doing the other color. I could have painted these with freehand too, but I wanted the edges to be as sharp as possible.

Products used
Base coat: Sally Hansen Nail Rehab
Polishes: Essie Licorice, Essie Maximillan Strasse Her, OPI Angel With a Leadfoot, Essie Hip-Anema, Color Club Blue-Ming, OPI I Just Can't Cope-acabana, Essie Bouncer, It's Me, ulta3 Tahitian Lime, Color Club Wicker Park
Top coat: Glisten&Glow HK Girl

So there will be a post every day during this theme week and I'm going to post them always at 6 PM (EET). Mirka at Nerdic Nails is doing the same, so remeber to check out also her daily posts!


  1. Nämä on kyllä tosi huikeat! :D On tuossa kyllä ollut väkertäminenkin, huhuh! Tuo Essien Hip-Anema näyttää ihan huikealta tuossa pullossa, oikein hohtaa tuolta :)

    1. Kiitos paljon! :) Kyllä noita sai vähän aikaa teippailla. :D Hip-Anema on kyllä tosi nätti sävy ja kieltämättä erottuu edukseen tuossa kuvassa. :)

  2. Aivan sairaan siistit! Mä ainakin tajusin heti et inspiraatio oli testikuvasta, tuli suorastaan nostalginen olo kun liittyy muistoissa lapsuuteen :)

    1. Kiitos paljon! :) Mahtavaa, että inspiraation oli heti selvä ja tosiaankin, tää oli kyllä vähän tällanen nostalginen lakkaus. :)