Zoya Winter/Holiday 2014 Wishes Collection - Swatches and Review

Provided for review*

Today I have my picks of Zoya Winter/Holiday 2014 Collection called Wishes to share with you guys! I picked total of four polishes for review from this collection and I'm showing you all those four in this one post.

There's three regular polishes in this collection and three PixieDusts, though as you all probably already know, the texture effect on these PixieDusts isn't like what we have seen before. But I'll get to that little later. I picked all three of those PixieDusts, Thea, Nori and Imogen as well as metallic Prim for review as they were the ones that interested me the most. In addition to these four there's also pure black creme called Willa and a beautiful purple called Haven which Zoya describes as true holiday plum liquid metal with a thin vein of orchid to ensure brilliance. Eventhough Haven looks really gorgeous in all the swatches I've seen I thought I already own too many purples similar to it, so I decided not to pick that one and of course I already have few black cremes too. I might still buy Willa at some point as I'm always interested in trying out different black cremes, but for now I have the other four to share with you.

Let's start with the one that isn't a PixieDust.

Prim is a beautiful metallic periwinkle blue. It has quite a strong metallic finish, so the brushstrokes are quite visible and you have to be caraful while applying it. On the other hand the color is really gorgeous as it has quite wintery feel in it and the polish applies really well and it's quite pigmented. I used two coats here (no base or top coat) but you could do it with just one coat. I think this might work for stamping too as it's a metallic and coveres so well.

Imogen has a black base with silver holographic glitter. As I said before, these PixieDusts aren't really like the ones we've seen from Zoya before and the texture effect isn't really there. Imogen was probably the most matte and the most textured out of these three PixieDusts from this collection, but it still doesn't look like the other PixieDusts. I kinda wish they had either made these like the others or called them something other. Nevertheless, this is quite beautiful black polish and it applied quite easily. I used three coats here, though it was pretty decent with only two coats.

As these aren't really textured to me, I wanted to see how they'd look with a coat of top coat, so I will also show you all these three with one coat of Zoya Armor on top. Normally I don't really get why one would cover a texture polish with top coat since it kinda takes away the whole idea of the polish, but since these aren't really textured ones anyhow, I thought it would be a good idea to show them this way too.
So here I have three coats of Imogen with one coat of Armor on top of it. I think the top coat really brings life to the polish and it looks way more stunning this way. Now it really reminded me of outer space, beautiful!

Nori has a sapphire blue base with silver holographic glitter. Eventhough I waited for quite a while for all these to dry, they really don't dry matte as other PixieDusts and textured polishes. Even here after few hours it looks as though it might be wet or that I had applied a coat of top coat over it, which obviously I didn't at this point. The color is really stunning, it's right up to my alley! I used three coats here.

Well hello, with a coat of top coat Nori reveals its true beauty, what a stunner! I had to include to top coat pictures as I thought the blurry one below really showed the beauty of this polish.

Thea has a medium purple base with silver holographic shimmer. As with Nori, this looks anything but matte even when it's completely dry and yet once again, it's still quite a gorgeous color. I used also three coats here, I think this was the most sheer one out of these three "PixieDusts".

And as you probably guessed already, Thea looks also way better with a coat of top coat. It's a really gorgeous color and the top coat really makes those glitters shine and sparkle.

I really like all these polishes, they look really beautiful, at least with a top coat. However, I'm a bit disappointed that Zoya even calls these three PixieDust since they clearly aren't really textured and they don't even dry a bit matte like textured polishes usually do. Like I said, I wish they wouldn't have even called these PixieDust. My favorites out of these four were probably Nori (with a top coat of course) and strangely enough Prim eventhough I don't normally like anything with visible brushstrokes. The color of Prim is just so pretty!

How about you, which one is your favorite?

Disclosure: I have gotten all these Zoya polishes for review as well as the Zoya top coat. For more information view my disclosure policy.


  1. Swatchit oli näistä kyllä hyvät, mutta onnekseni tästä setistä ei mitään tarvitse hankkia. Värit oli kivoja, mutta koostumukset ei ollut mun juttu.

    1. Kiva että tykkäsit swatcheista kuitenkin ja ainakin rahat säästyy tällä kertaa! ;) Niinhän se varmasti on, että nää koostumukset jakaa mielipiteitä isostikin. Nuo glitteriset on kyllä upeita sävyjä, oisivat vaan saaneet nimittää niitä joksikin muuksi kuin PixieDusteiksi.

  2. Kaikki on tosi upeita. Imogen on vieny mun sydämen... :D

    1. Kaikki ovat kyllä upeita tosiaan! Miäkin tykkäsin Imogenista, vaikken aina niin mustista välitäkään. :)

  3. OMG!!! These swatches are all so very pretty indeed! Love the last one, the purple one!

    1. Glad you liked my swatches! That purple one, Thea, is such a gorgeous polish. :)