#ablecaw14 Week 14: The Place To Be

This week I try to do better and not to post the challenge manicures at the very last minute, so here's my first challenge mani of week 14. The themes for this week are Old Manicure Revisited and The Place To Be and I decided to do the latter one first.

For this manicure I first applied two coats of Layla Softouch Effect 09 which is a beautiful turquoise and has an amazing formula! It dries quite matte, but it was so easy to apply. It practically applied itself. Then I did a quick look using Color Club Blue-Ming on the tips of my nails. After the gradient was completely dry I applied one generous coat of Picture Polish Lagoon and used the saran wrap technique to remove some of the polish in order to show that gradient under it. I have a tutorial of this look for you later since I was asked to do that, but I didn't have time to do it for this post.

Oh, btw, the theme was The Place To Be, do you have any guesses which place these nails could represent?

Well of course it's Croatia and the stunning Adriatic Sea! As you might know I got to spent few days last summer in Croatia and I especially fell in love with the town Split, so there wasn't really any question about what place I would use as an inspiration for these nails. I just have been waiting for this theme the whole challenge, so that I can finally do these nails! I love love love the color of the sea and I love the place and the country and of course also all the helpful and friendly people I met! If it was possible I would probably move to Split in a heartbeat and for sure I will go there again!

Sally Hansen Nail Rehab
Layla Softouch Effect 09
Color Club Blue-Ming
Picture Polish Lagoon
Mereneid Top It All Top Coat

How about you guys, which place would you feature on your nails?


  1. Ihastelin näitä niin kauheasti jo tänään livenä kun käsien liikkuessa sen veden oikein pystyi näkemään. Todella onnistuneet kynnet! :)

  2. This is really pretty! I love it :-)

  3. Replies
    1. Kiitoksia! :) Nakukynsille äkkiä jotain väriä! :D

  4. Love the color, it does look like Adriatic sea, and Split iz amazing! My hometown is actually 2h drive from there :D

    1. Thank you and I'm so happy to hear you think they look like it! :) Lucky you, I wish I lived somewhere there!

  5. this is very nice, i love it :)

  6. Ha, the moment I saw the title and blue polish, I guessed it must be about the Adriatic. :)
    I really like that gradient you created.