#ablecaw14 Week 16: New Year's Eve

Oh no, it's pretty much the end of this challenge since I only have one manicure left to do and post after this one! I can't believe that this is already the end and I'm not really sure how will I cope after this challenge is truly over and more importantly, how will I manage to figure out what to do on my nails since there isn't anything telling me what to do... Hopefully I'll figure something out, at least I have one manicure left! 

It's past midnight already here, so it's technically already New Year's Eve and I can share my manicure that I did for this theme. In the past years I've usually worn something more abstract for New Year's Eve but this time I wanted to do some fireworks on my nails since I've never done that before. Here's what I came up with:

I did the base with F.U.N. Lacquer Million Dollar Dream and Cirque Kontiki collection polishes. Then I taped my nails with some striping tape and painted over them with Essie Licorice and then removed the tapes. Finally I added little more golden sparkle from I Love Nail Polish All Gold Everything.

I really like how this turned out, I think it's quite perfect look for the New Year's Eve. I'm not really celebrating it too much, but it's of course fun to have your nails suit the occasion anyhow!

Oh and that F.U.N. Lacquer Million Dollar Dream, it's stunning! Keep reading and you'll find my swatches of it at the end of this post, because I just had to show it to you! 

But first, here's all the polishes and the striping tapes I used for this manicure:

Sally Hansen Nail Repair
F.U.N. Lacquer Million Dollar Dream 2 coats
Cirque Midsummer Night
Cirque Dear Dahlia
Cirque Thicker Than Water
Essie Licorice 1 coat
I Love Nail Polish All Gold Everything
striping tape

Aaand here's that Million Dollar Dream as promised:
Yup, it's just so stunning! I used two coats here and it applied really easily. I could have used third coat if I was going to wear it alone, but since I was doing nail art over it, two coats were enough. The sparkle and the holographic glimmer in this is just crazy! It's so beautiful and very unique too, I really haven't seen anything quite like this before. If you haven't yet tried any of these F.U.N. Lacquer beauties I highly recommed you do, at least this one is truly stunning.

Happy New Year's Eve everybody!

My Favorite Manicures of 2014

It's almost the end of 2014, so it's of course time to list some favorites of past year and wrap up the last 12 months. I'm doing this post about my favorite manicures of this year and later I'm also going to list my favorite polishes of 2014. I've done similar listings on previous years too (2013, 2012, 2011) and I've usually started with my favorite polishes, but this time I thought I'd show you first my favorite manicures as it seemed a bit more easy to do. I'm still working on my list of favorite polishes and hopefull I'll be able to narrow it down enough so that I can post my list tomorrow. 

But anyhow, here's my favorite manicures of 2014! And as it was hard enough to narrow these down to 20 favorites, these aren't in any particular order. I added links to the posts, so if you have originally missed some of these, you can go and see them now or if you just want to know more about the manicure and the products I used for it. 

Oh and I really have to thank our #ablecaw14 challenge as without it I probably wouldn't have had so many manicures to choose from! The challenge really made me do way more nail art and manicures in general and I ended up picking 9 challenge manicures here, so almost half of my favorites came from the challenge.

 Neon, Single Chevron and Glitter - Neon for #ablecaw14

Inspiration from my own blog - My Blog for #ablecaw14

The Big Bang Theory Nails - As Seen On TV for #ablecaw14

Blue & White Gradient - Biathlon nails to root for Kaisa Mäkäräinen

Black and White Marble Tiles - Black & White for #ablecaw14

Quatrefoil Accents - Something New for #ablecaw14

Another manicure with inspiration from my own blog - my nails for a meet with local nail polish bloggers

Gradient with Some of My Favorite Zoyas - Love This Brand for #ablecaw14

Adriatic Sea, Croatia and Split - The Place To Be for #ablecaw14

Yellow, Grey, Black and White - Something Borrowed for #ablecaw14

Gradient and Water Decals - Love This Technique for #ablecaw14

Flowers, Crystals and a Beautiful Polish - sometimes the best nails are the simplest ones

Which one of these is your favorite? Did I choose the right ones, or is there a manicure or manicures that you would have included to this list?

If you want to see more favorites and recaps of past year, remember to check out all my Monthly Manicure Roundup posts!

Random Swatch Spam with A England, China Glaze, ILNP, Orly, Pretty Serious and Zoya

I have another swatch spam post for you guys today, this time it's with quite a random mix of polishes from different brands: A England, China Glaze, I Love Nail Polish, Orly, Pretty Serious and Zoya.

A England Tristam - still such a gorgeous blue scattered holographic. Two coats, this applies like a dream.

China Glaze Fade Into Hue - beautiful dusty periwinkle creme. Surprisingly easy to apply, I have two coats here.

I Love Nail Polish Fall Semester - stunning deep and dark teal holo. I used three thin coats here, this applied very well also.

Orly Smoked Out - also very very stunning deep teal blue with blue/green shimmer, I love this one! The formula was bit of a surprise, this dries matte, so you'll need to apply top coat to make it shine and show its beauty. This practically applied itself! I have two easy coats here though it was pretty good with just one coat and I also applied one coat of top coat.

Pretty Serious Generally Hazzardous - so vivid orange with beautiful golden shimmer. This was a bit on the thick side, so it might benefit from adding little bit of thinner in it. However, this had a great coverage as it only needed two coats for full coverage.

Zoya Kimber - very rich medium pink with lots of golden shimmer in it. This reminds me of China Glaze Strawberry Fields and I'm pretty sure these two pretties are quite similar. Kimber coveres really well, I only needed two coats for full coverage. This is really beautiful color, perfect for summer!

Which one of these is your favorite?

El Corazón Swatch Spam

I have had few El Corazón swatches sitting in my folder for quite some time and somehow I never posted these. I thought I would finally do it, since I don't want to waste all the effort. I think I swatched these already in September or something, so this is long overdue, but here they are.

Two of these are from the Confetti collection and two are from the Impression collection. I'll start with the Confetti ones.

Sadly these don't have any real names so this is Confetti 530a. It's a very interesting mix of tiny black and white glitter. I used three coats here and I got a pretty decent coverage though there are still maybe some tiny spots without glitter. This dries quite matte and a bit textured also, very interesting polish and quite unique one too!

I also wanted to see how this looks with top coat, so here it is with two coats of top coat:
It a bit of a top coat eater, so you need to use at least two coats of top coat to get a smooth and shiny finish. I think this looks really cool and beautiful at the same time and it works both ways, with or without the top coat. 

Then this other Confetti one is 531a and as you can see, it is a mix of very tiny white glitters and some little bit bigger pieces. I used three coats here and this dries even more textured than 530a. It's truly one of those polishes that look like snow on your nails and it's certainly way better done than that hidious white China Glaze texture that tried to do the same. This one is beautiful!

Of course I also wanted to see how this looks with top coat:
I used two coats of top coat also with this one and I think it looks really fun this way too. However, I think I might prefer it without the top coat as it looks more like fresh snow that way. 

Then we have Impression 235 which has a off-white base with silver and brown shimmer. This is quite interesting one too and also quite unique and beautiful! I really like how this looks on nail, so delicate! I have three coats here with base and top coat. 

Then the last one which is Impression 239. This has similar off-white base and this one has only silver shimmer in it. The base color in 239 is a bit more clean white than in 235, or at least it looks like it since it only has that silver shimmer in it. This one is also quite pretty, but I prefer the previous one more since it is more interesting and unique.

Which one of these is your favorite?

#ablecaw14 Week 15: Jingle Bells

This was scheduled for Monday, but for some reason it wasn't published, so here it just in time before Christmas. :) Merry Christmas everybody!

This starts the last two weeks of the challenge, I can't believe it! It also means that it's just couple day until Christmas, oh my! This week both of the themes of our challenge are of course Christmas related and I'm starting with the one themed Jingle Bells.

My manicure isn't exactly Jingle Bells, more like jingle balls, haha... Oh well, it's suitable for the Holidays nevertheless and I like doing Christmas manicures with some other colors for a change than those regular red, green and gold.

I used three coats of Zoya Dillon as a base color for this manicure. Then I picked the glitters from (of course) OPI I Snow You Love Me and placed them on my nails. After that I did the strings with Essie Blanc and added some glitter to the strings from OPI Snowflakes in the Air.

 Sally Hansen Nail Rehab
Zoya Dillon 3 coats
OPI I Snow You Love Me
Essie Blanc
OPI Snowflakes in the Air
Mereneid Top It All Top Coat

I think this was quite a fun look and very refreshing after all those traditional colors! I have still one Christmassy manicure to share with you tomorrow before I will start my holidays. So I'll see you back here tomorrow! 


#ablecaw14 Week 15: All I Want For Christmas

Here's my second #ablecaw14 manicure of this week!

The theme for this mani is All I Want For Christmas and really all that I pretty much want is that there would be at least some snow! So that was my inspiration for this manicure. I used quite a few polishes for this, I listed them at the end of this post.

With this manicure I also want to wish you all very very Merry Christmas! 

See you after later! 

Sally Hansen Nail Rehab
Lumene CC Nail Concealer 1 coat
Zoya Seraphina
Milani HD
OPI Snowflakes in the Air
Cirque Galinda
water decals
vinyl decals (bought from Vinyl It Up)