LUSHious Christmas Present Ideas

It's not really that long until Christmas, so it's time to start thinking about those Christmas present ideas. When I was in Helsinki for the I Love Me event, we also got to visit the Lush store with Katjamaria, Mirka and Niniane, and I thought it would be a nice idea to share some Christmas present ideas from Lush based on our visit there. We got a really good presentation of all the holiday products as well as many of the permanent ones. If you are still trying to figure out what to get for your spouse, friends, siblings, parents, children or pretty much anyone, I hope I can offer some ideas!

Lush has every year some great seasonal products for the holidays and this year is no exception. There's of course the candy-sweet Snow Fairy shower gel which is always favorite for so many. I'm pretty sure that if you buy this for any woman or girl you can't really go wrong and they will love it. This year there are also three other shower gels to choose from: floral Rose Jam, crisp apple So White and Christmassy spicy Hot Toddy, so there's definitely one for every taste.

One novelty this Christmas is also the sparkly dusting powder First Snow which you can use to give your skin or your hair the Holiday sparkle, or you can even use it to decorate the Christmas tree. The citrusy skin lotion Celebrate would surely work also as a nice Christmas present.

Pretty perfect present for all the playful adults and children out there would be that Snowman Kit! You can first build your own snowman from the white, orange and black pieces and after you've finished you can use it as a bubble bar, soap or shampoo. How cool is that?! This year you can also find the Snow Fairy as a shimmering bar, Snow Fairy Sparkle. Both Christmassy lip products, the cola flavoured Santa's Lip Scrub and red lip tint Santa Baby will work perfectly as stocking fillers.

Thanks to Katjamaria for borrowing me that last picture! :)
One Holiday product that I definitely have on my own Christmas present wishlist is this cutesy little fellow called Snowman. Snowman is the cutest shower jelly ever and I'm certain that this would be a perfect shower buddy for pretty much anyone, so it's definitely a great present idea!

It wouldn't be Lush without all the soaps, so there's of course some Holiday ones too. The shimmering sweet marzipan-scented called Snowcake and that creamy Yog Nog with moisturizing soya yoghurt and festive spices would both be perfect creamy and comforting Christmas gifts. Reindeer Rock has had some Nordic inspiration and the lingonberry scent makes it an awesome choice. However, my favorite one was definitely the one in the right here: Baked Alaska.

If you need to buy a present for person who loves fresh, citrusy but sweet scents, this is it! I really fell in love with this scent and I just had to buy this for myself. I I hadn't bought it already it would definitely be on the top of my Christmas wishlist. Did I already say that the scent is perfect?! Yup, also of course, this looks really cool too, I just love it!

All these fun-looking bath bombs, bath melts and bubble bars will certainly be great gift ideas! There's plenty to choose from, so you'll find something appropriate for everyone and it's really something special and a bit luxury that you might not buy for yourself, but it will work perfectly as a gift. They all look so bright and fun, I'm sure they will make the bathing time fun for everyone.

One really funny and Christmassy one is the Dashing Santa bath bomb: you can watch the Santa dash in your bath as his golden boots melt away.

Perfect gift idea for the spouse would definitely be one of the Lush massage bars with a gift certificate for a massage from your self of course! I'm pretty sure my bf would appreciate any one of those shaving products also, or even some soap like Ice Blue or Sea Vegetable.
If you are looking for a present for anyone with dry hands and cuticles, you really need to go with Lemony Flutter. This has been my go-to product for years already and I just keep buying this over and over again. It's so moisturizing and you only need a tiny bit of it, so the little can will last really long. Be aware though, this has quite a strong scent and it might not be for everybody, but if the person likes citrusy scents, then go for it.

Finally if you can't really figure out what to get or if you just want to grab something easy and quick but also really beautiful, you can go with one of the Lush Christmas Gifts. They have a wide range of gifts wrapped ready, so all you need to do is to add the name who you want to give the gift to and place it under the tree. These are really beautiful packages too, I wouldn't mind finding any one of these under my tree on Christmas eve. Don't worry though, you don't have to buy a present without knowing what it has in it, the products are listed there and there's a nice prize range too, so there's something for everyone for sure!

At least my own wishlist grew because of this visit and I hope this was helpful for you too if you are struggling with the gift ideas. 

We also got little something to take with us when we left and I bought couple things too, but I will tell you about those products in another post!

Have you guys already started shopping for Christmas presents?


  1. Hot Toddy is just amazing :-D and I really love the Snow Fairy bar :-D

    1. I'm still pondering if I should buy some Hot Toddy or not, I really liked the scent though, so maybe I should! :) I haven't tried any bars yet, I should also try them. :)

    2. If you really like Lush stuff then you should get both - I highly recommend them :-D <3

    3. Then I need to add those to my Christmas wishlist too. :) It's going to be full with Lush... :D

  2. Mää tilasin Lushilta muutamia joululahjoja. Samalla itelleki jotain. Huulirasva on jo käytössä ja on aivan ihanan suklaan tuoksuineen ja makuineen...

    1. Lushin tuotteet on kyllä tosi hyviä joululahjoja, varmaankin itsekin tilailen jotakin pukin konttiin. :) Omalle joulutoivelistalle pistin myös muutaman tuotteen. :) Sain tuolta mukaan tuon huulikuorinnan, se on ainakin aivan ihanan makuinen!

  3. I always tell my sister and my boyfriend that they can offer me anything from Lush and they already know it actually :P my birthday is in December and then comes Christmas so they can always offer me Lush at any time XD but to tell the truth I prefer to buy Christmas products on December the 26th because that's when the prices fall to half the original price! Unless it's a product that has a tendency to sell out really quickly (like Snow Fairy shower gel or Golden Wonder, or even some of their cheapest gift sets) I really go for their sales! :D

    1. Yeah, you can't really go wrong with Lush! I already added some of these on my own wishlist, I definitely hope I will get those. :D

      I don't have any Lush store near me, so I can't really go for the sales. :/ I really wish I could! Hope you'll find some great sale items this year too! :)